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Graduate studies involve academic course work and independent research. The Ph.D. is conferred upon candidates who have demonstrated scholarship and expertise in their chosen specialty, and who have conducted novel and extensive independent research. To this end, the doctoral program is designed to develop the skills and perspectives needed to conduct, interpret, present, and publish original research in the Earth sciences.

General requirements for the Ph.D. degree are given in the Regulations for Graduate Study section. In fulfillment of the specific requirements of the Department of Earth Sciences, the student must:

  1. Satisfy all course requirements for the MS degree
  2. Pass the following required courses or their equivalents, if not passed prior to entering the Ph.D. Program. 

    MATH 23. Differential Equations.

    EARS 107. Mathematical Modeling in the Earth Sciences

    EARS 118. Advanced Methods for Environmental Data Analysis

    One upper level science or engineering course outside the department carrying graduate credit. This may include CHEM 51 (Organic Chemistry), ENGG 24 (Science of Materials) or ENGG 34 (Fluid Dynamics), or other courses approved by the Department.

  3. Pass a minimum of nine courses carrying graduate credit, including those fulfilling the above requirements. Courses not eligible for course credit towards a graduate degree include departmental seminar (EARS 121), special project research (EARS 131), thesis research (EARS 141-143), and teaching (EARS 149).
  4. Present and defend a summer research project before the faculty.
  5. Pass a general qualifying exam.
  6. Present and defend a thesis proposal before the faculty.
  7. An essential element of graduate education at Dartmouth is the experience gained in teaching other students. Therefore, at least one term of undergraduate teaching is required of all graduate students. Students may participate in more than one term of teaching. Each student’s program will be arranged, according to his/ her individual needs and interests, and the teaching needs of the Department.

A candidate who has satisfied the above requirements will receive a Ph.D. degree after he or she has:

  1. Passed any additional graduate-level courses beyond those specified above, as prescribed by the Department.
  2. Completed a thesis of professional quality. The thesis may be a series of publishable papers connected by appropriate text. The candidate must pass a final oral examination on the thesis.
  • Official transcript(s) of all college or graduate-level credits. Successful applicants to the program have a strong general scientific background in basic physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and, ideally, a demonstrated aptitude for thinking analytically and solving quantitative problems. 
  • Complete application
  • Three letters of recommendation 
  • Submission of GRE scores 
  • Submission of TOEFL or IELTS scores (for international students)
  • Statement of goals

All admitted graduate students are given a stipend to cover living expenses (approximately $2300 per month). In addition, all graduate students receive a tuition fellowship to cover the full cost of tuition. Doctoral students are granted support for 17 terms (4 years) if they begin a doctoral program prior to the completion of a master's degree. All graduate students are required to carry health insurance as well; graduate students receive single coverage during their enrollment. 


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