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Ozyegin University

Istanbul, Turkey
Website: Founded: 2007 year Type of University:Private 601–800 place StudyQA ranking: 3486 pts. No. Students: 15700 No. Staff: 976 Languages: Turkish Phone: +9002165649000 Fax: +9002165649999
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Özyeğin University’s mission is to create, share, and apply knowledge in the service of society. Our applied research agenda creates useful knowledge. We share our knowledge through our educational programs which transform the lives of our students. Application of this knowledge generates economic benefits to the society through start-up and spin-out companies, and through improved efficiency and productivity for existing companies.


We are a financially accessible and entrepreneurial research university.  In all of our programs, we aspire to be recognized nationally and internationally as one of the top ten in Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and one of the world’s 200 best.  Our graduates will be known for making an immediate difference for their employers. 

Basic Values

The leading values of Özyeğin University are freedom, flexibility, multidimensionality and accessibility. 

The university will be an advocate of academic freedom and institutional autonomy.

The university will provide extensive flexibility to students, staff members and the institutions with which it cooperates. With characteristics such as flexible structures, dynamic programs and freedom in the choice of courses, the university shall provide its students and researchers with the possibility to adapt to rapidly changing business life as well as education and research opportunities which can be customized in accordance with individual differences.

The university will adopt a multidimensional approach which will offer different possibilities and characteristics, and develop an environment including different cultures and points of view. The university will evolve in an environment of diversity providing different opportunities for intercultural exchange, and supporting creativity, learning and discovery. In this context, great importance will be attached to international exchange programs for students and professors andinternational academic cooperation.

With an effective operation and financial support model, the university will be financially accessible to students from various segments of Turkey and the region. Thanks to an effective scholarship system, the university will provide opportunities for brilliant and successful students whose resources are limited; in addition to this, within the framework of an innovative credit system, it will create opportunities for the students who are willing to undertake financial responsibility for their studies.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Özyeğin University hires academic and administrative staff and admits students regardless of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity in the administration of its educational and employment policies, its scholarship conferment, or any university-sponsored programs. 

  • Law

    During the freshman year, students are introduced to the study of law through the basic courses such as Introduction to Law, Constitutional Law, Civil Law and Roman Law. These courses provide an in-depth understanding of the concepts such as rule of law, code of conduct, justice, order and sanction. The fundamentals of dogmatic law are covered. Students are also introduced to Private Law and Public Law through the Civil Law and Constitutional Law courses. 

    During the sophomore year, students are acquainted with professional and technical law through the courses on Criminal Law, Law of Obligations, Administrative Law, and Public International Law. Blending theory and practice together, these courses offer students an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. Thus students gain a holistic understanding of the laws in force and their execution. 

    During the junior year, students are offered courses on Special Provisions of Criminal Law, Special Provisions of Law of Obligations, Property Law, Law of Civil Procedure, Commercial Law, General Public Law, Philosophy of Law, and Sociology. The junior year courses prepare students to their future tracks in which they will specialize. Students are also offered courses on how to start and manage a business during their junior year. 

    The senior year curriculum is comprised of the Criminal Procedure Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Maritime Commercial Law, Private International Law, Law of Inheritance, Labor and Social Security Law courses. With the senior year curriculum, students complete the basic courses on Private Law and Public Law.

  • Business

    The Özyeğin University Faculty of Business takes pride in its advanced qualities and capabilities that are sine-qua-non for a good research university. Our faculty is honored with its distinguished faculty members that are renowned for their academic studies published in the most prestigious journals in the fields of economics and business. Our aim is to make both theoretical and practical contributions to universal know-how through our academic efforts. The research centers founded under the roof of our school conduct and implement such studies in close collaboration with our industry partners. Our faculty members, each with in-depth expertise and experience in their respective domains, help shape the future of the business and economics education worldwide through their productivity. Our faculty members deliver their vast know-how and experience to our students through our six undergraduate programs. As Özyeğin University School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, we offer the following undergraduate programs:

    Business Administration

    International Business and Trade

    Banking and Finance



    Management Information Sciences

    International Relations

    Our programs are designed in close collaboration with the prominent industry leaders and experts based on the needs of the respective industries. Our aim is to prepare well-educated, self-confident graduates who will satisfy the recruitment needs in the fields of economics and business administration worldwide and who will make significant contributions to their employers from the first day on during their internships or part-time employments while they still pursue their education. Our students will be provided with a distinguished education that is integrated with the industries through our internship and certificate programs, sectoral solutions courses as well as our professional development office.

