Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

Darmstadt, Germany
Website: www.h-da.com StudyQA ranking: 563 pts. No. Students: 15500 Frgn. Students: 2790 Languages: German Phone: +49.6151.16-30073
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With its approx. 15,500 students and 40 degree programmes, H-DA is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany. Its teaching and research capacity ranges from engineering sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and information sciences and informatics to economics and society, architecture, the media, and design. Quality characteristics of the university include good student mentoring and a clear practical orientation during the programmes of study. Various independent studies have regularly confirmed the good reputation of its graduates.

Darmstadt is a "City of Science": this designation, granted in 1997 with a certificate by the Hessian Ministry of the Interior, recognises the national and international importance of the city in the areas of science and research. Three Fraunhofer institutes have their home in Darmstadt: IGD, LBF and SIT. Darmstadt is a capital of European space technology due to its two central institutions: Eumetsat - the meteorological centre of Europe - and ESA/Esoc - the European Space Operations Centre. Darmstadt's globally operating companies such as Merck, Software AG, Wella, Goldwell/KPSS, Evonik-Röhm, Schenck-Process or Schenck-RoTec have distinctive departments of research and development at their disposal. The renowned GSI Helmholtz Centre of Heavy Ion Research performs research in physics and related natural science disciplines. Many elements were discovered here for the first time, such as "Darmstadtium" - element 110 of the periodic table of elements - named after the home town of GSI. The element is also commemorated in the name of the Science & Congress Centre. The city has an exceptionally fortunate location in the centre of Europe. It lies just half an hour away from the international Rhine-Main airport in Frankfurt. As a medium-sized city with more than 140,000 inhabitants, it offers 120,000 jobs - a remarkably favourable ratio. The city is the economic and cultural centre of the southern Rhine-Main area. In education, leisure, culture, shopping or sports, many visitors find Darmstadt to be a friendly city in the Rhine-Main-Neckar area.

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