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  • English
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  • 1 February
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  • 3675pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years

    1 February 2016: International applicants with foreign education applying directly from abroad, and applicants who are having a temporary residence permit in Norway. 15 April 2016: Applicants with Norwegian educational background, who at the time of application either are Norwegian citizens, or foreign citizens who have already obtained a permanent (not temporary) residence permit in Norway. This group of applicants are applying by using "sØ?knadsweb" in FS on our home page. 1 April 2016: Latest postal date for submitting documentation to meet the English language requirements (TOEFL/ IELTS tests). Relevant only for applicants who are required to meet the formal English requirement, and who are not formally exempted from this requirement.

    Molde University College -Specialized University in Logistics (HiMolde) is the most central higher educational institution in Norway offering education within Logistics at BSc, MSc and PhD level. HiMolde offers a 2 years international MSc program in Logistics open for both Norwegian students, and international students with Individual Funding who are able to document funding of minimum NOK 104 080 per academic year. The language of instruction is English.

    Logistics deals with the organization of the flow of products, services and information from raw materials to the end user, and is therefore built on a broad spectrum of disciplines, such as economics, information/ communication technology, business administration, organization and management, besides quantitative techniques based on mathematics, operations research and statistics.

    There are two specializations within the MSc program in Logistics:
    1. Operation Management (OM): This study option is meant for students interested in quantitative methods for planning and management of activities involved in procurement, production, inventory and distribution with and across companies.

    2. Supply Chain Management (SCM) - This study option aims at giving the students knowledge and understanding of strategic and managerial processes within firms, and emphasize the problems and solutions associated with the management of logistics activities and inter-organisational issues, like industrial organisation, purchasing and supply management. It is suited for students with an interest in organization, business and to some extent social sciences. Although mathematics and statistics are used, the focus is more on the qualitative aspects involved in the management of the value chain.

    Programme Outline - MSc in Logistics - Operation Management:

    * LOG711 Supply Chain Management 1 - 7.5 ECTS
    * LOG713 Models for Production Management - 7.5 ECTS
    * LOG716 Mathematical Modelling in Logistics - 7.5 ECTS
    * LOG722 Inventory Management - 7.5 ECTS
    * LOG733 Exact Optimization Methods in Logistics - 7.5 ECTS
    * LOG820 Vehicle Routing with Heuristics - 7.5 ECTS
    * VFA150 Electives - 15 ECTS
    * LOG904 Seminars in Logistics - 30 ECTS
    * LOG950 Master's thesis - 30 ECTS

    Programme Outline - MSc in Logistics - Supply Chain Management:

    * LOG708 Applied Statistic with SPSS - 7.5 ECTS
    * LOG711 Supply Chain Management 1 - 7.5 ECTS
    * SCM702 Purchasing and Supply Theory - 7.5 ECTS
    * SØ?K710 Industrial Organization - 7.5 ECTS
    * SUB30 Subvariants - 22.5 ECTS
    * Elective Course open for all subvariants - 7.5 ECTS
    * LOG904 Seminars in Logistics - 30 ECTS
    * Master's Thesis - 30 ECTS

    Students choosing the study option Supply Chain Management will select one among three diffent subvariants (3 courses of totally 22.5 ECTS credits) in the second semester of the study program:

    1) Advanced Supply Chain Management
    2) Transportation in Supply Chain Management
    3) Information Systems in Supply Chain Management

    For more detailed information about which courses are belonging to each sub-variant and electives, please see our home page, and the study plan.

    Graduates from the MSc program in Logistics fulfil the academic requirements to later apply for admission to the 3 years PhD program in Logistics at HiMolde or other relevant PhD programs in Norway or abroad.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    1. MSc in Logistics - study option: Operation Management (OM)Applicants with a recognised first degree (BBA, BA, BSc, BEng, BTech), equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits, in Logistics, Economics, Business Administration, Engineering, Mathematics or Computer Science, and who at the same time has the interest and the ability to use quantitative methods for planning, production and transportation, can apply to the study option Operation Management.2. MSc in Logistics - study option: Supply Chain Management (SCM)Applicants with a recognised first degree (BBA, BA, BSc, BEng, BTech), equivalent to a minimum of 180 ECTS credits in Logistics, Economics, Business Administration, Management or Organization can apply to the specialization Supply Chain Management. Applicants with a first degree within Social Sciences might also be considered, if they otherwise have a satisfactory background within Mathematics and Statistics. Admission to the MSc program in Logistics at Molde University College - Specialized University in Logistics is highly competitive. Applicants should preferably have an average grade of First Class Division or Second Class Upper Division or equivalent grades from their first degree/ bachelor's degree to be considered for admission. Applicants with only a HND (Higher National Diploma) or similar Diploma Education do not qualify for admission. For detailed information about the English language requirements for admission (IELTS: Minimum of 6.0 or TOEFL: Minimum of 550 paper based/213 computer based/79 internet based), and the possibilities for exemption for some groups of applicants, particularly applicants from some of the African countries, please see the information at our English home page- Qualified female applicants are encouraged to apply for admission.
    No tuition fees. Both Norwegian and international students only pay a minor semester fee of approximately NOK 695 at the beginning of each semester.International applicants with Individual Funding who are citizens of countries not belonging to EU/EEA/EFTA, and where a visa is required to enter Norway and Schengen, must first document a minimum of NOK 104 080 per academic year to cover for their own living expenses in the first academic year of the MSc program with their applications for admission, and before they are admitted to the MSc program in Logistics. If later admitted to the MSc program, these applicants will be requested to transfer a minimum of NOK 104 080 to our Deposit Account for International Students.
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