Sport Development and Business

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
StudyQA ranking:59 Duration:4 years

This program is scheduled to commence in Trimester 1-2020. In this application, you are going to acquire a strong base of the academic and applied areas of community game, health, fitness and business skills. The application comprises studies in human anatomy and physiology; health, physical activity, exercise and health promotion; performance analysis, fitness training and coaching; psychology, communicating along with business and management. The plan will build up on Griffith's strong reputation in sports science, sports management and education and will likely probably be delivered with existing, highly-qualified team and will be taught in world class facilities.You will undertake a professional training positioning within this application.

Griffith University grants credit and recognition of prior learning which may relate with prior formal education or earlier casual and non-formal learning. To learn more, please visit the following website: Credit transferGriffith's innovative Credit Precedent Database lets you find out what credit decisions are made in the past. All these precedents will give you a sense of what you can expect. Ngpc=1615&-SortField=Connected% 20Institution% 20Name&-noresultserror=error.html&-search View charge precedents with this app


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