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Telecommunication Engineering

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 4.1k / Academic year(s) Foreign:$ 6.62k / Academic year(s) Deadline: Oct 12, 2022
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The master's degree in TelecommunicationEngineering is professionally orientated and entitles the holder to practise the profession of Telecommunication Engineer, as established by the Ministry in order number CIN/355/2009 of 9 February (Official State Gazette of 20 February).

Career options

Telecommunication engineers practise their profession mainly in the following areas:

* Management, planning and operation of telecommunication networks and services,
* Design, operation and management of information services (providers of services and applications, internet, intranet),
* Design of telecommunication and positioning equipment,
* Telecommunication infrastructure, construction or deployment of telecommunication networks (cable, fibre, radio),
* Electronic engineering,
* Telematic engineering,
* Software engineering,
* Control of systems and processes,
* Industrial Automation,
* Production of audiovisual content,
* Management, planning and operation in areas not specified above (Human Resources, financial management, etc.),
* Consultancies (technology, strategies, etc.),
* Teaching,
* Research.

Teaching timetable

Onsite classes for UAB official master¿s degrees usually take place in the afternoons, from 15.00 onwards, Monday to Friday. Depending on the semester, there may be classes every day or only some days of the week. As far as possible they are scheduled on two or three days a week

The syllabus of the Master's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, geared towards professional practice, will comprise 90 credits (30 + 30 +30) to be taken over 3 semesters. During the first academic year (2 semesters), students must take the 60 compulsory ECTS (10 modules), while in the final semester they must take the 18 optional ECTS, and write the master's dissertation, which counts for 12 compulsory ECTS.

Study plan structure
Type /Credits

* Compulsory / 60
* Optional / 18
* Master's dissertation / 12

TOTAL - 90


In order to take this master'sdegree candidates must have a background in technological or experimental sciences, especially telecommunications, and level B1 in English, according to the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Languages).

Access to this master's degree is open to holders of an official bachelor's degree from a Spanish university or from another higher education institution within or outside the European Higher Education Area, provided this gives access to postgraduate studies in the country of issue.Admission requirementsAccess to this Master'sDegree in TelecommunicationEngineeringshall be administered under the conditions laid out in Ministerial Order CIN/355/2009: * Access to the master'sdegree that allows entry into the profession of Telecommunication Engineer shall be granted to those who have previously acquired the skills stipulated in section 3 of the Ministerial Order that establishes the requisites for verifying official university qualifications that allow entry into the profession of Technical Telecommunication Engineer and the training required by section 5 of the Ministerial Order. * Furthermore, access to the master'sdegree shall be granted when the candidate's bachelor's degree includes the basic training module and the common branch module, even if a complete block of the specific technology module is not covered, and when 48 credits of those offered in all blocks of this module of a degree that qualifies the holder as a Technical Telecommunication Engineer, in accordance with the aforementioned Ministerial Order. * Access to this master'sdegree is also open to those in possession of any bachelor's degree in engineering, though in this case bridging courses may have to be taken previously. * Another requisite is to provide documentary proof of having a sufficient level of English. This is level B1, according to the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Modern Languages
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