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  • 15 December
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  • 2 years

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    Choreomundus investigates dance and other movement systems (ritual practices, martial arts, games and physical theatre) as Intangible Cultural Heritage within the broader contexts of Ethnochoreology, the Anthropology of Dance, Dance Studies, and Heritage Studies.

    The programme is offered by a consortium of four universities recognised for their leadership in the development of innovative curricula for the analysis of dance.

    Choreomundus focuses on fieldwork and formal analysis of movement, and engages with a variety of theoretical and methodological frameworks. The programme develops an appreciation of dance that is comparative, cross-cultural, applied, and embodied, and gives students the tools for making sense of intangible heritage within a culturally diverse world.

    Coordinator: NTNU, Trondheim (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Blaise Pascal University (UBP), Clermont-Ferrand, France, University of Roehampton London (URL), United Kingdom, Scientific University of Szeged (SZTE), Szeged, Hungary

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