  • Architecture and Design

    Ozyegin University Faculty of Architecture and Design was established in May 2012 with the Department of Architecture which had first 60 students in 2012-2013 Academic year.

    The priority of Faculty of Architecture & Design in education, research and implementation; is focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation that are based on the axis of design within the context of sustainable and interaction design to conserve the local and global resources.

  • Engineering

    Our mission is to produce engineers who can start, develop for, or lead global high-tech businesses, or successfully continue on to graduate education. Engineers expand the boundaries of reachable for humanity and create new and better lifestyles. Achieving these requires a high-quality education and skills to apply it to real-life problems. OzU engineering students are expected to build a strong foundation and a wide knowledge of engineering through our modern technology curriculum. They gain expertise with intense laboratory work. They obtain a keen awareness of the trends and needs of local and global businesses through close interaction with the industry. Thriving young engineering students participate in the research and engineering activities of the OzU faculty from day one. Through our sectoral solutions, guided internships and directed project programs, they develop a thorough understanding of the business aspects of engineering. We target our graduates to be the most sought after members of society and role-models for the engineering generations to follow them.

    Our education and research activities are open to leaders in industry and society in general through our life-long education programs and industry collaboration and technology transfers activities. These interactions are in the foundations of our growth and recruitment plans for sustained excellence in research and education.

  • Social Sciences

    Faculty of Social Sciences at Ozyegin University, with its Psychology, International Relations Programs and elective courses open to all students, helps students to gain scientific skills, research culture and application talents. Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences attend lectures supported with modern education technologies and applications; contribute to research projects; conduct internships and graduate with the skill of applying their scientific knowledge to real life problems.
    Our Psychology program brings up researchers that can scientifically understand and judge human and group behaviour with underlying mechanisms in several fields and/or applicational psychologists that can work in fields such as clinical and organizational.

    Our International Relations program brings up graduates who have the ability to conduct projects in national and international politics in globalizing world, who can be employed as academic, diplomat, journalist or bureaucrat or work in several positions in private and non-governmental sectors.

Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Foundation began its efforts to found Özyeğin University in the autumn of 2005.

The foundation of Özyeğin University entailed a comprehensive study that involved more than 500 persons including businessmen, faculty members, as well as university and high school students in addition to a study entitled "Developing Sectors and Professions in Turkey and in the World". Taking the results of these studies as a baseline, the core values and vision of the university are discussed and identified in collaboration with all stakeholders in line with the design efforts carried out by ARAMA 

Participating Management Consultancy. As such Özyeğin University started to shape its vision through a series of workshops held with more than 300 participants including businessmen, faculty members, university students and new graduates.

Özyeğin University was officially founded  on  May 18, 2007 pursuant to Law No: 5656 published in the Official Gazette No: 26526 with the mission of  contributing to social development by producing creative, original and applicable knowledge through its modern education system, its innovative structure integrated with life and its academic programs focused on the service sector.

Özyeğin University, thus, welcomed its first students on its Altunizade Camps in September 2008 and opened the doors of its Çekmeköy Campus in September 2011. Thus the university has increased the total area of its campuses to 136 thousand m2. Özyeğin University also built a strong faculty with distinguished faculty members. 60% of the OzU faculty came from top 100 universities around the world, while 85% came from global top 200 universities.

In 2012, Özyeğin University produced its first cohort of graduates and launched 6 new undergraduate programs including Pilot Training, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Management Information Systems, International Business, Civil Engineering and Architecture in addition to its existing programs in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship,  Banking and Finance, Psychology, Law, Industrial Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Hotel Management and Air Transportation Management.


Life at Ozyegin allows academic activities to coexist with social and sports events integrating in harmony. The university hosts a rich variety of sports activities on its indoor and outdoor sports facilities situated on its both campuses.

