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Business Analytics and Big Data Systems

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 4.85 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 4.85 k / Year(s)  
StudyQA ranking:6426 Duration:2 years

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The term ‘Big Data’ is used to describe the phenomenon of rapidly growing volumes of information on activities in all areas of contemporary society, the evolving technological capabilities to analyse these huge volumes of data, and the potential prospects for effective use of the results of this analysis to make forecasts and good administrative decisions.

The aim of the English-language programme in Business Analytics and Big Data Systems at HSE University’s Graduate School of Business is to train specialists capable of assessing the impact of big data technologies on companies’ operations; developing new models of corporate information infrastructure using big data technology; overseeing the implementation of analytical tools and solutions for big data management;  assessing the efficiency of such projects; and managing companies’ data.

Graduates of our programme are able to become organizers and leaders of companies’ digital transformations and become advocates of data-driven culture and management strategies. As such, they enjoy strong demand in Russian and international organizations that practice big data storage and use. They are also well positioned for opportunities in organizations that have an interest in effective digital transformation of their business processes on the basis of big data technologies.

Programme partners

The programme is offered with support and close collaboration from corporate partners of the Graduate School of Business and companies that develop products for big data analytics, including Huawei, SAP, Oracle and LANIT.

Cooperation with partner companies provides students with access to the latest software products via cloud services, as well as internship opportunities at Russian and international research laboratories.

Students of the master’s programme in Business Analytics and Big Data Systems can apply for academic mobility programmes:

  1. Double-degree programmes (long-term education programmes under which students receive degrees from several universities) at partner universities: University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (Austria), University of Passau (Germany), Lancaster University (Great Britain).
  2. Short-term exchange programmes (usually, 1 module or 1 semester at a foreign university), including via participation in the QTEM Masters Network.

Courses are delivered by leading HSE teachers and visiting expert professionals. All teachers have experience successfully teaching in English.

The curriculum is composed of core subjects and electives that can be chosen based on a student’s individual starting competencies and satisfaction of course prerequisites. Subjects from other master’s programmes (English-taught) can also be included in the individual curriculum.

Core Courses

  • Economic and Mathematic Modelling;
  • Enterprise Architecture Perfection;
  • Methods and Tools for the Intellectual Analysis of Big Data;
  • Strategic Innovation Management;
  • System Analysis and Organization Design.


  • Advanced Data Management;
  • Applied Blockchain in the Modern Enterprise Architecture;
  • Applied Machine Learning;
  • Big Data Based Marketing Analytics;
  • Big Data Collection, Storage & Processing in Heterogeneous Distributed Computer Networks;
  • Big Data Systems Development and Implementation;
  • Cloud Technologies;
  • Data Analytics and Visualization for Business;
  • Digital Platforms and Ecosystems of Modern Business;
  • Knowledge Management;
  • Leadership and Project Team Management;
  • Manufacturing Data Collection and Analytics;
  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning;
  • Predictive Modelling;
  • Theoretical Basics of Distributed Information Processing in Big Data Systems.

The curriculum also includes the following bridging courses: Analysis for Business Systems, Data Science for Business Innovation, and Python for Data Science and AI.

Finally, a major focus of the programme is the development of research competencies and practical professional skills.

The application for the programme in Business Analytics and Big Data Systems can be completed through the portfolio competition and after a successful English language exam, which includes a test and a listening assignment.

Students are enrolled in both state-funded and fee-paying slots.

The portfolio consists of:

  1. A copy of a student’s diploma and official transcript, or an official document, issued by a higher education institution confirming programme completion or indicating the number of degree credits earned to date;
  2. Documents confirming the applicant’s individual achievements;
  3. Documents confirming the applicant’s practical experience in the programme field;
  4. Letter of motivation (in English);
  5. Essay on the subject of "Opportunities, technologies and practice of applying big data analytics in business";
  6. Oral interview (in English).

More information about the application for the programme in 2021 is available on the Graduate Admissions page.


NIU HSE establishes the following types of scholarships for international students on admission to the program:

State Scholarship of the Government of the Russian Federation

Candidates selected by educational programs on a competitive basis and who have received at least 65 points based on portfolio evaluation (subject to availability) will be considered.

Scholarship amount: 100%.

According to the results of entrance tests (portfolio scores) 

  1. With a total score for the competition portfolio of 60 points and higher the scholarship amount is 50%.
  2. With a total score for the portfolio competition from 50 to 59 points the scholarship amount is 25%.

Graduates of the Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens of the Higher School of Economics (commercial branch) 

Candidats provide an educational document confirming the successful сompletion of an additional educational program (lack of unsatisfactory assessments)

Scholarship amount: 50%.

Graduates of preparatory faculties of other Russian universities

Candidats provide an educational document confirming the successful сompletion of an additional educational program. 

Scholarship amount: 50%.

Graduates of the program "Summer University" 

Availability of a certificate of participation in the program "Summer University" and an academic certificate (transcript) confirming the completion of the program (at least two courses in the absence of unsatisfactory grades).

Scholarship amount: 25%.

Bachelor's/specialty graduates of the HSE University 

HSE University Diploma

Scholarship amount: 25%.

  • Winners of the "Open Doors" Olympiad

Successful completion of all admission tests.  

Scholarship amount: 50-70%.

For early conclusion and payment of the contract

Contract conclusion and payment within 30 days from the date of publication of the decision on the recommendation for admission to the commercial place in the personal cabinet of the international applicant, but no later than June 1.

Scholarship amount: 5%.

Programme Benefits

The program provides an opportunity to form a unique set of interdisciplinary competencies, including mathematical and technological knowledge and skills to select, evaluate, analyze and use big data tools and technologies; competencies that provide understanding of business architecture, the impact of the introduction of new IT technologies, including big data technologies, on enterprise management efficiency; managerial competencies in implementing big data systems and services based on big data technologies; as well as research

In the international QS World University Rankings by Program: Business Masters program is positioned in the field of business analytics (QS Business Masters Rankings: Business Analytics - MSc in Business Analytics, specializations: Operation analytics) being the only master's program of Russian universities in this prestigious ranking.

The English-language learning environment, international integration of the program, practice-oriented courses, high prestige and competitiveness of the profession ensure the program's leading position.

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