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Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Local:$ 7 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 7 k / Year(s) Deadline: Jun 30, 2024
601–800 place StudyQA ranking:6792 Duration:45 months

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At OzU Graduate School of Business, we are committed to producing high impact, leading, and relevant research within and across the business disciplines. Training the next generation researchers, our PhD program focuses on Finance, Marketing, as well as Operations Management.
We offer a research environment that cultivates the curiosity and interest of candidates and help them prosper intellectually and academically. In this environment, candidates find the opportunity to build a strong foundation; develop the capability and expertise to carry out rigorous research; become recognized scholars in their scientific community; and have an impact on the local and global business settings. We prepare candidates for successful careers in academia as outstanding researchers and teachers.


The PhD Program at OzU Graduate School of Business is a full-time program and requires devotion of the entire student time and energy. It requires a minimum of 4 (5) years to complete for students with MSc (BSc) degrees.
The first two years of the program is mainly dedicated to coursework followed by two years of dissertation study. Simultaneous to the course work, according to their interests and objectives, candidates interact with faculty members and get involved in research activities to start building up their research skills. Faculty members work very closely with the doctoral students in a mentorship or tutorship model.

Program Requirements Foundation Courses: All students irrespective of their fields of study take some core courses to increase their intellectual breadth from areas such as economics, statistics, social sciences, and a research methods course.
General Business Courses: Students without a business background also take courses to build basic knowledge in business areas such as strategy, organizational behavior, finance, marketing, and operations. Typically, these are fulfilled through MBA classes.
Area Courses: Each area determines core and elective courses that the students take based on their research interests. Core courses primarily involve theoretical foundations of the chosen field and the associated analytical tools and methods.
Research Paper: In their second year, students work on a research paper, to provide some contribution to their field of study. This can typically be a survey paper, a conceptual paper, or some extension of a previous work possibly carried out by the student´s advisor or another faculty member. The paper is completed before the end of the second year and presented at a faculty seminar and submitted to a conference. Qualifier and Thesis Proposal: In the summer term between the second and the third years, students take a qualifying exam. Those who qualify to proceed in the program start working on their dissertation proposals which they propose to a jury of three to five faculty members (with at least one member from another university) in their fifth semester. Dissertation: Upon the approval of their proposal, students continue working on their research to further develop their independent research skills. This is achieved under the supervision and guidance of their doctoral advisors. Students make their dissertation defense at the end of the forth year to a jury of five faculty members (at least three members of this jury are the same as the proposal jury and at least one member is from another university).


* Application form
* Official transcripts from universities previously attended.
* GRE/GMAT exam scores: Applicants should provide official copies of test scores on either the GRE or GMAT exams with the specified expiration times calculated based on the time of application.
* Proof of proficiency in English:
English proficiency may be proven through one of the following options. Candidates that have completed their previous undergraduate or graduate education overseas in universities with an official language in English may be exempt from this requirement.
* Two letters of reference
* Resume
* Letter of intent

Please check the web site for more information.

English Language Requirements

IELTS band: 7.5 TOEFL iBT® test: 100


Please check the web site for more details.

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