The fitness centers  offer a full line of cardiovascular training equipment including treadmills, stationary bicycles, rowers, arc trainers as well as strength and weight training equipment and functional trainers. Sports areas also include recreation rooms with table tennis tables as well as aerobics studios where a wide range of group fitness classes are held. 

The university’s Çekmeköy Campus also accommodates an Athletic Center that blends academic life with sports activities through its  1500 m2 indoor gym with a total capacity of 1200 persons (on a 13.000 m2 estate) offering 3 court alternatives, a 25-meter semi-Olympic swimming pool, as well as a 450 m2 fitness center and studios for aerobics, pilates, squash, kinesis, spinning and dance classes. In addition to all these, Özyeğin University enjoys an large number of students clubs and sports teams that promote students’ social, cultural, artistic and personal development. There are currently 19 student clubs and 12 sports teams on campus.

Situated on our Özyeğin University Çekmeköy Campus, our modern Athletic Center with 13 thousand square meters indoor area offers the following amenities;

A multi-purpose indoor gym with 1.500 audience capacity (Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton),

A semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool with 5 lanes

1  Squash room, billiard room, chess room,

Fitness Center,

3 studios for dance, spinning and Pilates classes

Table Tennis area,

1 Open Tennis Court,

2 Basketball/Volleyball Courts,

1 Large Football Field with Synthetic Turf

Our aim is to offer our students not only  high-caliber academic education, but also encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyle and exercise habits, instill team spirit, develop their self-esteem and equip them with developed athletic skills to empower them to lead a healthy and happy life.
Our 24 athletic teams represent our university in a wide array of public or private competitions, races and organizations at home or abroad.
Furthermore, our Athletic Center also offers optional trainings/courses in various sports branches.  
OzU awards Athletic Scholarships to students with national or international athletic achievements in alignment with their accomplishments in the branches determined each year.
Our athletic amenities extend far beyond our Athletic Center…
We offer Sailing courses in Kalamış, and Horse Riding courses in Çekmeköy, and we plan to organize Rowing-Canoeing courses in Ömerli Dam around Çekmeköy. Furthermore, OzU Athletic Center also prepares university-wide fitness programs as well as personal fitness programs tailored specifically for your needs by our expert trainers. 

On Campus Dining

Özyeğin University offers its students and staff healthy, hygienic and high-quality dining options in a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. Çekmeköy Campus also houses a rich array of cafeterias including Cafekol, Cozy Cafe, Cafe Nero, Harvest Cafe, Kahve Dünyası, Her Zamanki Yer Cafe, Cafe Pele, Yüzevler Kebab and Subway as well as numerous vending machines at the dormitories serving hot and cold beverages and snacks 24/7. Furthermore the campus also has a chain supermarket in the Student Center. Our campus is accessible by public transportation from every corner of the city. In addition, university also provides shuttle service for its staff and students from various points of the city to facilitate an easier access to its premises. 

Bookstore and OzU Store

Our on-campus bookstore is at your service with not only textbooks for our preparatory and undergraduate programs but also English books and stationary. Furthermore, you can also purchase OzU branded merchandise at our on-campus OzU Store. 

Copying & Printing

Our Copy Center offers copying, printing, and binding services on the ground floor of the Student Center for all students and staff every weekday from 08:30 to 17:30. 

On our campus, a Healthcare Center is available which provides outpatient treatment. If deemed necessary, students and employees are referred to hospitals near the university for further examination and tests. 

Çekmeköy Campus:

There are two health centers on our campus that offer outpatient treatment.  The main Health Center is located in the Student Center building and is open from 07:00 to 19:00. The second health center, the infirmary, is located in Dorm 3 and is open from 19:00 to 07:00.

-          There are campus physicians available 24/7 who provide medical examination and treatment as required.

-          There is also a fully-equipped ambulance on site and a team of highly skilled and experienced paramedics who are specialized in emergency care. Our ambulance service is provided by Acıbadem Mobile Health Services.

-          Cases that require additional medical attention  are referred to the nearest hospitals.

-          Our health center can be reached at 9112 (0216 564 9 112).

-          Also, should you be unable to reach our health center by phone, please call our hotline at 9911 (0216 564 9 911).

