Management and Corporate Sustainability

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 16.3 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 16.3 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jun 30, 2025
StudyQA ranking:5773 Duration:15 months


The Master of Science in IT Management at UPF Barcelona School of Management is a one-year, full time program entirely taught in English targeted at students who wish to acquire the technical, analytical and management skills needed to understand today's companies' big data. The program includes a curricular internship and it offers excellent opportunities for students to make contacts within the business world via company visits and trade fairs.

By mixing students of two clearly differentiated academic backgrounds ?engineering and business?, the Master of Science in IT Management enables you to become a critical member of an organisation's strategic management team. Through the development of strong analytical and conceptual skills you will be able to translate your analysis-based findings into tangible, profitable performance and concrete business strategies.

The Master of Science in IT Management benefits from the outstanding, hand-picked faculty of the UPF's world ranked Department of Economics and Business and the engineering professional expertise of the UPF'S Polytechnic School. The program's faculty is known for their scientific state of mind, their constant contribution to creating knowledge and their high-level ability to stimulate and convey knowledge.

Why this program?

* Because you will be taught by the internationally top ranked faculty of the best Spanish university according to the Times Higher Education Ranking (2013).
* Because it includes a program internship, where you will be able to apply your learned skills in a position relevant to the master's contents.
* Because it is an officially accredited master program recognized both by the Spanish Ministry of Education and in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
* Because it includes a 100% free Spanish course and a Career Development Program.
* Because it will make you live an unforgettable international education experience with students from many different nationalities (in 2014, 83% of Master of Science students came from 40 different nationalities).


* To train professional experts in the management of huge amounts of information.
* To acquire full command of the most advanced techniques in data analysis and evaluation.
* To fully develop skills to devise efficient business strategies.

Employment opportunities

Upon successful completion of the Master of Science in IT Strategic Management students will be able to pursue a professional career in the following professional fields:

* Business Development and Strategy
* Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Consulting and IT Analyst
* Chief Information Officer (CIO)
* Companies in the IT sector and Digital Contents
* Innovation Management
* Internet Marketing
* IT Management and Consulting
* IT-based Entrepreneurship
* Logistics and Big Data Analyst

Program Curriculum
The Master of Science in IT Strategic Management consists of 3 class terms (September to June) plus 1 class-free term (July to December).

The programme starts with two levelling tracks in which students from different backgrounds are separated in order to complement their previously learned skills:

* Students coming from Economics or Business Administration-related studies are taught advanced technology application skills.
* Students coming from IT-related studies, Engineering, Mathematics or Physics are taught business administration and management-related concepts.

After the levelling tracks, all students are fully and equally prepared and they reunite for the programme's core courses, which take place along the 2nd and 3rd terms.

On the 4th term students work on their master thesis and take on a curricular internship.

First Term: Levelling Tracks

* 1A: Management for Engineers/Mathematicians * Strategic Management
* Marketing Management
* Accounting and Finance Management
* Operations Management

* 1B: ICT Skills for Business Profiles/Economists * Project Management
* ICT Sector and Value Chains
* Networking Services and Infrastructures
* Information Systems and Business Intelligence

* Common Course: Knowledge Economy

Second Term: Tools for Management

* Supply Chain Management and Technology
* Information Technology for Marketing
* Management Science and Business Information Systems
* Enterprise Resource Planning systems for Business
* Knowledge Management Systems

Third Term: Business Strategy

* Technology Strategy
* Business Change Management
* Entrepreneurship/Technology and Innovation Management
* E-Business Technology and Management

Fourth Term: Internship/Mobility and Master Thesis

* Internship
* Master Thesis
* Mobility Placement

Additional Off-programme Activities
Further to the programme's regular classes, all Master of Science students have the possibility of attending free complementary training parallel to the running of their programmes. The following activities are optional and are included in the programme's tuition fees:

* Brush-up Courses: preparatory crash-courses on business and economy-related subjects which take place two weeks prior to the beginning of the programme.
* Spanish or Catalan Courses: one-year, 3-hour/week courses at the UPF's language school.
* Career Development Programme: career sessions and workshops during which students obtain specific training on how to improve their CV, approach potential employers and develop professional soft skills (read more about the school's Career Service).

Final Degree

Once students have completed the programme they will receive the official Master's Degree Máster Universitario en Gestión Estratégica de las Tecnologías de Información y Comunicaciones. M.Sc. in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Strategic Management awarded by the Pompeu Fabra University.

