Energy Management and Sustainability

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 1.39 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 1.39 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jan 15, 2024
43 place StudyQA ranking:1372 Duration:2 years You need IELTS certificate

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The degree in Energy Management and Sustainability (MES) is an interdisciplinary program built to provide world-class education for all those who put sustainability as the number one priority in the development of our world. Students receive theoretical and practical training, using EPFL's state-of-the-art research and development facilities.

This project-focused curriculum has been created, built on scientific rigor and professional practice, to provide a unique, interdisciplinary training within energy management and sustainability. The new generation of problem solvers will be able to understand complex systems such as : smart grids for electricity distribution; water dissemination systems; environmental services and electronic networks that control energy consumption. And ultimately, to be able to both maximize their efficient use and minimize their negative impact on society.

The Master of Science in Energy Management and Sustainability (MES) will train professionals who will tackle critical issues in energy management and sustainability such as climate change, enhanced urbanization, energy demand, wind and water use, etc... The aim is to prepare highly-skilled scientists and leaders with scientific rigor and professional practice, for their life in industry, government or academia, anywhere in the world.

Theoretical elective courses 34

Environmental Chemistry and Bioprocess Engineering

  • Air pollution and climate change 5
  • Applied wastewater engineering 3
  • Energy conversion and renewable energy 3
  • Fate and behaviour of organic pollutants 4
  • Groundwater and soil remediation 4
  • Sanitary engineering in developing countries 2 S
  • olid waste engineering 4
  • Water and wastewater treatment 5

Natural Water, Soil and Ecosystems Engineering

  • Environmental Transport phenomena 5
  • Hydrogeophysics 4
  • Urban hydraulic systems 3
  • Water quality modeling 4
  • Water resources engineering 5

Environmental Monitoring and Modeling

  • Distributed information systems 4
  • Distributed intelligent systems 5
  • Fundamentals of traffic operations and control 3
  • Geocomputation 3
  • Geomonitoring 5
  • Introduction to database system 4
  • Sensor orientation 4
  • Spatial statistics and analysis 5


  • Advanced control systems 3
  • Advanced energetics 5
  • Computer-aided engineering 5
  • Énergétique du bâtiment 3
  • Energy storage systems 3
  • Engines and fuel cells 4
  • Fracture mechanics 4
  • Fundamentals and processes for photovoltaic devices 3
  • Hydraulic turbomachines 4
  • Hydrodynamics 5
  • Hydropower plants: generating and pumping units 2
  • Industrial electronics I, II 5
  • Instability 3
  • Large-area electronics: devices and materials 3
  • Materials selection 2
  • Modélisation des systèmes énergétiques 3
  • Modélisation des systèmes de transports 3
  • Modelling and optimization of energy systems 4
  • Numerical flow simulation 5
  • Numerical methods in heat transfer 3
  • Power system restructuring and deregulation 3
  • Power systems dynamics 3
  • Production management 5
  • Smart grids technologies 2
  • Thermal power cycles and heat pump systems 2
  • Turbulence 3
  • Two-phase flows and heat transfer 5

Various other domains

  • Advanced Fossil and Renewable Energy Systems 4
  • Advanced machine learning 4
  • Analog circuits design I, II 4
  • Analyse et management des risques industriels 3
  • Catalysis for energy storage 2
  • Commande d'actionneurs à l'aide d'un microprocesseur + TP 2
  • Commande non linéaire 3
  • Études d'impact 3
  • Habitat et développement urbain 3
  • Intelligent agents 6
  • Mathematical modelling of behavior 4
  • Model predictive control 3
  • Planification intégrée des infrastructures d'énergie 3
  • Process development I, II 4
  • Real-time networks 3
  • Recycling of materials 2
  • System identification 3

Management of technology courses 30

  • Management of technology courses
  • Courses of the minor “Science, Technology, and Area Studies”

Projects and SHS 26

  • Project in energy management and sustainability I, II 20
  • Project in human and social sciences 6
  • Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in a engineering discipline such as Mechanics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering,… are eligible. Applicants should all have demonstrated a high level of intellectual ability and exceptional analytical skills as well as a strong interest in Environment and Sustainability. They should also have a solid aptitude to work in team.
  • Your resumé (curriculum vitae)
  • Copy of your University degree(s) or Bachelor's degree. If you don't have your degree yet, you will bring it to the Registrar's Office upon registration at EPFL*.
  • Legalized transcripts from each university you have attended.
  • A statement of purpose. See hereunder for a more detailed explanation.
  • Three recommendations (except holders of any EPFL Bachelor's degree applying in another field than their original field and except for candidates from another Swiss university applying to a Master in the same field of study as their Bachelor).
    During the electronic application process, you will have to give the details of three referees, who will then be requested to produce recommendation letters for you directly to EPFL. See hereunder for a more detailed explanation.
  • Your identity card or passport.
  • For foreigners who already live in Switzerland: your residence permit.
  • Extra documents such as TOEFL or GRE scores, research publications or other portfolios of your previous work, are welcome but not compulsory. We will only consider documents uploaded in your online application form. (No documents sent by postal mail).
  • Application fee CHF 150.


  • Excellence Fellowships
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