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Earth Science

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 186 / Year(s) Deadline: Apr 30, 2023
94 place StudyQA ranking:2881 Duration:4 years

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The undergraduate education aims to achieve balance between depth of knowledge acquired through specialized courses and breadth of knowledge gained through general courses. Our faculty is dedicated to teaching and many fundamental courses are taught by distinguished professors. With a strong team of staff members, The Department gives priority to undergraduate teaching. Undergraduate courses cover four major areas including Geo-information Science and Technology, Geographical Information Science (GIS), Human Geography and Urban and Rural Planning Management, Atmospheric Science. With these knowledge and skills students have the competence to meet the demands of future prospects work.

Geo-information Science and Technology 

Brief introduction: The fundamental task of this direction is to train special professional talents who master the theory of Geo-information and the practical skills for information analysis and processing. Develop students’ basic knowledge on geosciences, mathematical philosophy, computer science and enhance students’ scientific literacy and creative ability to cultivate qualified graduates. 

Main courses: Physical geology, Crystallography and mineralogy, Petrology, Structure geology, paleontology and geological history, Geographical information system, Remote sensing and image processing, Computer graphics, Geochemistry, Numerical model, Earth exploration and Information technology 
Future prospects for employment: Graduates can work in the fields of Geo-information processing, go to enterprises and institutions and research institutes, or pursue master's or doctoral degree. 

Geographical Information Science (GIS) 

Brief introduction: Geographical information science (GIS) is an up-to-date technique in information technology in high-tech fields. The goal of training is to cultivate senior talents of computer software technology for governmental departments, IT enterprises and companies. Graduates will master advanced practical skills and software development of GIS. 

Main courses: Geographical information system, Remote sensing and image processing, Computer graphics, Cartography, Network and GIS technology, The principal and application of GIS and Surveying. 
Future prospects for employment: Excellent graduates can pursue MSc and PhD. 

Atmospheric Science

Brief introduction: Atmospheric Science is a subject studying the state of the atmosphere, ocean, and land. . It is expected that students majoring in atmospheric science will have a solid knowledge about weather and climate, and the ability to think about and solve related problems.  In particular, a few selective courses are offered to students who would like to continue further study and research in atmospheric sciences.

Main courses:  Atmosphere sounding technology, Atmospheric physics, Weather forecast, Dynamical meteorology, Fluid dynamics, Numerical weather forecasting. 

Future prospects for employment: A large part of students pursues graduate study in atmospheric science. The remaining part of students pursues jobs in meterological bureau or pursues graduate study in other majors such as hydrological departmentand environmental department.

Human Geographyand Urban and Rural planning management 

Brief introduction: The aim of higher education is to cultivate adaptive compound talent students with strong computer application capability, solid foundation of Geographical Science and ability of resource evaluation and planning. 

Main courses: Remote sensing and image processing, Geographical information system, Physical geography, Human geography, Cartography, Principles of urban planning, Planning and design of tourist areas, Introduction of environmental science. 

Future prospects for employment: About 1/2 of graduates move on to graduate schools for more advanced degrees, while the others are well qualified to engage geographical research, research organizations and ministry of land and resources.

Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health, have graduated from high school, and be under the age of 30. Applicants must abide by Chinese laws and university regulations and respect Chinese people’s custom. Applicants must score 190 in HSK grade 4 or above.

Application Materials

1. Please log on the Online Application System to fill in the form online and print it and sign your name. 

2. Senior high school diploma (original copy or notarized copy in Chinese/English); Graduating high school students can provide pre-graduation Certificate instead (in Chinese/English).

3.Transcript for all the courses in senior high school (original copy or notarized copy in Chinese/English);

4. HSK certificate (for Chinese-instructed program applicants).

5.Two recommendation letters from high school teachers (for English-instructed MBBS applicants, in Chinese/English). Letters must include phone number or email address.

6. A photocopy of passport and a recent photo (white background, 35mm×45mm in size).

7. Remittance receipt of the application fee (RMB 400 Yuan). 

Freshmen Scholarship   RMB 20,000 Yuan

The university provides Freshmen Scholarship to outstanding applicants who apply to the undergraduate programs instructed in Chinese. . The scholarship will be handed out within ten months, RMB 2,000 Yuan/Month. Applicants need to fill in the scholarship application form and submit it together with other application materials. 


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