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The SSE Master program in Finance (120 ECTS credits) allows for specialization through the appropriate choice of courses along designated pathways in Corporate Finance and Investment Management.

For many years the Finance program has been the most popular master program at SSE, thanks to the high-quality teaching and outstanding career opportunities. Finance graduates are known to pursue successful careers in investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, investment management, consulting, as well as non-finance positions. If you are looking to give your career a broad horizon, this is where top international companies regularly recruit.

The SSE Master program in Finance has a joint intake and let students to choose specialization after one semester.

Two specializations are offered:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Management

The two-year Master program in Finance combines a rigorous theoretical approach with extensive real-world applications. All courses are offered in English by internationally renowned faculty. The program is highly international and offers exchange semesters at top business schools in Europe and the USA.


The Finance program, with a joint intake, allows for specialization after one semester through choices of courses in Corporate Finance or Investment Management.

Specialization in Corporate Finace

The Corporate Finance specialization provides a framework for assessing the value impact of operational decisions, capital budgeting choices, and critical business decisions such as mergers or restructuring. In the Corporate Finance specialization, key topics include valuation techniques, the link between asset markets and corporate decisions, public equity markets and corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, financial intermediaries, restructuring, and private equity. Students get a deep understanding of the legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks of financial markets in Europe and elsewhere and develop a thorough understanding of how financial markets and institutions function.

Specialization in Investment Management

The Investment Management specialization prepares students for the full range of careers in investment management and related fields. It provides a solid analytical foundation for understanding risk and return, value creation, and regulatory and legal institutions in asset markets. It is built on academic rigor, including recent technical advances, to build a deep understanding of key issues in managing assets. The program provides a hands-on toolkit to enable students apply these insights and be fully effective in challenging and interesting roles immediately on graduation.

Bachelor degree

  • Should contain at least 90 ECTS in Social Sciences (including but not limited to Finance, Business Administration and/or Economics) , with a minimum of 30 ECTS in Finance, Accounting and Financial Management, and/or Economics, at least half of which specifically in Finance.


  • GMAT (total score) of 600 or more.
  • GRE score (quantitative) of 155 or more. 
  • For both formats the recommended score for Analytical Writing part - in the range of 4.5-5.0 or higher.​

Proficiency in English

  • IELTS Academic score at least 7 
  • TOEFL iBT total score at least 100

English language test exemptions (ONLY THESE CASES):

  • English as native language
  • Bachelor’s degree from a program conducted completely in English
  • Qualifications “English B” from Swedish upper secondary school (ONLY Swedish schools).

Motivation & supporting attachments

  • Relevant work experience and extracurricular activities may be taken into account.

The Stockholm School of Economics has joined forces with Bocconi University, one of the very best European Business School, and offers a Double Degree Program in Finance at the Master (MSc) level.

The Double Degree Program consists of two full academic years. Students study the first year at SSE (home university) and spend the second year at Bocconi (host university). The program is an opportunity exclusively open to students in MSc in Finance program who specialize either in Corporate Finance or Investment Management. The combined strengths of Bocconi and SSE enhance the academic experience and equip students with the international experience and perspective that help to prepare them for successful careers, whether in business, government or academia.

Graduates of the program will be awarded both the Master of Science in Finance, issued by SSE, and the Italian graduate degree, Laurea Magistrale in Finance, issued by Bocconi. The double degree program stipulates that students must meet the course requirements of both the SSE and Bocconi MSc program. Students can chose from the elective courses at both schools, and need to plan their thesis work to accommodate the dual requirements. 

The Department of Finance selects students for the Double Degree Program during the first year of the MSc program on a competitive basis.

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