Hong Kong Baptist University
  • No. Students: 9291
  • Frgn. Students: 2720
  • No. Staff: 831
  • Study mode: 4 On campus
  • Languages of instruction: English, Chinese
  • Phone:
  • 85234117400
  • Fax:
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Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is a publicly funded tertiary institution with a Christian education heritage.

It was established as Hong Kong Baptist College with the support of American Baptists, who provided both operating and construction funds and personnel to the school in its early years.

It became Hong Kong Baptist University in 1994 during the presidency of Dr. Daniel Tse Chi-wai, LLD, GBS, CBE, JP, who succeeded the Founding President, Dr. Lam Chi-fung, as the second president of the University in 1971. After 30 years of services to the University, Dr. Daniel Tse Chi-wai retired in 2001 and Prof. Ng Ching-fai, GBS, was appointed as the third president of the University. In 2010, Prof. Albert Chan Sun-chi assumed office as the fourth president of HKBU.

HKBU has five main campuses: Ho Sin Hang Campus (1966), Shaw Campus (1995), Baptist University Road Campus (1998), "Kai Tak Campus" (2005), and Shek Mun Campus (2006) for the College of International Education and the Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School. The first three campuses are located in the urban heart of Kowloon Tong, while the Kai Tak Campus is on Kwun Tong Road and the Shek Mun Campus in Sha Tin.

In 2005, the University established the Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) in Zhuhai, China. The College was the first tertiary education institution founded through collaboration between a Mainland university and a Hong Kong university. It sets a new model for liberal education in China, aiming to nurture graduates with an international perspective.



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  • Faculty of Social Sciences

In 1956, Hong Kong Baptist College was founded by the Baptist Convention of Hong Kong as a post-secondary college committed to the provision of whole person education.  In 1983, Hong Kong Baptist College became a fully-funded public tertiary institution. It gained university status in 1994 and was renamed Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).

  1. Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma/ Diploma final year students or graduates and Degree holder may apply for Year 1 or Year 3 entry, depending on the depth and relevancy of the subjects and the programme in which they are enrolled.
  2. Transfer students who have completed at least one year of study of a 3-year degree programme or two years of study of a 4-year degree programme may apply for Year 1 or Year 3 entry. Transfer students studying the first year of a 4-year degree programme are eligible to apply for Year 1 entry only.
  3. The University reserves the right to admit applicants to the appropriate year of entry.
  4. Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma/ Diploma non-final year students are eligible to apply for Year 1 entry only.
  5. Individual applicants will be considered by the University regarding their academic qualifications and non-academic achievements on a case-by-case basis. A small number of applicants may be considered for admission to Year 2 depending on vacancies arising from attrition of individual programmes.

To help students immerse themselves in University life, we offer a range of student accommodation.

  • Undergraduate Halls
  • Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House. To support our guests' mission of exchange activities, we provide our hospitality services to enhance guests' every aspect of stay. Situated in a scenic spot on the University's campus, our guestrooms with stylish and homey interiors are the ideal places to relax at the end of guests' busy activity day. Our dedicated and caring staff embraces the guests as our own and attends to their every need. To satisfy the dining need of our guests, our Mediterranean-styled restaurant takes great care in providing fresh and quality delicacies. With our cordial, attentive and sincere hospitality service, we are indeed guests' home away from home.
  • Off-campus Student Residence. Apart from the accommodations provided by the University, students may choose to rent private properties from the properties markets. The most effective way to locate suitable rental properties is to visit property agents. Student may need to enter into a tenancy agreement with the private property owner if he/she decides to rent a flat.

East-West Encounters

The “East-West Encounters” Programme aims to orientate newly arrived international exchange students and to foster cross-cultural exchanges between local and non-local students at HKBU. It does so by mixing the student ambassadors and the non-local students in a range of educational and cultural activities including Buddies Scheme, Orientation for International Students, Global Café and Monthly Outing. The Programme is designed to nurture student ambassadors to cultivate their leadership, organisation and communication skills. It is hoped that through this means friendships are developed between local and non-local students.

Global Café

The Global Café aims to foster cross-cultural exchanges and enhance English language speaking opportunities between local and visiting/exchange students. It also provides them an avenue for informal interactions. 
The Café is open on alternate Tuesdays from 6:30p.m. - 8:00p.m. at the Pacific Coffee or other suitable venues at HKBU. All members of the University community are welcome. Come make new friends and enjoy free coffee, tea and snacks in a relaxed atmosphere! 

"Academic Home" Programme

In order to assist and enhance international students' academic experience at HKBU, academic departments will be assigned to them as their "academic homes". 
The objectives of the "academic home" programme are:

  1. To provide academic support and guidance for incoming students
  2. To develop a strong, positive identification with the university
  3. To improve communication between incoming students and others
  4. To develop a sense of community and "belonging" within the university environment
  5. To encourage incoming students' involvement in all aspects of university life

Respective Academic Homes will assign a faculty mentor to each of the international students and will engage them in events and activities, as appropriate.

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Study programs at Hong Kong Baptist University :
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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Domestic students: $ 22.7k / 1 year
  • International students: $ 28.7k / 1 year
  • Ranking:
  • 242 StudyQA
  • Duration:
  • 1 year
    Hong Kong Baptist University logo
    • Tuition Fee:
    • Domestic students: $ 2.72k / 1 year
    • International students: $ 7.74k / 1 year
    • Ranking:
    • 325 StudyQA
    • Duration:
    • 2 years
      Hong Kong Baptist University logo
      • Tuition Fee:
      • Domestic students: $ 1.24k / 1 year
      • International students: $ 1.35k / 1 year
      • Ranking:
      • 310 StudyQA
      • Duration:
      • 1 year
        Hong Kong Baptist University logo
        • Tuition Fee:
        • International students: $ 20.2k / 1 year
        • Ranking:
        • 242 StudyQA
        • Duration:
        • 4 years