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Decision of Establishment

Selcuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation decided to establish Yaşar University in 1999. Yaşar Group of Companies, known for their contribution and leadership in the Turkish economy, wished to establish a contemporary university.

Establishment Law and Campus

Turkish National Assembly passed Law number 4633 on March 29, 2001 with which the university was born. Education started within its Alsancak premises in the academic year of 2002-2003.

Strategic Orientation

A study group defined Yaşar University 's vision and mission. Accordingly the university will merge technology and science, will emphasize technology and integrate to the global education system. The study group decided a road map, according to which new departments, needs and tendencies of the society were assessed. These represent the action plan of the university

Selcuk Yasar Campus has studios, workplaces, laboratories specially for each department besides the classrooms furnished with high technology. The student clubs founded by the students are active in the fields of culture, art and sports so that students can put their free time to good use with socio-economic activities.

Our campus is an academic area operating international standards in terms of providing students with a natural environment and physical space. In order to provide the physically disabled students with an environment in which they can move easily, there are elevators and ramp mechanisms on campus. It is forbidden to smoke in both the open and indoor places on the whole of the campus. Selcuk Yasar Campus is the first campus in Turkey to enact this rule. The campus carries values of an academic environment applying international standards which are the requirements of civilization.


Students are able to improve themselves socially with the alternative events within or outside the school. Yaşar University hosts both international and national organizations and events with the contribution of native and non-native academicians. All faculties organize conferences, symposiums, seminars, panel discussions, exhibitions, concerts and talks with the participation of world- wide known professionals.


Yaşar University Student Clubs help students to contribute to a social environment while they are enjoying their hobbies. These clubs are active during the academic year. Their aim is to enrich the students, who are getting ready for their professional lives, academically and personally. Education at Yaşar University is based on art and productivity. Thus, students become environmentally and communally conscious, creative and intellectual with the help of these clubs. Before graduating from the university, students become experienced researchers. Students are supported with a great variety of social club activities. There are many social clubs related to the student's professional and private needs. More clubs can be established upon students' request.

Health Service

Health services in our university are carried out under the supervision of the Health, Culture and Sports Directorship. There is a doctor on site available during working hours.

If an academic and administrative staff person has a health related concern they can apply to the Health Centre with the appropriate examination application form and health card and be examined. These forms can be obtained from the head of the department and then an appropriate course of referral or treatment will be given. Personnel with SSK may fill their prescriptions with an %80 reduction in the cost of the prescription.

Our university students can also benefit from examinations and emergency help without payment. Students with private health insurance policies can fill their prescriptions from the pharmacies covered by their policy. For emergency cases, appropriate first aid will be administered and transportation to a hospital may be arranged if necessary.

Psychologial Counselling and Guidance Service

The Psychological Counseling Center provides a variety of services to help students address the challenges and difficulties they face. Students sometimes encounter difficulties which challenge their coping and undermine success in their academic and personal lives. They may need a professional help. These services are designed to help students understand themselves better, create and maintain satisfying relationships, improve their academic performance, and make healthy and satisfying career and life choices. The Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center provide a range of services related to the challenges of student life as well as personal transition and growth.

Sporting Service

Students Clubs

  • Quality English medium teaching
  • Tuition given by leading Turkish and international academic staff
  • A range of elective courses all with European transferrable credits (ECTS)
  • Second language option and Turkish support classes
  • An English prep year for students needing to reach the language level for faculty
  • Scholarships offered to international students
  • Monthly concerts, including the university's own Chamber Orchestra
  • A full range of student clubs and social responsibility projects
  • A purpose built campus with IT, library and sport facilities, open 24/7
  • New halls of residence with places guaranteed to all first year international students
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Study programs at Yasar University :
Form of education:On campus Languages: Turkish
Local:$ 2.63k / Year Foreign:$ 2.63k / Year
  StudyQA ranking: 929
Form of education:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 2.63k / Year Foreign:$ 2.63k / Year
  StudyQA ranking: 663
Form of education:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 10.5k / Year Foreign:$ 10.5k / Year
  StudyQA ranking: 808
Form of education:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 10.5k / Year Foreign:$ 10.5k / Year
  StudyQA ranking: 722
Form of education:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 10.5k / Year Foreign:$ 10.5k / Year
  StudyQA ranking: 559
Form of education:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 10.5k / Year Foreign:$ 10.5k / Year
  StudyQA ranking: 763
Form of education:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 10.5k / Year Foreign:$ 10.5k / Year
  StudyQA ranking: 935