International Business Administration

Study type:Part-time Languages: English
801–1000 place StudyQA ranking:3423 Duration:48 months

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The DBA International is a dual degree in collaboration with Busines School Netherlands, one of the leading Business Schools in the Netherlands. When you successfully complete it you receive an award from Sheffield Hallam and the Business School Netherlands.

This course provides you with in-depth study and personal scholarship in a specialist professional area. It enables you to make an independent and original contribution to knowledge and the practice of management and the professions.

You gain sound research training and development, allowing you to complete your research successfully and to continue your contribution to knowledge. You work with other senior managers and professionals to build a community of reflective practitioners.

The course enables you to

* make a contribution to the theory and practice of management in your profession through your thesis
* complete rigorous business and management research to improve organisational decision making
* consider management and professional problems from many perspectives
* assess your own insights and impact as a manager
* continue to build on your learning through working as a reflective practitioner

Completing the course also helps you to enhance leadership, management and business success, particularly in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Africa and Asia.

In year one you attend two modules each lasting one week. You spend week one at the Business School Netherlands (BSN) in Buren, Netherlands and week two at Sheffield Business School in Sheffield. In year two you attend one module lasting one week to be held in a location in Europe (to be confirmed).

The focus of the intensive study weeks is about gaining knowledge and skills in advanced management practice, and philosophies and methods of research in business and management. You then write a thesis on a topic of your choice.

This course is a dual degree in collaboration with Busines School Netherlands, one of the leading Business Schools in the Netherlands.



* advanced management practice
* philosophies and methods of research in business and management
* thesis

The course contains four phases. In the first phase you develop your own identity and vision as a researcher and active practitioner in a senior professional, management or leadership role. The focus is on developing your professional identity and drive as a researcher. You define and refine the problem areas which interest and motivate you.

In the second phase you develop your skills as a researcher.

The third phase focuses on integration. You find and implement solutions to business and management problems. You explore the themes and issues in advanced management practice, and philosophies and methods of research in business and management

The final phase is the thesis research and writing. Through your research, you apply the learning of the first three phases ensuring that you are capable of doing advanced research into business and management problems. You also develop the connections between the various problems which have interested you during your studies and which are likely to be of concern in your professional career.

Action learning is at the heart of the course. Your action learning set (ALS) provides a structure where you can develop your ideas in a flexible and supportive environment. You interact with peers and advisors discussing theory, experience and practical problems that facilitate rigorous and creative inquiry. The members of your ALS provide professional support throughout your career.


Normally you must

* have a Masters in Business and Management or a related area
* have at least five years experience in a senior management role or in a professional capacity with significant responsibility
* or
* be the managing director/chief executive of a small to medium size enterprise or an equivalent position
* demonstrate a high level of written and verbal fluency in English. If your first language is not English, you must show evidence of IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL test minimum mark 600 paper based or 250 computer based.

English Language Requirements

IELTS band: 7 TOEFL paper-based test score : 600

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since April 2014 the ETS tests (including TOEFL and TOEIC) are no longer accepted for Tier 4 visa applications to the United Kingdom. The university might still accept these tests to admit you to the university, but if you require a Tier 4 visa to enter the UK and begin your degree programme, these tests will not be sufficient to obtain your Visa.

The IELTS test is most widely accepted by universities and is also accepted for Tier 4 visas to the UK- learn more.

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