Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
StudyQA ranking:655 Duration:4 years You need IELTS certificate

This training course is designed to prepare students for the struggles in the international business environment. Students will study base areas of economics, accounting , business law, management, technology and marketing. Through meticulous study, in a chosen major, students will obtain the theory and practical skills needed to become more confident and industry-ready. The first year of this course provides a base consisting of a group of common core components which includes units from the range of subjects. This allows a foundation for more focused study in a chosen major. Students will have the choice of a mix of 2 majors, or one major and an optional flow. This elective stream will provide them with all the potential for carrying further study in the same or another area. Wherever possible, the final unit, Business Capstone 301, will soon be taken in a student's final semester of study. 1 goal of the unit is to integrate and synthesise in a working way all the training adventures got by students in their undergraduate study programs. As a graduate of the Bachelor of Commerce in Curtin University students possess a variety of career opportunities depending in their preferred field of study. Most industries and organisations, whether public or private, international or local, hire commerce graduates.

Graduates from this class may be qualified for membership of appropriate professional bodies. Watch info concerning the particular majors for details.

Please refer to for further details on entrance to the class.

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