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    July 8th



    Creative industries need scholars and professionals who can use interdisciplinary thinking skills to develop new approaches to the utilization of display technologies and digital products. All over the world, there is an expanding need for experts who can creatively manage the convergence of different communication platforms, who can analyze, anticipate and address the changing needs and expectations of individuals (as consumers or as citizens).

    More so than in the past, creative industries in todays world comprise increasingly complex components and processes in terms of form, function, material and production. Consequently, it is becoming more important to acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of new concepts of the 21st century, such as interaction design, experience design, and service design.

    This new interdisciplinary field- which combines applied design, social and behavioral sciences, computation, and experimental design- requires an extensive understanding of human cognition, emotions, and perceptions, of motor systems, informatics, history and philosophy of science, technology, and information. Therefore, close collaboration between design, computer engineering, psychology, sociology, history, and media studies is imperative.

    Based on the above, this graduate program aims to provide students with an opportunity to acquire applied, theoretical, and critical understanding of interactive communication, experience design and service design and develop as researchers and/or practitioners. The Design, Technology, and Society graduate program offers students the options of completing the program with a graduation project (MDes Degree), a masters thesis (MA Degree), or a doctoral thesis (PhD degree).

    The PhD program consists of 7 credit courses (3 required and 4 elective) and 4 non-credit courses (as well as one seminar, a qualifying exam, research proposal and doctoral thesis), amounting to a minimum of 21 credits total. For students accepted with a B.A. degree, the PhD program consists of 14 credit courses (6 required and 8 elective) and 3 non-credit courses (proficiency test, disquisition proposal, and disquisition), amounting to a minimum of 42 credits total.


    1. Semester
    * PSYC 630 Research Practicium (3)
    * SOCI 502 Communication and Information Sociology (3)
    * Elective 1 (3)
    * Elective 3 (3)

    Total credit: ( 12 )

    2. Semester

    * MAVA 547 Usability Measurement Methods (3)
    * Elective 4 (3)
    * Elective 5 (3)

    Total credit: ( 9 )

    3. Semester

    * TTTD 600 Thesis (0)
    * TTTM 601 Seminar (0)

    4-8. Semester

    * TTTM 600 Thesis (0)

    General Credit Total : 21

    PhD Schedule (for students with B.A. degree):
    1. Semester

    * MAVA 514 Design Thinking for Interactivity (3)
    * PSYC/INTL 501 Research Methods (3)
    * Elective 1 (3)
    * Elective 2 (3)

    Total credit (12)

    2. Semester

    * MAVA 544 Media and Visual Arts Project (3)
    * Elective 3 (3)
    * Elective 4 (3)
    * Elective 5 (3)

    Total credit (12)

    3. Semester

    * PSYC 630 Research Practices (3)
    * SOCI 502 Communication and Information Sociology (3)
    * Elective 6 (3)

    Total credit: (9)


    * MAVA 547 Usability Measurement Methods (3)
    * Elective 7 (3)
    * Elective 8 (3)

    Total credit: ( 9 )

    5. Semester

    * TTTD 600 Thesis (0)
    * TTTM 601 Seminar (0)


    * TTTM 600 Disquisition (0)

    General Credit Total : 42

    University requirements

    General Requirements

    The criteria outlined below are determined by the Higher Education Council of Turkey.

    Students who are in their senior year at high school or who graduated from high school and who satisfy at least one of the below criteria may apply as international students.

