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UCAS Code: F303

Physics, the most fundamental of all sciences, involves the exploration of nature in the broadest possible sense. The Physicist's goal is to uncover the fundamental truths about nature and where possible, to exploit that basic knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

Dundee Physicists have had a tremendous impact on the modern world - the electronic devices driving pixels in virtually all laptop computers were first conceived and made here. Our current staff are working in some of the most exciting areas of cutting-edge physics, including renewable energy and the environment, robust sensors, and physics applied to medicine and biology.

The Dundee Physics degree includes flexibility with the study of essential core topics to give you firm foundations in the subject.

The MSci Physics (Hons) is similar to the BSc Physics (Hons), but at a more advanced level.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline January 15 Tuition fee
  • EUR 2060 Year (EEA)
  • EUR 14321 Year (Non-EEA)

Tuition fees are approximate and dependent upon currency exchange rates.

Start date September 2015 Duration full-time 60 months Languages Take an IELTS test
  • English
Delivery mode On Campus Educational variant Full-time

Course Content

Level 1

Modules at level 1 are designed to increase your understanding of fundamental physics and give the necessary mathematical skills on which modules in later years depend:

- Astronomical Phenomena

- Electricity, Optics and Waves

- Mechanics and Thermodynamics

- Professional Skills

- Science and Engineering Mathematics

Level 2

Level 2 will extend your knowledge of classical physics and introduce you to some of the exciting advances made in modern physics:

- Analogue and Digital Electronics

- Electricity & Magnetism

- Introduction to Modern & Solid State Physics

- Mathematics

- Mechanics

- Optics, Waves & Thermodynamics

Level 3

At Level 3 you begin a detailed study of the main topics of modern physics together with the acquisition of advanced laboratory skills:

- Advanced Optics

- Electricity and Magnetism

- Mathematical Methods

- Nuclear and Particle Physics

- Physics Laboratory Work

- Quantum Mechanics

- Thermodynamics

- Advanced Professional and Transferable Skills OR a joint Honours subject option

Level 4

At Honours level, you continue your in-depth studies and carry out a personal project involving practical experience in a research laboratory:

- Computational Physics

- Materials

- Optoelectronics and Photonics

- Relativity and Cosmology

- Solid State Physics

- Statistical Mechanics

- Physics Project (whole year)

Level 5

This year is only followed by the MSci Honours students. Modules cover selected topics in considerable depth and introduce you to research techniques and mathematical methods encountered by professional physicists.

- Applied Electromagnetism

- Advanced Photonics

- Computational Physics

- Introduction to Independent Research

- Quantum Mechanics

- You will also complete an extended two year project started in Level 4.


- Minimum Requirements:

SQA Higher: AABB

GCE A-Level: BBB

ILC Higher: AABB

IB Diploma: 32 points at with 6, 5, 5 at HL

- Essential Subjects:

Mathematics and a science or engineering subject (H, A-L, ILC H, HL)

- Advanced Entry (to level 2):

SQA Advanced Higher: AB+BB (H) in different subjects

GCE A-Level: ABB

IB Diploma: 34 points with 6, 6, 5 at HL

- Essential Subjects:

Mathematics and a science (AH, A-L, HL).

Work Experience

No work experience is required.

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* The scholarships shown on this page are suggestions first and foremost. They could be offered by other organisations than University of Dundee.


Professional Accreditation:

Institute of Physics (IOP)

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