Art History and Studio Arts

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 20.7 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 20.7 k / Year(s) Deadline: Oct 31, 2023
301–350 place StudyQA ranking:1915 Duration:3 years You need IELTS certificate

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The Department of Fine Arts and Art History educates students in the arts in all their dimensions, believing that an understanding and appreciation of this area of human endeavor is an essential element in the formation of wellrounded individuals.

The department offers majors in Art History and Studio Arts, as well as minors in both of these programs as well as Music and Theater. The Studio Arts program trains students in skills and concepts needed to develop as practicing artists and to make meaningful statements in the visual arts. The Art History program develops student’s capabilities in art theory, historical research and criticism.

Studio Arts majors start their program with foundation courses in 2D and 3D art. Specialized courses then follow in drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. Additionally students may add courses in such topics as performance art, photography and video art. The final year culminates with Advanced Studio Practice where students are guided through creating a capstone final project for public display.

Art History majors start their program with courses covering the overview of art from ancient times to the present. Special topics that are focused on specific themes in art history and theory follow the general survey courses. Throughout their studies, Art History majors develop their ability to think, speak and write about art.

Students completing 12 years of schooling and doing one of the following programs: High School Program, SAT program, AP program, IGCSE (O Levels), IB Certificate or any other school leaving certificate (other than Lebanese Baccalaureate) can apply to the freshman program at AUB.

The freshman program is a majorless year (2 regular semesters) whereby the student can take different courses and follow either a scientific track or a track in humanities. Once the student completes the freshman year, he/she gets to enroll in a specific major at the sophomore level based on his/her average or GPA.

To apply for regular admissions, the student needs to submit an undergraduate application along with the following documents:

a. SAT1 results
b. High school records during grades 10 and 11
c. Counselor/Teacher recommendation(s)/Extracurricular Activities/Other Achievements

Once the student is admitted, he/she will be required to present evidence of having successfully completed Grade 12 and show a level of proficiency in the English language by obtaining a minimum score of 573 on the paper based TOEFL OR 230 on the Computer Based TOEFL (OR 88 on Internet Based TOEFL), OR 500 on the University English Entrance Examination (EEE) OR 380 and above on the writing section of the OLD SATI (Jan 2016 or Earlier) OR 5.5 on IELTS (for IELTS we also requires an additional English Placement test to be done at AUB).   

AUB’s Office of Financial Aid has devised several types of need-based assistance programs. These include grants based on the financial status of the student’s family, student loans at low interest rates and favorable repayment options, academic merit scholarships, work study programs that allow students to finance their education while acquiring professional skills at various offices in the University, and assistantships for graduate students.

The AUB scholarship program ensures that students who meet the University's academic standards will have the opportunity to receive an AUB education.

AUB has always been committed to educating students from different nationalities, religions, races, and political persuasions. We are working hard to make sure that economic background is not a factor in the admission process. The University's liberal arts curricular and educational philosophy rests on the principles of intellectual freedom, scientific reasoning, and exposure to a wide range of ideas. AUB encourages concentration in a field of study and seeks to cultivate morally conscious citizens.

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