    • Students with foreign nationality,
    • Students who were Turkish citizens by birth but ceased to be a citizen by the courtesy of the Ministry of Interior (applicant has to certify that he/she holds the official document regarding the use of rights granted by Turkish Citizenship Law),
    • Students who were registered as minors on the document stating that the parent has ceased to be a Turkish citizen as explained above (applicant has to certify that he/she holds the official document regarding the use of rights granted by Turkish Citizenship Law),
    • Foreign nationals who have taken Turkish citizenship / dual citizens within this context,
    • Turkish citizens who began high school before 1 Feb 2013 abroad and who completed the last 3 years of high school education abroad (except in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – TRNC),
    • Turkish citizens who began high school after 1 Feb 2013 abroad and who completed the entire high school education abroad (except in TRNC),
    • Turkish citizens who completed the entire high school education abroad (except in TRNC) in one of the Turkish schools recognized by the Ministry of Education,
    • TRNC citizens who reside in TRNC and who completed their high school education in TRNC and who have taken the GCE AL exam,
    • TRNC citizens who enrolled in high schools abroad (except in Turkey and in TRNC) between 2005-2010 and who have taken/will take the GCE AL exam.

      Undergraduate Programs offered and English Preparatory Year admission

    • International students can apply directly to undergraduate programs offered at Koç University OR be admitted into our English Language Center (ELC) preparatory year.


    • Since English is the language of instruction at Koç University, it is essential that you demonstrate competence in the language:

    • Students who submit a valid English Proficiency Exam Result will be exempted from the English Language Center and will directly begin their undergraduate courses. Please note below the minimum scores required:
    • o   TOEFL: IBT 80 WRT 20 / CBT 213 / PBT: 550   TWE: 4

      o   YDS: 80 (Yabancı Dil Sınavı – mostly for Turkish applicants)

    • Students who don’t satisfy the minimum English proficiency required (as detailed above) but are deemed academically fit may be offered admission into our ELC 1 year program. 
    • Please note:  it is not sufficient to have proficiency in English. International students are also required to satisfy the minimum acceptable scores or diploma grades in the exams or diplomas listed in Acceptable Exams and Diplomas and Minimum Eligibility Scores and Gradessection.



    Program requirements


    Please carefully read the program website for announcements and information about ongoing projects. * Contact the coordinator (or one of the coordinators) of the project(s) in which you are interested or the faculty members of the program with whom you would like to study by June 8, 2013.
    * Send your CV, Web portfolio, ALES/GRE, TOEFL/ ÜDS/ KPDS/ IELT and GPA scores. (Please note that the proposal evaluation takes approximately 2 months. Please start your process as early as possible!)
    * If the project coordinator or faculty member accepts you as a potential applicant, he/she will approve preparation of your research proposal.

    Following approval, in accordance with the rules found under the link research proposal instruction, develop your proposal under the supervision of the project coordinator or the faculty member. Developing you proposal will take at least two months.

    * Submit your research proposal to to check its originality.
    * Receive your approval document from the project coordinator/ faculty member, stating that your final research proposal is appropriate.

    Following approval, please submit the documents listed below until July 8, 2013;

    * Research proposal document (Word and PDF format)
    * Research proposal approval from project coordinator/ faculty member (PDF format)
    * Originality check document of research proposal from turnitin.com
    * CV and portfolio web link
    * Official Transcript ( min. 3.00/4.00 GPA)
    * ALES (min. 70 equally weighted); or GRE for non-Turkish citizens (min. 685/154).
    * 2 Letters of Recommendation

    English Language Requirements

    IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 80


    Financial AidKoc University graduate programs with thesis (MA with Thesis and Ph.D.) admit students with full tuition waiver; admitted students do not pay tuition.
    Information on the tuition fee and Financial support to MA programs without Thesis can be found in each program's web page.

    All admitted MA and Ph.D. students also receive the following benefits:

    * Office space and laptop.
    * Free housing nearby campus.
    * Private health insurance.
    * Coverage of expenses to participate in scientific conferences.
    * Extra trainings (e.g., international summer schools) to contribute to students career success.
    * Contribution towards thesis-related expenses.
    * Summer internship programs overseas.
    * Student Exchange possibilities with foreign universities

    In addition to tuition waiver and above benefits, we also offer monthly stipend to the majority of our students in the "MA with Thesis" and PhD Programs.

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