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Committed to the idea that business can do well by doing good, the ESMT Executive MBA is a General Management MBA programme which allows students to gain the knowledge to develop, deploy and govern technology in the pursuit of sustainability.
The EMBA programme leads participants through three development phases, designed to deliver the experiences and skills they need to become effective, integrative leaders - capable of thriving in complex international business environments.

Phase One
The first phase builds a solid foundation in business and management issues. Courses cover a wide range of subjects, such as:
  • Introduction to general management
  • Introduction to economic thinking
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Data analysis and forecasting
  • Accounting and performance management
  • Managerial analysis and decision making

Phase Two
This phase moves on to solidify management skills during the part of the programme in which mastering management functions is taught. Subjects include:
  • Operations
  • Financial management and corporate finance
  • Marketing management
  • Business and corporate strategy
  • Managing and developing people

Phase Three
The third phase prepares participants to make an impact by applying what they have learned and by developing their strategic leadership capabilities. This part of the programme also includes the first of two international modules: the Global Network for Advanced Management Network Week, during which students attend lectures at other member universities around the world. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to sharpen their edge in one of the programme's three focus areas: technology management and innovation, international management, or business/integrity management.
Courses cover the following dimensions:
  • Theory put into practice: business simulation
  • Strategic leadership: innovation and execution
  • Organising for innovation
  • Fraud and corruption
  • Sustainable business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business ethics

  • Innovation and new product development
  • International financial markets
  • Evaluating policy impact
  • IT for leaders
  • Anti-fraud management and compliance
  • Transformation of the energy sector
  • Digital marketing

Phase Four
The fourth and final phase of the programme is integrative in nature, requiring participants to bring together the various dimensions of managing a business as well as leading people and organisations. This phase provides participants with a further opportunity to strengthen their personal profiles and prepares them to make an impact at their organisations. It includes the following integral elements:
  • During the International Field Seminar, participants engage in cross-cultural dialogue and learn to appreciate different perspectives. They receive opportunities from first-hand experience in cross-cultural management issues on the spot, along with a range of insights into what it takes to lead in international business.
  • During the Practice Project, participants continue to develop their skills by working on individual assignments. They also deliver value to their own company or a sponsor company by applying acquired knowledge and skills. The Master's thesis builds on the Practice Project and completes and further refines participants' analyses, using insights from research-based theory and pertinent academic literature.
  • Additional electives include:
    • Bringing technology to market
    • Corporate governance and integrity

Across the entire programme, participants will develop their leadership competences through a series of executive skills development activities, coaching, personal reflection, and the exchange between faculty and peers.

Educational organisation

The ESMT Executive MBA curriculum presents a course of studies in a modular format, starting each year in October. The course consists of nine modules spread across 18 months, consisting of six to thirteen days each. Residential modules with classroom sessions and face-to-face activities take place at the ESMT campus in Berlin. One international module is held at a partner business school and the second international module, the International Field Seminar, typically takes place in an emerging market. Past destinations include China, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.
Between residential modules, participants prepare for take-home assignments through individual study as well as group work requiring long-distance interaction and coordination. During these off-campus periods, participants stay in close contact with their learning community, their study group, and ESMT via the e-learning platform.
The flexible modular programme format enables participants to continue their career while pursuing a prestigious MBA degree. Time out of office accounts for approx. 53 workdays across three calendar years. Thus only 10% of participants' workdays will be spent away from the job.

Study abroad unit(s)

Executive MBA students spend two modules abroad.
The first international module consists of a one-week academic exchange through the Global Network of Advanced Management (GNAM). During the GNAM Network Week students attend lectures at one of the numerous prestigious member universities around the world.
A second, two-week module is the international field seminar which students spend studying international business in a different geographic region. The trip usually incorporates multiple visits to companies and organisations in the region. Previous destinations have been China, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.


An integral part of the Executive MBA programme is the applied field work which forms the basis for the Master's thesis.
During this period, participants work on assignments addressing current business issues in their respective companies in order to propose applicable recommendations to their organisation's management. The nature of the assignment is similar to that of a management consulting project, whereby the company acts as project sponsor.
ESMT faculty members who are also highly experienced consultants and enjoy close relationships with their corporate clients, provide tight supervision and guidance.
Additionally, through the international field seminar, participants become familiar with selected emerging markets which are expected to play an essential role in the future business world.

Forms of assessment

Assessments can take the form of written and oral exams, individual and/or group presentations as well as submission of papers. In some courses, a significant part of a student's evaluation will be based on class participation.

Course objectives

  • Cross-functional management know-how
  • Strong intercultural skills
  • Excellent team-working skills
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Enhanced problem-solving capacities
  • Responsible approach to critical business decisions

Language requirements

English proficiency test (TOEFL or equivalent; minimum score of 95-100 in the internet-based TOEFL or IELTS 7)

Academic requirements

  • Strong career record with at least five years of professional experience, including at least three years of managerial experience
  • indicators of senior leadership potential
  • two references, at least one of which demonstrates employer support
  • good previous academic performance, with at least a Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • strong GMAT score or ESMT Admissions Test score (one of the two exams is compulsory)
  • fluency in English (TOEFL is required for non-native English speakers)
  • international experience, if possible
  • strong motivation, commitment and drive to succeed in a challenging academic programme
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Costs of living

The programme fee covers the following:
  • tuition
  • required reading and teaching materials
  • e-learning resources
  • web-based information services
  • lunch and daytime refreshments in all live-in modules on ESMT campuses
  • accommodation and meals during the international field project

Participants are expected to cover all travel expenses to and from the location of the live-in modules and the international field project. Accommodation during the live-in modules as well as any expenses related to the Practice Project are also the participants' responsibility.

Job opportunities

Participants remain employed at their respective companies while participating in the programme.

Funding opportunities within the university

Please see our website for specific details. Executive MBA partial scholarships are available to self-sponsored applicants, applicants from the not-for-profit sector, and women.

Arrival support

ESMT provides extensive support in the search for accommodation by reserving an ample contingent of hotel rooms for each module, from which participants may choose. The ESMT Admissions Team provides each participant with an arrival guide containing thorough information on Berlin infrastructure, services and entertainment opportunities. Participants will also receive a complete information package from the programme office including the schedule, syllabus, etc. Due to the modular format of the programme, student visa support is usually not necessary.

Services and support for international students

The ESMT Admissions Office and the EMBA programme managers provide logistical support regarding travel arrangements, search for accommodation as well as provision of learning materials from the very beginning. As an international institution, ESMT's faculty and staff often speak the native language of the students, which is another way in which the school can support its international student body.


The EMBA Office books a sufficient contingent of hotel rooms prior to each module. Students are responsible for choosing the respective hotel and covering the costs, but will be supported by the EMBA office from the very beginning.
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