Electronics and Telecommunications — Specialization: Teleinformatics and Optoelectronics

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StudyQA ranking:2412 Duration:1 year
Courses prepare professional specialists in electronics and telecommunications, capable for undertaking various engineering and scientific activities related to research, design, construction, production, exploitation, management and implementation of services. The courses provide wide resource of knowledge and skills in math applications, numerical methods and optimization, programmable logic devices and digital systems, information and encoding theory, safety of information systems, electromagnetic compatibility, photonics and fibre-optic technique, wireless telecommunications, industrial electronics, advanced electronic systems for measurement and control of industrial equipment and processes, computer networks and systems, advanced digital signal processing techniques and securing of data in modern telecommunication networks and systems.

Specialization Teleinformatics and Optoelectronics includes extended subject-matters related to digital technique, photonics, wave optics and fibre-optic technique, telecommunication networks and services, radio-navigation, radiolocation and teleinformatics.
Education requirements:

BSc (or equivalent) degree conforming completion of 1st level (undergraduate) studies or MSc (or equivalent) degree conforming completion of 2nd level (graduate) studies. The studies in “Electronics and Telecommunications” or related courses are required.
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