Environmental Conservation and Management

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It is now commonly accepted that human health and prosperity depend on the quality of the environment. However, the natural environment is exposed to relentless human intervention on a daily basis. Sustainable management of natural resources, the implementation of decontamination technologies and renewable energy sources, as well as the development of appropriate methodologies are just some of the means required to improve environmental management.

The postgraduate degree in Environmental Conservation and Management, adopts a multidisciplinary approach to environmental protection aimed at contributing to the dialogue at the social and political levels while, at the same time, offering students a high level of expertise in environmental management. The objective is to promote sustainable management practices and techniques for environmental.

Who would benefit from a postgraduate degree in Environmental Conservation and Management?

* University graduates in Forestry, Agriculture, Biology, Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Engineering or other related scientific field

* Employees in the public sector dealing with environmental issues

* Employees in non-governmental environmental organizations.

* Graduates with abroad interest in the environment and environmental protection.

Why attend a postgraduate degree in Environmental Conservation and Management:In order to:

* apply widely accepted techniques and tools to solve environmental problems

* carry out environmental impact assessments or design photovoltaic parks and wind farms

* gain the skills required in environmental research and actively participate in major environmental projects

* employ a multidisciplinary approach in addressing complex environmental problems

* combine work experience with current trends in environmental management and protection


The Masters programme has two academic specialisations:

* Environmental Protection (Energy and Pollution)
* Terrestrial Ecosystem Management

The programme starts with the following two compulsory Thematic Units (modules):

* Conservation and Management of Natural Resources

* Methodology and Techniques in Environmental Research

On successful completion of the two compulsory modules and depending on the selected academic direction, students are requested to study one of the two 2nd year modules:

* Environmental Protection (Energy and Pollution)

* Terrestrial Ecosystem Management

An additional requirement for acquiring the postgraduate degree at Master level is the successful completion of a Masters thesis. Students may work on a topic of their choice after consultation with the programme's faculty members.
In summary, the requirements for obtaining the Master degree are the following:

* successful completion of three Thematic Units, and
* successful completion of a Master's thesis.

Interested students should note that, according to the Universitys regulations, a student may choose to study up to two (2) Thematic Units per academic year. The choice of two Thematic Units is equivalent to a full time study, while one Thematic Unit is considered part-time. The University's academic year begins in early October and ends in June with the final written exams.

Applicants for admission to the postgraduate programme at Masters level must hold a degree from an accredited university. Additional requirements, necessary for studying at the Open University of Cyprus which utilizes the methodologies of open and distance learning supported by technology, include computer skills and access to e-mail and the Internet.The required evaluation criteria for selection of students in this postgraduate programme include the following:1. Grade point average of undergraduate degree: * Greek and Cyprus Universities: 6 or higher * USA Universities: 2.5 or higher * UK Universities: 2.2 or higher2. Very good knowledge EnglishEnglish language is used widely in the course through key scientific literature (papers and books). Therefore it is necessary that students are able to comprehend such texts and follow relevant lectures/videos. Especially during the preparation of their dissertation students will use mainly English literature. Students are not required to use English for their assignments. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 92


The Open University of Cyprus is the second (in order of establishment) State university of Cyprus and the country's only Higher Education Institution dedicated solely to distance education.

The University offers undergraduate and postgraduate (at the Master and doctoral levels) programmes, as well as vocational/training programmes of short duration. The awarded degrees are equivalent to all accredited universities worldwide, regardless of the educational methodology used - conventional or not. The University's academic programmes are allocated with ECTS credit units, which facilitate comparability of study programmes and the integration of students at the receiving institution, whether at the OUC or any other university in Europe.

The mission of the Open University of Cyprus is to provide high quality academic programmes, to promote scientific research and to effectively utilise educational technology, methodology and teaching method in open and distance learning. Further, OUC aspires to distinguish its position in the Cypriot and broader European educational communities as an innovative university delivering with teaching to students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting, such as a classroom, via a state of the art technological infrastructure and educational methodology.

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