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Berlin School of Economics and Law

Berlin, Germany
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Building more than just a successful career

The Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) is a leading German university of applied sciences providing expertise for the new generation of public and private sector managers. The school focuses on business and public administration as well as economics, security management, legal studies, and engineering. It can boast over 40 years of expertise and experience. With more than 10,200 students and over 2,400 graduates every year, BSEL has grown into a major player among Germany's public universities.

Students can choose from more than 50 programmes at the undergraduate or graduate level, preparing them for a career in national or international companies and in public or non-profit institutions. Broadly based knowledge - in-depth expertise BSEL has a core faculty of some 200 highly qualified professors working in disciplines such as business administration, economics, law, sociology, psychology, computer science, and engineering.

Apart from a doctoral degree and academic credentials in their disciplines, they also have practical experience, e.g. as managers, consultants, public administrators, lawyers, police officers, or judges. Their knowledge of and connections to active business life, public service organisations, non-profit organisations, multinational firms and smaller local companies are especially valuable in linking academic research with current issues and in arranging placements.

The first-hand expertise of over 800 visiting professors and part-time and full-time lecturers further underscores the strong professional orientation of the programmes and the pursuit of a broader interdisciplinary and holistic approach to education. The university's forward-looking stance is also evident in the inclusion of gender studies and sustainability as important elements in many of its programmes.

One of the guiding principles at BSEL is to facilitate a strong link between academic theory and real-life practice. Manifold relationships with public bodies and 650 partner firms serve as a valuable resource. Studying without borders BSEL encourages students to experience other cultures around the globe. Among the university's core strengths are its double or dual degree programmes with universities in Brazil, China, France, Finland, India, Spain, Turkey, and the UK. The university's 160 active partnerships with universities around the world facilitate regular student and faculty exchanges. More than 500 exchange students from our international partner universities discover what it is like to study at our school and in Berlin. The university also welcomes about 140 international summer school students every year. Rankings BSEL is frequently ranked among the leaders in Germany-wide surveys of programmes in its major fields. For example, in a survey of graduate employability initiated by leading multinationals, the university's Bachelor's programmes in business ranked in the small group of top performers.

Berlin - a key location for academia and science

As an international university location and Germany's capital city, Berlin has a rich and diverse cultural, social, and political life with a unique atmosphere. Students, researchers, and scientists from all over the world enjoy studying or working at one of Berlin's universities or over 70 extramural research institutes and play their part in shaping Berlin's reputation as a leading academic, artistic, and scientific centre.

Berlin is also a prime example of an industrial base which has been transformed into a vibrant entrepreneurial knowledge and service hub. Today, the city is generating new ideas needed to create young and successful companies in a European metropolis at the cutting edge of tomorrow's trends. Berlin is a dynamic city right at the heart of a reunited Europe - a particularly interesting place for those studying economics and law.

Germany's capital city has a population of around 3.5 million and is not only a magnet for all the major currents shaping Europe today, be they political, economic, cultural, scientific, or scholarly, but it is also a vibrant location, attracting people from all over the world to stay here and contribute to the city's life. In no other European city are the changes influencing today's Europe so apparent, and anyone studying here experiences this continuous development first-hand, benefiting from the mass and diversity of the political and cultural events in the city.

Berlin is home to the industries of the future, from information, media, and communication to medicine and biotechnology to environmental and transport technologies. At the same time, it is a key research location, offering an almost unparalleled number and range of colleges, universities and research institutes. There are four universities, three universities of the arts, and seven colleges of applied science in the city. Berlin's 300 libraries mark it as a unique centre for tertiary education, but Berlin's cultural landscape is also outstanding, comprising nearly 100 museums, three opera houses, the world-famous Philharmonic concert hall, nearly 50 theatres, and more than 100 cinemas, several of which show only original-language films. Add to this the innumerable restaurants, bars, and pubs - without official closing time - and you can begin to understand the vitality of Berlin's cultural scene.

Berlin is also a thriving creative area, playing host to artists and exhibitions, a lively club and music scene, media and arts industries, and it is a centre for leading congresses and trade fairs. No wonder Berlin is so popular with national and international audiences alike.

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