Personal Accident Insurance

Students are covered by the Group Personal Accident Insurance as per the “General Provisions for Personal Accident Insurance” applicable in Turkey and abroad as well as the special terms and conditions and coverage stated on the insurance policy. Students benefit from the personal accident insurance free of charge. The personal accident insurance is not a private health insurance. This is a system which takes effect in case of any health problems that may arise due to accidents. 


From the very first day they step in Özyeğin University till their graduation, our students are exposed to a rich array of personal development trainings and workshops throughout their studies. Delivered interactively by specialized advisors with in-depth expertise, these trainings aim to provide our students with different skills based on their varying needs and areas of interest.  Some of these trainings are Communication, Values, Time Management /Personal Efficiency, Intercultural Communication, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Change Management, Motivation, and Conflict Resolution.  On top of these general skills trainings,  our Student Development advisors, each specialized in professional, social or sports development, contribute to our students’ holistic development through the special technical trainings they offer in their areas of expertise.

The Office of Student Life Office serves the University’s mission by aiming to support the development and implementation of community life and outreach programs for the students.  The efforts of the office strive to foster a stronger community with greater capabilities.
Support activities for disabled students are carried out under the Student Development Programs as per the Rules and Regulations for Higher Education Institutions on Disabled Counseling and Coordination drafted pursuant to Article 15 of the Law No:5378 on Disabled People and Amendment to Certain Law and Decrees dated as 

The disabled student support activities are conducted based on the principle of equal opportunity in education. The main objectives of the disabled student activities include making the campus life more convenient for disabled students, planning necessary administrative arrangements to foster the education of disabled students, organizing curricula in a way not to obstruct the academic, physical, psychological and social lives of disabled students, contributing to their social and cultural life, encouraging them to benefit from and take part in social activities organized on campus for the purpose of helping  them develop themselves and ensuring that they are subject to fair and right assessment and evaluation.

Emergency Management Policy

The Özyeğin University Emergency Management Policy is prepared to take the right actions in emergency situations to save lives, minimize loss and ensure business continuity for OzU students, staff, visitors and neighbors. As part of its mission and principles, Özyeğin University endeavors to take every necessary action, fulfill the necessary conditions, and provide all necessary means and resources to prevent, be prepared for and recover any emergencies. Furthermore Özyeğin University guarantees to comply with effective laws and legislations for emergencies; and to improve the performance of its emergency management system through regular controls, tests and drills.

Necessary precautions will be planned and implemented by determining all threats that may cause emergency situations, all stages of emergency preparedness (prevention, preparation, intervention and post-emergency) and all parties that might be affected within the scope of our risk management system.

To ensure robustness and swift recovery, preventive actions will be planned for emergency situations that might occur in the future.

As the campus spans across a large area and there are different types of emergencies that can happen, it is seen that a single emergency action plan will not be enough. Therefore, emergency situations will be ranked; and for each ranking, a separate emergency action plan will be put in place. Subcontractors are liable with adhering to the Özyeğin University Emergency Action Plans when preparing their own for their engagements.

All members of the university community as well as any relevant party will be encouraged to contribute to the prevention of emergency situations. To that end, academic and administrative staff and students should review their roles and responsibilities, by taking into account global and technological developments, and let the university know of any need for change in the emergency action plans.

Emergency preparedness requires training and education. Therefore, all stakeholders of Özyeğin University (staff, students, subcontractors, neighbors, visitors, and relevant parties) are duly informed about emergency action plans, as well as where to find and how to use emergency  intervention equipment.

Emergency action scenarios will be created for each emergency ranking; and accordingly the required set of emergency intervention equipment will be determined.

It is regularly checked whether emergency exits, signage, lighting and intervention equipment are available and ready for use.

Furthermore, intervention, evacuation and rescue teams are created and provided with the necessary resources and trainings. In particular, careful attention is paid to meet the needs of groups with special requirements.

In addition, the performance of the emergency management system is analyzed and improved through regular controls, tests and drills.  

The main goal of emergency interventions is to respond and recover an emergency situation with minimal harm to human health and the university.

Therefore, emergency teams formed of students and academic-administrative staff are responsible for providing accurate and timely information and guidance as well as intervention and evacuation, where necessary.

After an emergency situation, all teams must come together to review their performance and look for more effective intervention methods.

