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The business world is becoming increasingly global and mobile. Companies seek out leaders with business knowledge as well as practical experience. The University of Bridgeport’s online Master of Business Administration in Management (MBA) program was created specifically to educate individuals looking to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving business environment.

Early to Mid-Career Professional Growth

UB's MBA online program provides early to mid-career professionals with the breadth and depth of theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for effective leadership in an increasingly international and dynamic environment. Our innovative, interdisciplinary, and interactive online MBA cohort model emphasizes leadership, teamwork, analytical thinking, competencies, and communication to give you a competitive edge for success.

Students holding a bachelor’s degree in a business related field will be able to complete the online MBA program in just one year. While this short time frame may seem overwhelming to some, UB’s online MBA program gives students breaks between each session giving students the ability to better keep up with personal and professional responsibilities. UB’s online MBA is also one of the most competitively priced programs in the Northeast allowing for maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for the student.

One Year MBA

Students with a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field can earn an MBA in Management online in just one year with:

  • A convenient schedule of five, eight-week sessions with two weeks off between each session.
  • Class flexibility that allows students to address home and work needs.
  • A cohort model that lets students work and learn with other experienced professionals.
  • Courses offering face-to-face interaction online with students and professors as well as access to the UB campus if needed.
  • A diverse student body offering a global perspective on the business world.
  • Faculty with professional experience.
  • In-demand courses such as International Issues and Entrepreneurship.
  • Capstone experiences that put academic knowledge into practice.
  • An academically rigorous ACBSP accredited program that spurs innovation for entrepreneurs.

Learning Outcomes

The online MBA in Management teaches the management principles required to plan, build, and run a successful and ethical enterprise. Students learn the leadership skills that enable them to work effectively with people within an organization.

The MBA online program:

  • Enables the manager to build and manage teams to solve business problems.
  • Emphasizes employee motivation and the overall management of people and organizational systems.
  • Prepares the student for managerial positions in business, government and nonprofit organizations across industries.

Schedule & Course Sequence

The University of Bridgeport's online MBA program is offered through eight-week sessions with breaks in-between. By offering courses year-round, students can start the online MBA program at almost any time and complete the program within one year.

Please note: MBA students may be required to take additional prerequisite courses based on previous academic history.

Upcoming Sessions

Summer - June 16 Fall I - August 25 Fall II - October 27

MBA Sample Course Sequence


  • MGMT-505: Organizational Behavior
  • MKTG-505: Marketing and Research Methods


  • ITKM-505: Information Systems & Knowledge Management

  • ACCT-505: Managerial and Cost Accounting


  • FIN-505: Advanced Financial Management and Policy
  • MGMT-511: Human Resources Management


  • MGMT-539: International Issues
  • MGMT-555: Global Program and Project Management


  • MGMT-582: Small Business and Entrepreneurship

  • BUCP-597: Policy and Strategy

The MBA Online Curriculum (total of 30 credits) consists of 3 components:

1. Core Courses (15 credits)

In the five core courses you will apply the theory from the foundation coursework through cases and real-world exercises.

  • Managerial Cost Accounting
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Information Systems & Knowledge Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing & Research Methods

2. Management Concentration Courses (9 credits)

3. Capstone Courses (6 credits)

The capstone experience provides the final integration of student learning across the disciplines and the application of concepts learned to practical and competitive situations.

  • Strategy & Policy
  • Experiential
    • Internship or
    • Thesis or
    • Small Business & Entrepreneurship Course
A bachelor’s degree , or its equivalent , from an accredited university or recognized international institution Recommended cumulative undergraduate grade poi nt average of 2.9 5 or higher

We offer several ways that you can reduce the cost of your graduate education.

  • scholarships based on multiple criteria including undergraduate GPA,
  • tuition discounts for high graduate grades,
  • and graduate assistantships.


ACBSP/Regionally Accredited

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