Students will also receive an additional Master of Science in ICT Strategic Management completion certificate awarded by the UPF Barcelona School of Management.


The Master of Science in IT Management is aimed at recent graduates and junior professionals with the academic backgrounds listed below. Students coming from other educational backgrounds must check the program's admission requirements.

* Formal and Physical sciences * IT-related studies
* Engineering
* Mathematics
* Physics
* Chemistry

* Economic-related studies * Business Administration
* Economics
* Management
* International Business


Academic Directors
* Xavier Castillo Ferrer
* Carles Martin Badell

* Alexandre Grasas León
* Antonio Ladrón de Guevara
* Armengol Torres Sabaté
* Bruno Zami
* Didier Grimaldi
* Ester Oliveras Sobrevias
* Joan Baiget Solé
* Jordi Bosch García
* Jorge Fernández García
* Oriol Amat Salas
* Santiago Sánchez Devesa
* Susana Domingo Pérez

In order to be admitted to the Master of Science in IT Strategic Management, applicants must meet the following criteria: * To have finished or be in the last year of a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university on any of the following fields of study: * Economics * Business Administration * IT-related degrees * Engineering * Mathematics * Physics * Applicants who are currently studying the last year of their Bachelor's Degrees will need to have finished their university studies and obtained their final diploma before the beginning of the programme. * Applicants who finished their Bachelor's Degrees some time ago should preferably not exceed 3 years of working experience in a position relevant to the programme's contents. * To present an official English Certificate with the following minimum scores: * TOEFL CBT: > 235 * TOEFL PBT: > 575 * TOEFL IBT: > 100 * CAE: C1 * IELTS: > 6.5 * Official results must be sent directly by the examining institution to the UPF Barcelona School of Management Admissions Department (Balmes 132-134, 08008, Barcelona, Spain) before 1 September 2014. Failure to provide sufficient proof of English might result in denial of participation in the programme. * Applicants who, at the time of the application, still do not possess an official English certificate or who are in the process of obtaining it must include this information in their admission applications. * Applicants whose mother tongue is English do not need to present the aforementioned certificate. * Applicants who have completed their full Bachelor's Degree at an English-speaking university in a non-English speaking country must submit written evidence that the language of instruction of their studies was English. * No knowledge of Spanish is required for Master of Science candidates English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 CAE score: (read more) Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is part of the Cambridge English suite and is targeted at a high level (IETLS 6.5-8.0). It is an international English language exam set at the right level for academic and professional success. Developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment - part of the University of Cambridge - it helps you stand out from the crowd as a high achiever. 60 (Grade C) TOEFL paper-based test score : 575 TOEFL iBT® test: 100

All of the UPF Barcelona School of Management programmes must be completely paid before the beginning of the course. To help students do so, the UPF Barcelona School of Management offers the following financing possibilities:

* Apply for the school's Talent Scholarship: a school's merit-based scholarship aimed at students with an extraordinary academic and/or professional career.
* Apply for any of our MSc Scholarships: financial aid covering 20% of the total programme fees intended for students who have been admitted to one of our Masters of Science.
* Benefit from a financial aid covering 40% of the total programme fees, if you are already a premium member of the UPF Alumni Association.
* Take on a preferential study loan:the UPF Barcelona School of Management collaborates with a variety of Spanish banks and financial institutions which provide students with advantageous loan conditions (to be confirmed directly with the corresponding bank).

Further to the options above, the school encourages students to look for education funding in external education financing institutions:

* Local institutions: Check here for a list on some of the local institutions which provide financial aid to postgraduate students.
* International institutions: Foreign students are encouraged to contact first their local governmental education institutions and further international entities such as Sally Mae, the Fulbright Program, the Global Studies Foundation, etc.


The Barcelona School of Management was founded in 2011 as the new business school of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). It was launched as a response to the current global need of capacitating state-of-the-art professionals in business management and public administration.

Founded in 1990, the Pompeu Fabra University is the Spanish public university with the highest ratio of international students and faculty (2012, QS ranking). It is recognised for the scientific mentality of its faculty and its leading positions in international rankings:

* 2013 Times Higher Education ranking: 25th highest ranked university in the world among those under 50 years of age
* 2013 QS ranking: 25th highest ranked university in the world among those under 50 years of age
* 2012 Shanghai University ranking: among the 150 top universities in the world.

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