Artificial Intelligence Specialization

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AI is an integral part of many exciting business and consumer tools such as speech recognition, semantic search, recommendation systems, machine translation, and 3D sensing in consumer gaming. The AI Lab Affiliates Program brings all of these efforts together and provides a structure for industry to engage effectively. The affiliates program represents a new era of close engagement with a small number of major companies. It supports corporate interaction through organized retreats, an Advisory Board, and informal interactions. The goal is bidirectional transfer of knowledge and excitement.

Program Benefits:

  • Early, facilitated access to research, faculty, and students
  • Invitations to all retreats, conferences, and seminars
  • Custom hosted visits to Stanford for discussion of research topics
  • Participation in research collaborations
  • Networking with AI Lab researchers and corporate members
  • Student recruiting opportunities
  • Opportunity to establish a visiting researcher at Stanford (additional charges apply)
  • Facilitated access to AI Lab research results.



  1. From Languages to Information
  2. Computer Vision: Foundations and Applications
  3. Introduction to Logic
  4. Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques
  5. Natural Language Processing
  6. Social and Information Network Analysis
  7. Machine Learning
  8. Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  9. A Computational Tour of the Human Genome
  10. Computational Biology: Structure and Organization of Biomolecules and Cells
  11. Computational Genomics
  12. Introduction to Robotics
  13. Probabilistic Graphical Models: Principles and Techniques
  14. Statistical Learning Theory
  15. Computer Vision
  16. Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition
  17. Sequential Decision Making
  18. Mining Massive Datasets
  19. Natural Language Understanding
  20. Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
  21. Experimental Robotics
  22. General Game Playing
  23. Machine Learning
  24. The Cutting Edge of Computer Vision
  25. Mobile Computer Vision
  26. Information Retrieval and Web Search

You must satisfy the requirements listed in each of the following areas:

  • Logic, Automata & Complexity;
  • Probability;
  • Algorithmic Analysis;
  • Computer Organ & Sys;
  • Principles of Computer Systems. 
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