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    31st of may 2014

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    The Masters degree program offers advanced education for students and young professionals holding a Bachelors degree or academic equivalent in engineering or natural sciences. The program commences part time (during the 1st and 2nd semester) in El Gouna, Egypt and during the 3rd semester in Berlin, Germany.

    The topics covered during the course of studies were tailor-made on the basis of TU Berlins research projects and enduring experiences in the MENA region. On completion of the program successful students will graduate with a complete masters degree in Energy Engineering from Technische Universität Berlin.

    The two-year program is spread over two distinct locations. While the first and third terms (winter semester October to March) take place at the TU Berlin Campus in El Gouna/Egypt, the second term (summer semester April to September) takes place at TU Berlins main campus in the heart of Berlin/Germany. The fourth term, which is devoted to the completion of the masters thesis, can be spent at any location of the students individual preference.

    A detailed content list can be found here.

    Energy Conversion and Components (30 ECTS)

    Energy Systems (21 ECTS)

    Electrical Energy Engineering (12 ECTS)

    Interdisciplinary Studies (21 ECTS)

    Internship (6 ECTS)

    Master's Thesis (27 ECTS)


    Groups of up to 30 Students


    Contact Details for each listed lecturer can be found here.

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Frank Behrendt

    Prof. Dr. Bernd Kochendörfer

    Prof. Dr. Tetyana Morozyuk

    Prof. Dr.-Ing Christoph Nytsch-Geusen

    Prof. Dr. Bernd Rech

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Strasser

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Szyszka

    Dr. rer. nat. Franz Trieb

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georgios Tsatsaronis

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Felix Ziegler

    Christoph T. I. Banhardt, MSc.

    Martin Heckmann, MSc.

    Dipl.-Ing. Detlef Riebow

    Dipl.-Ing. Johannes Wellmann

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Applicants are expected to hold an academic qualification in the form of a Bachelors degree or German Diploma (University or FH) or equivalent in a related field such as Architecture, Urban Planning, Environmental Planning, Geography, Urban Design or Landscape Planning. Candidates with a background in Civil Engineering, Law, Political Science, Business, Administration, Sociology, or Economics are also encouraged to apply. Work Experience No work experience is required. The advanced masters programs at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna were designed for young professionals who wish to advance their academic education with the intention to take the next steps in their careers. Consequently, the Department of Energy Engineering is looking for applicants who have already acquired practical work experience of 12 to 24 months in an area that is relevant to the field of study.

    We provide an overview about scholarship opportunities for students of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna. Please note that cannot list all possible scholarships that exist, so additional own research is recommended.

    An overview can be found here.

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