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The Animation and Game Programme is a multidisciplinary, project-based Bachelor's degree course with strong practical focus. It qualifies students for careers in the international media and entertainment industries. The unique combination of two disciplines, animation and game design, reflects the merging platforms and distribution channels and enables graduates to successfully evolve in a highly dynamic professional field.

Students are encouraged to gain solid skills regarding the entire production process and, at the same time, to specialise in typical professional fields of the animation and game industry. Specialised professions include: digital artist, game designer, animator/animation director, technical artist, game programmer, and animation/game producer.

During seven semesters, students work on a wide range of subjects such as classical and CG animation, art direction, storytelling, game design and game programming, technical art, media theory, and project management. A full semester industrial internship in the second year enhances professionalism and fosters individual specialisation. The faculty's resources include industry standard software and hardware, fully equipped film and sound studios, a motion capturing studio, a game lab, and a usability lab.

Educational organisation

The modules of this Bachelor's degree combine artistic, methodological, and technical subjects with topics related to the professional development and production of animations and games. Students gain a wide range of core competencies and may, at the same time, specialise in individual areas of interest. The main fields of specialisation are:

Concept development, design and art for animations & games
Technical art for animation and games
Game development
Producing and project management

The Bachelor of Arts programme is project-based and focuses strongly on team work and a problem-oriented learning processes. From the second semester onwards, students will carry out semester projects in groups of three to four, which are coached by an interdisciplinary team of lecturers. The programme includes one full-semester industrial placement (fourth semester) to foster professionalism. Lectures, seminars, and workshops are carried out in English.

Forms of assessment

Written examinations
Portfolio examinations

Course objectives

The BA Animation & Game aims at enabling students to acquire a wide range of practical and cognitive skills with regard to the principles, methodologies, and technologies used in animation and game production. Through the programme, students develop an interdisciplinary understanding of typical roles in animation and game production teams through professional research, live projects, and industry links. The programme fosters strong communication, self-organisation, and project management skills as well as intercultural competencies. During their studies, graduates build a portfolio of creative work that demonstrates their ability to work at the professional level necessary for progressing in the media industries or for pursuing postgraduate studies.

Language requirements

Applicants must provide proof of their English skills (minimum B2 certificate or an above-average English grade on the school report).

Academic requirements

The application procedure for the BA Animation & Game at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt consists of a formal application and an artistic entrance examination. The formal application must be submitted through UNI ASSIST.

Applicants will need a valid university entrance certificate. Applicants who do not have a university entrance certificate and do not expect to obtain one in the year of their application may still apply for admission based on outstanding artistic aptitude. As the Animation & Game Programme is mainly carried out in English, English language proficiency is mandatory and must be proven through a B2 certificate or through an above-average English grade on the school report.

The artistic entrance examination consists of a portfolio examination, which requires submission of a digital portfolio with work samples related to the field of study. It also consists of an in-person examination ("presence examination") on campus. Further information can be obtained through the programme website.
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