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Business Administration

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Yasar University’s Business Administration PhD program is designed to convey contemporary business applications and theoretical approaches that provide a basis for these applications to our students and lead them to conduct research and contribute to national and international business world and academic literature.

The program is comprised of compulsory and selective courses which enable our students to specialize in specific fields. Courses offered in various specialty fields motivate our students to do inter-disciplinary research.

There are three areas of specialization for Business Administration PhD program:

  • Accounting-Finance
  • Management- Organization
  • Production, Marketing and Logistics
  • The language of the PhD in Business Administration Program is Turkish


    The program is composed in two ways:

  • For those who are accepted with bachelor degree “Integrated PhD Program”
  • For those who are accepted with Master of Science degree “PhD Program”
  • Students accepted for “Integrated PhD Program” are required to fulfill 7 main compulsory courses (21 credit-hours), 6 field compulsory courses (20 credit-hours) and 12 credit-hours of selective courses. Students succeed in proficiency exam should write a PhD thesis.

    Students accepted for “PhD Program”, should fulfill 23 credit-hours courses. Students succeed in proficiency exam should write a PhD thesis.

    Our students also have the chance to take advantage of ERASMUS exchange program and study for one semester in one of the European countries.

    Head of Business Administration Department is Cagri BULUT, Ph.D.

    Terms regarding duration in PhD. program are as follows:

    a) Allowed completion duration for PhD. programs are maximum 8 (eight) semesters for master degree holders and 10 (ten) semesters for bachelor degree holders.

    b) Allowed completion duration for fulfilling required courses are maximum 4 (four) semesters for master degree holders and 6 (six) semesters for bachelor degree holders. Those who can not fulfill the required courses within this period or can not achieve a GPA of 3.00 are expelled.

    c) Required that they fulfill required courses, succeed in proficiency exam and have their thesis proposal accepted, master degree holders who can’t complete their thesis by the end of 8 (eight) semesters and bachelor degree holders who can’t complete their thesis by the end of 10 (ten) semesters are given up to 4 (four) semesters extra time upon the recommendation of the respective department and the confirmation of the Institute Management Board.


    Student acceptance requirements for PhD Program are stated in Yasar Universitys Graduate Education, Instruction and Examination Regulations, article 4/b, 5, 6 and 7.

    Conditions and requirements for PhD. Application:

    1) Master of Science / Bachelor diploma
    2) Proof of adequate knowledge of the English language (ÜDS min. 55)
    3) Master of Science / Bachelor transcript and grade point average
    4) To submit graduate examination score of ALES (Min. 55 for those who applied with Master of Science degree; Min. 70 for those who applied with Bachelor degree).


    Students are welcome to apply for a scholarship in the Graduate School. Application requirements are listed below:

    a- Applicants must have completed an undergraduate degree program with CGPO no less than 2.5/4 or 75/100.

    b- Applicants must have a score no less than 75 in the Graduate Study Admission Examination (ALES) (or no less than 65 in the previous form of the exam, i.e. LES).

    c- Scholarship candidates are required to accomplish an extra written examination unlike other students. The purpose of this exam is to assess students’ background and competencies in the applied area.

    d- Depending on the established scholarship quotas in related programs, candidates might be eligible for full (100%) or half (50%) scholarship, according to their exam result and based on the School Committee’s decision.

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