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  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: n/a
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 13 November
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  • Duration:
  • 2 years

    Four intakes per year

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    This programme prepares students for the demands of senior management and allows a measure of specialisation in a combination of two fields of study; Hotel and Tourism. The curriculum focuses on the strategic business development of organisations and the Dissertation allows self study and for students to further specialise. This is for students who intend to make their management careers in the industry and wish to be best placed to achieve rapid promotion.

    Total academic value of the programme is equal to 120 credits. Core courses that are included are:

    • Personal Professional Development
    • Applied Research in the Hospitality, Tourism and Events Industry
    • International Marketing Management
    • Pathway Dissertation

    Pathway units:

    • Hospitality Leadership and Innovation
    • Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development


    • BA with Honours in International Hotel and Tourism Management, awarded by IMI, Switzerland
    • BA with Honours in International Hotel and Tourism Management, awarded by Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

    University requirements

    • Registration fee of 2,800 chf to be paid within 21 days
    • Motivation Letter, outlining who you are, why you would like to study at IMI in Switzerland and your plans for your future career in this industry - approx. 500 words
    • CV/Résumé in english
    • Transcripts/Certificates of your academic qualifications since High School
    • Students transferring from recognised hotel management schools must also include official transcripts or records for each semester of their previous course of study
    • Work references or reports if available, especially for the MBA Degree programmes.
    • IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent English test results
    • Two recent passport photographs (3.5 x 4.5 cm), make sure background is white or grey, if it is colour it might be refused
    • Copy of passport and swiss residence permit where applicable
    • Certificate of good health completed by a licensed physician. A specific form for your doctor can be downloaded from

    In most countries the Swiss Embassy/Consulate may also request the following additional documentation

    • Bank Statement showing proof of sufficient financial funds (if possible in student's name, if not in the parent’s name)
    • Evidence of English certification
    • Letter of intent to leave Switzerland after completion of studies
    • Motivation Letter

    Program requirements

    • IMI Higher Diploma or equivalent
    • Six months work/internship experience
    • English proficiency: 5.5 IELTS or equivalent

    As a private institution, IMI does not provide any full scholarships and students are expected to be in a position to finance their own studies in Switzerland, especially as this will be a requirement by the Swiss immigration authorities for the study visa application.

    However, we have a number of initiatives listed below that are linked to IMI's admissions strategy, which aim to assist motivated people to study at our institution. 

    Community scholarships

    In order to enhance students’ knowledge and skills, we are pleased to offer some students the opportunity to gain some further experience during their academic semester. Selected students will dedicate a few hours per week for practical experience in one of departments at IMI.

    For more information about these community scholarships, please contact us on and we will be delighted to provide you with some more information.

    Merit scholarships

    Academic scholarships are granted based on outstanding academic performance.

    The recipients of the following awards will receive a scholarship which will be financially credited towards their next semester of study at IMI:

    • Best in Semester Certificate Student: CHF 1,000 
    • Best in Semester Higher Diploma Student: CHF 1,000 
    • Best in Semester Diploma Student: CHF 1,000 
    • Best in Semester Postgraduate Diploma Student: CHF 1,000 
    • Best in Semester BA (Hons) Student: CHF 1,000 
    • Best Dissertation by a BA (Hons) Student: CHF 1,000

    The recipients of the following awards will receive a financial scholarship from IMI:

    • For 3 semesters and receiving a BA (Hons) degree with first class honours.
    • For students completing 3 semesters at IMI and receiving an MBA degree with distinction CHF 6,000 

    Prestige awards are granted based on outstanding personal and professional performance. Prizes will be presented to the award-winners at the graduation ceremony. The awards are as follows:

    • Award for Best Newcomer Award for Personal Achievement 
    • Award for Professional Attitude Award for the Best PDP e-Portfolio 
    • The Tom Maher Prize Award Award for Outstanding Citizenship 
    • The Rudolf Fischer Prize Award Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community
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