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Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 8.5 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jan 1, 2025
StudyQA ranking:5744 Duration:2 years

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Master's Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management is not only about making money; we aim to make tourism better. Better for tourism businesses, better for tourists, better for environment and better for local communities. Thsi is what we teach our students and this is what the students can do when they have finished our degree programme. 

Our students are problem solvers who enjoy challenges and want to see the effects of their work. They are critical thinkers who can identify and tackle complex problems in the field of tourism. They are creative, service oriented, quality conscious and hard working.  

We provide students comprehensive knowledge on how to manage and market tourism businesses and destinations in modern, global tourism field. Our program is not the easiest there is, but there are not many like it in the world. We focus on understanding the customer, on creating value for all people and organizations involved in tourism, on small and medium-sized enterprises, and on wellbeing of tourists, nature, businesses and local people. We do this with the latest academic knowledge combined with real life business challenges. 

Structure of the degree

Advanced level studies in Tourism Marketing and Management 80 ECTS

  • Courses in Major 40 ECTS
  • Master’s Thesis and Seminar 40  op

Other Studies 40 ECTS


xxxxxxx       Tourism Marketing and Management (80 ECTS)

Students admitted to the international master’s degree program in Tourism Marketing and Management must conduct 80 ECTS advanced-level studies in major.

Courses in Major (at least 40 ECTS): 
xxxxxxx       Master’s Thesis, Tourism Marketing and Management 30 ECTS

xxxxxxx       Master’s Thesis Seminar in Tourism Marketing and Management 10 ECTS

Compulsory courses (40 ECTS):

xxxxxxx       Tourist Behavior 6 ECTS

5211325       Destination Marketing 6 ECTS

xxxxxxx       Destination Management 6 ECTS

5211326       Experience Design 6 ECTS

xxxxxxx       Information Technology in Tourism Business 6 ECTS

xxxxxxx       Current Research in Tourism 5 ECTS

xxxxxxx       Practical tourism research 5 ECTS

If you choose more courses in your major, you may reduce the number of ECTS credits in other studies accordingly.

Other Studies 40 ECTS:

Compulsory courses:

xxxxxxx       Introduction to Tourism Marketing and Management 1 ECTS

xxxxxxx       Introduction to Tourism Studies 5 ECTS or 5211214 Service Marketing 6 ECTS

xxxxxxx       Personal Study Plan 1 ECTS

xxxxxxx       Tourism Business Case Studies 5 ECTS

For MDP students who do not have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent degree from a Finnish university of applied sciences:

1131003       Orientation for International Students 1 ECTS

8031003       University Study Skills 1 ECTS

8031004       University Computing Skills Lectures 1 ECTS

8031005       University Computing Skills Exercises 1 ECTS

8020300       Information skills and sources in Social Sciences for International Studies 1 ECTS

We are looking students who are passionate about developing tourism both as a livelihood as well as an phenomenon affecting our whole planet. We welcome applications from persons who hold a Bachelor's degree in either business or tourism or who have at least 60 ECTS credits of studies in the aforementioned topics. Our applications period is always at the end of the year and studies start in September. 

The scholarship is applied for when applying for admission to the university by filling out the relevant section of the application form. The decision about the scholarship is made in connection with student admission, and the student is notified of the matter in the letter of acceptance.

The scholarship is awarded on the basis of the student's academic achievements described in the admission criteria. The scholarship is personal and it is awarded for two academic years.

The scholarship exempts the student from the tuition fee either in full (100%) or partially (80%). In this programme, scholarships are available to 50% of students who are accepted to the programme and required to pay tution. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the university and possible scholarship by 31 March 2017 at the latest. Students who are awarded a scholarship are required to sign and return a scholarship payment form to the programme coordinator before the payment of the scholarship can begin.

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