Strategic Market Creation

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You will develop an innovative mindset and understand the role marketing plays in the creation of new business opportunities for a company. This will allow you to lead and manage innovation and change projects within a companys marketing function, but also at a corporate and strategic level.

Driving business development by co-creation and creativity

The focus of the concentration is on driving business development by working out original and credible business plans for new products, services, brands and processes, or for radically modified or new business models. You will learn to approach innovation by giving end-users prime attention and consideration, and by partnering with other companies in research and development of new products, services or technologies. You will also learn how to have and create a mindset in the organisation that is creative and driven by a desire and readiness to be innovative. To acquire the necessary skills and understandings for this approach, you will combine the traditional methods and tools from marketing research with more unconventional approaches from psychology and cognitive science. This allows you to understand how managers can enhance their creativity and come to see the consumer as a creative partner in the creation of new business opportunities, and the discovery of new trends, ideas or untapped markets. On this background you will come to see the marketing function of a company as an influential driver of innovation and strategic development.

Turning knowledge into business opportunities

You will also learn how to bring knowledge into the organisation, to create synergy between departments, and a common sense of direction. Understanding how to create and manage knowledge, will enable you to generate ideas for new products, brand strategies, or to design user experiences that strengthen customer relationships or improve the value of a brand. By bringing knowledge of the consumer into the company, and knowing how to turn it into new business ideas, you are also able to increase the responsiveness of the company to new trends or changes in consumer mindsets. In doing so, you provide it with a sustainable competitive advantage as a first mover in the changing market.

Corporate entrepreneurship from a marketing perspective

You will gain a deeper understanding of corporate strategy and leadership, which is essential for effectively driving innovation in a company. To meet the challenges of corporate entrepreneurship, you will learn to design new business models that can change the relations and processes in the company to adapt to new circumstances and ideas. You will also acquire skills for working with project and leadership issues at different organisational levels. These qualities will support and guide you in projects and processes that concern the development of products, brands, market channels or business model innovation. Consequently, you will be introduced to a number of theories on tackling issues related to corporate entrepreneurship, strategy leadership, project and brand management, but more importantly, you will learn through hands-on experience with working on large semester projects. Through the self-chosen cases and problems of the projects, you will be able to test your skills, and get a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by project managers.

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What gets you the job?
As a SMC graduate you are trained in identifying new ideas and trends, and you have the tools to develop them and turn them in to business opportunities and development projects. These skills will allow you to manage projects and processes when a company needs to adapt their product/service portfolio and communication to current market developments.

You will get a creative mindset and learn to use tools for driving innovation processes, as for exsample how to co-create new ideas, how to design a business model to support them, and how to use your knowledge to drive company development and strategy.

You creative and analytical mindset, your ability to understand how innovation works, and your skills in managing projects and processes are the top three competencies you bring to a potential employer.

Career opportunities
A graduate will be able to consult, analsze and manage within both national and international businesses. This could for instance be as a product innovation manager, where you would be in charge of the continued development of an existing product, or lead the development of new products.

Many graduates also find themselves in general business development. Here you could for instance be working with redesigning the business model of the company, or you could make research in identifying the right product and marketing strategy in preparation of the companys entry into a new market.

Some students find work in consultancies as project managers, where you could help companies in identifying and overcoming various problems. This could for instance be a project to improve their use of marketing channels in their brand and communication strategy or leading processes of change and product innovation.

The entrepreneurial and innovative nature of SMC graduates sometimes also lead to self-employment and starting up a new company.

SMC is a two-year masters programme with six mandatory courses in the first year, and elective courses followed by a Masters thesis in the second. The programme is divided into 4 semesters. The fall semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June.

The integration between the courses is quite high, meaning that there is a good degree of progression between first and second semester courses. The course Marketing, Creativity and Innovation in the first semester introduces you to core concepts that provide you with a foundation on which the other courses build. The extensive course in Strategic Leadership and Brand Management also provide you with knowledge which you need to use in the other course and the project.

Additional options
The concentration has a unique double degree program with Bocconi University. This will allow you to get your master degree from two acknowledged universities in two years.
A second option for a double degree is to apply for the CEMS programme.

Course overview
1. Semester

* Marketing, Creativity and Innovation (15 ECTS)

* Corporate Branding, Networks and Communities (7.5 ECTS)

* Marketing Research in Innovation Processes (7.5 ECTS)

2. Semester

* Strategic Leadership and Brand Management (15 ECTS)

* Consumer's Experiences and Design (7.5 ECTS)

* Managing Knowledge, Projects and Teams (7.5 ECTS)

3. Semester

* Electives (30 ECTS)

4. Semester

* Master's Thesis (30 ECTS)

Strategic Market Creation is a concentration under the MSc in Economics and Business Administration (cand.merc.).You are qualified for (but not guaranteed) admission to this programme if you:A) fulfill the specific entry requirements, andB) fulfil the language requirement, andC) fulfil the general entry requirement of having an academic bachelor degree within the social sciencesSelection criteriaThe programme MSc in Economics & Business Administration (MSc EBA / cand.merc.) has a limited number of places, therefore there are selection criteria both at the programme as a whole and at individual concentrations. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 577 TOEFL iBT® test: 91

CBS welcomes scholarship applications from graduate applicants, who come from countries outside of EU/EEA and need a student residence permit to study at CBS, regardless of gender, age, nationality and religion - we are interested in your motivation and your academic background.


Each scholarship consists of a tuition fee waiver and a monthly scholarship of DKK 5,500 to cover living costs in Denmark (the equivalent of SU, the State Educational Grant given to Danish students). The grant is paid out in advance every month and has a maximum duration of 22 months, starting 1 September the year you are accepted. The grant is taxable in Denmark according to the rules and regulations governing income from grants and tax exemption for developing countries.

In 2012 CBS offered 25 scholarships.


You may be considered for a scholarship if you:

* are a non-EU/EEA citizen
* need a student residence permit to study at CBS
* apply online at Admission Flow by 1 February, 12 noon
* upload documentation and a motivational essay by 1 February, 12 noon

Students who receive a CBS scholarship may not receive a scholarship from their home country and are not entitled to SU (Danish State Educational Grant) or any other type of public support in Denmark.

To keep receiving the scholarship, recipients must be active students throughout the prescribed duration of their studies at CBS.


If you wish to be considered for a scholarship, you must apply for admission no later than 1 February 12 noon - no matter if you are a Group A or a Group B applicant at Admission Flow.

When you apply for admission you must indicate that you wish to be considered for a scholarship and you are to upload a motivational essay. A selection committee will make a recommendation to the CBS President, who will make the final decision as to which applicants will be offered a scholarship.

Applicants who are offered a scholarship will be notified of this by 1 March at the latest via Admission Flow. If you are offered a scholarship, you have until 15 March 12 noon to accept the scholarship.


Since 2000 CBS has been accredited by EQUIS, and since 2007 also by AMBA. August 1st 2011 CBS received accreditation by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) as the first school in Scandinavia. CBS has thus acquired 'The Triple Crown', an acknowledgement only shared by around 50 business schools worldwide. These schools all belong the the absolute top business schools and include schools such as INSEAD, London Business School, IMD, and Rotterdam School of Management.

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