Post Emergency Recovery and Communication
Following an emergency situation, it should be endeavored to maintain continuity and sustainability; and provide effective and accurate information at Özyeğin University.

The necessary IT systems and alternative scenarios will be prepared to ensure business continuity.

In addition, effective communication will be reinforced and a trustworthy and supportive environment will be created based on open and honest relations with all institutions and stakeholders.

A communication chain will be created for each emergency ranking in a quest to provide accurate, timely and clear information to all stakeholders.

Monitoring and Improvement of Emergency Management Performance
Özyeğin University develops and monitors performance indicators to keep track of and improve the performance of its emergency management system in order to increase its effectiveness and efficiency in emergency management. To that end, careful attention is paid to select objective and guiding indicators.

Emergency drills test the effectiveness of the emergency action plans to detect any room for improvement and the necessary improvements are then incorporated into the emergency action plans. 

Reviews and Audits
Compliance with the rules in place is systematically reviewed and audited.

Such reviews and audits are conducted by the authorized personnel and the results are objectively recorded and evaluated.

Necessary actions are taken with due diligence to resolve any issues or achieve the set goals following the reviews and audits.

Özyeğin university is a dynamic research university and the research centre hosts many. The number of patents per faculty member and a pioneer in the sample with award-winning articles in international refereed journals.
International programs and strong academic staff

Özyeğin university, which can lead to an improvement of academic publications, awards and faculty members of the patent holder. Economics and administrative sciences, faculty of engineering and the faculty members, 60 percent of the top 100 in the world and 85% came from the top 200 universities. The recent work of faculty members abroad, the rate of those 36%, with a phd from abroad, the ratio of those 73%. Özyeğin university, currently teaches the undergraduate program with a total of 23 faculties and 3 colleges under one roof 5.
Financially accessible university

Özyeğin university for the successful students, regardless of the conditions, should have access to quality education believes that. students in years 5 to £ 200 million of scholarship provided. Registered students, 88% were studying on a scholarship.
“Entrepreneurs” raises

All graduates in the class of özyeğin university and in the real world work experiences to make a difference in winning and hardware and around the institutions where aiming to graduate with the desire and determination. The only “professionals” it's not institutional, social and individual entrepreneurs cultivates.
Özyeğin students with career guidance, a few steps ahead

Özyeğin university's innovative educational model, students preparing for business life is very good. Ozu students to work while studying in the summer to do an internship and they begin to shape their careers. Companies establishing their first entrepreneurial students; career counseling from the professional development team can receive.
cooperation with universities from 32 countries, more than 90

Özyeğin university, the united states, canada, australia and many european universities also have cooperation with institutions from 32 countries to over 90.
The champion of turkey in sport

22 özyeğin university sports team, taking over 100 trophies and medals for a total of 9 completed by the 2013-2014 academic year. Students enrolled in undergraduate programs, the national university sports federation athlete and popular olympic sport club and the sportsmanship that is provided on an athletic scholarship for those who continue in the competition actively.
13.000 m2 fitness centre

The çekmeköy campus of 1,200 spectators at the sports center with a capacity of 1.500 m2 of indoor sports hall, a semi-olympic swimming pool and a fitness room offers 450 m2 özyeğin students actively involved with life.
Brand new, equipped, and green campus

Özyeğin university çekmeköy campus green, an area of 220 thousand square meters of total students in preparing for life. Cambridge and princeton architectural essence of their designs, drawn by the world's leading building firm çekmeköy campus, the campus carries the distinction of being turkey's first leed certificate.
about 1,850 persons, dorms temperature at home

about 1,850 person dormitory building, offers students the way they would feel in their own homes. Dormitories, 1 - 4 people-room options, free laundry facilities, study lounges, recreation, and a guest room, tv lounge, cafeteria and infirmary. Camera system, central heating, constant hot water, security, ambulance service, and other facilities that also provide wireless internet access in the country.
Social facilities, and student clubs

Living at özyeğin academic activities of social and sporting activities together with allows you to take leave from each other with sharp lines. Located on campus, students can perform various sporting activities in the fields of outdoor and indoor sports. Students of özyeğin university
social, cultural, artistic and personal development of their student club 42 and 22, which helps a sports team.

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