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    HAN’s Master of International Business programme puts knowledge into action for businesses with international challenges in need of business experts who are able to act in the global arena.

    Putting international ambitions to work

    Internationalisation has become an important part of the strategic agenda of many organisations. They need experts with knowledge and skills to act in the complex international business arena. Those experts are a key driver in obtaining international succes through responsible and smart strategies. The HAN Master of International Business puts knowledge into action and provides you with state-of-the-art knowledge and techniques for adressing your organisation's specific internationalisation challenges. Master of International Business graduates are prepared for the challenges that come with doing business in the global arena.

    Are you a commercial organisation with international ambitions?

    A responsible and succesfull internationalisation strategy requires commercial talents who are up for the challenge of doing business abroad. We can help you develop the human capital you need to act in the international business arena. Your employee or trainee will investigate one of your organisation's international business related problems and you will receive a tangible return on investment in the form of professional products such as an international business development plan and an approach for implementing it.

    Are you a professional with international ambitions?

    Are you working in an organisation with international ambitions and do you have commercial responsibillities?* Earning a Master of International Business will turn you into a strategic partner of management regarding international business matters. During our two-year part-time Masters programme, you will use state-of-the-art knowledge and techniques to adress an internationalisation challenge faced by your organisation. The HAN Master of International Business Programme is an unique opportunity to accelerate your international business career, combining work and study.
    * Professionals with a non-business background but with two years' experience in a business setting are also welcome to apply.

    Are you in the final year of a business-related Bachelors programme?

    Do you have a business-related Bachelors degree in a field such as commercial economics, business administration or technical business administration? And are you interested in building work experience while earning your Masters degree? This Masters Programme offers you the opportunity to build your expertise and the network that is needed for international succes. The HAN Master of International Business programme is a unique way to kick-start your international career.

    To enrol in the programme you need to work for a company that is facing internationalisation challenges and is willing to host you during the two-year part-time programme. We will encourage our business partners to advise us about internship possibillities for which you can apply whenever such opportunities arise.

    The company’s challenges at the centre: High-impact learning for working professionals.
    This is a two year part-time masters programme for professionals and business bachelors. After completing the programme you will receive the internationally acknowledged title ‘Master of International Business’. You can also follow parts of the programme and receive certificates. The entire programme is built around a specific internationalization challenge of the company you work in or are placed at.

    Working on your own company's internationalisation challenges!

    YEAR 1

    International Business Development Plan tailored for your organization
    Are we ready to go abroad?

    • Module: International Business Strategy 4 EC

    International Business: Strategic Advice (initial choice of a target market)

    • Module: International Business culture 4 EC

    Business culture. Analysis of the chosen market

    • Module: International business marketing & sales 4 EC

    International Marketing & Sales plan for the chosen market

    • Module: International business organisation Management I 4EC

    Analysis of the potential of the organisation to act on the chosen market

    • Module: International Business Finance 4 EC

    Evaluation of the international business plan's profitability

    • Final Professional Product Year 1 International business Plan 5 EC
    • Module: Applied Research 5 EC
    • Module: Coaching on professional development 5 EC

    YEAR 2

    Organisation specific International Business Implementation Plan

    What do we need to go abroad?

    • Module: International business organisation Management II 5 EC

    Analysis of the structural changes (in the organisation and the business network) needed

    • Module: International Business: Change Management 5 EC

    Analysis of the change processes needed for the organisation to act on the local market.

    • Masters Thesis 20 EC

    Masters thesis on an international business problem relevant to the organisation or the professional community

    • Module: Applied Research 5 EC

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    To be admitted to the Master of International Business, you need to meet the following requirements.Bachelors degreeYou have a Bachelors degree:in a business-related discipline such as commercial economics, business administration, technical business administration or alike ORa non-business Bachelors degree. In this case at least two years’ experience in a business setting is required. Assessment will be carried out to determine whether you need to acquire additional business knowledge prior to enrolment.WorkYou work for (or are placed at) an international organisation (or an organisation which has the ambition to develop international operations) and occupy a commercial position at tactic/ strategic level with responsibilities related to internationalisation.You have a contract with the employer which guarantees that you can investigate an international business related problem of the company during the study.EnglishYou must be proficient in written and spoken English. If your English level is insufficient, you may follow a ‘bridging course’ at HAN Talencentrum.InterviewBefore admission you will have in interview with the Program Manager.


    Personal scholarships can be obtained from various organisations.

    • Nuffic Grantfinder
    • Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP)
    • StuNed for students from Indonesia
    • Jean Monnet for students from Turkey
    • Contact for students from Mexico
    • Orange Tulip for students from China, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia and Taiwan


    NVAO accredited

    The HAN Masters courses are NVAO accredited (NVAO is the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation). Experienced lecturers are dedicated to maintaining this accreditation by continually updating the courses, thereby ensuring that they are of the highest quality.

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