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The International MBA is a one-year full time postgraduate programme taught in English. This programme is addressed to alumni of master or bachelor degree studies who are interested in the challenges of European economy and its requirements in the field of management.

Warsaw University of Technology Business School has for over 20 years been successfully shaping managers into leaders, equipping them with necessary skills and knowledge, and through an innovative approach and international staff, showing them how to operate in a dynamic, rapidly changing and challenging world.

The School was the brainchild of leading and prestigious European universities HEC Paris, the London Business School, the Norwegian School of Economics and Warsaw University of Technology, which since the beginning have supported WUT Business Schools consistent development, and partnered it step-by-step in becoming a Polish success story.

The International MBA programme consists of the following blocks (fields of knowledge and skills): Economics, Accounting, Operations Management, Marketing, Finance and Legal Aspects of Business Activity, Strategy, Human Resources Management, Management Control and Information Systems. In addition to 720 lecture hours the core of the programme WUT BS provides 24 hours of practical classes, i.e. intensive and knowledgebroadening classes in Economics, Accounting and Finance topics which demand a deeper, more thorough and detailed explanation.

The outstanding and committed faculty (academic professors and business circle lecturers) from Poland and abroad deliver professionalism, know-how and a unique look at the business challenges of the modern world.

What makes our MBA programmes unique?
* The innovative approach to the executive education based on the Three Pillars scheme, addressing well the complexity of the modern business world,
* 20 years of experience and the fruitful cooperation with our Founding Partners, as well as with the faculties of the Warsaw University of Technology,
* The high academic standards combined with the real-life approach and the practical relevance of the programs,
* The multicultural environment, international faculty, English as the common language,
* The use of the modern teaching methods, including the distance learning,
* The biggest network of the MBA programs alumni in Poland.

Programme blocks
Personal Development Programme, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Operations Management, Finance and Legal Aspects of Business Activity, Strategy, Management Control and Information Systems, Human Resources Management and Final Project.

Personal Development Programme

Soft skills indispensable for effective managers are thoroughly practiced during WUTBS MBA programmes.
Our Personal Development Programme is divided into three parts:
Open Yourself, this part is mainly offered to prepare participants to team work and improve their presentation and communication skills.
Discover Yourself, where you will be able to get objective information on your personal strengths and areas for improvement. Included blocs: Negotiation Training, Savoir-vivre/Business Etiquette, Feedback session on Belbin assessment.
Define Your Future Challenges, where you will get the opportunity to redefine your future career objectives in a way that they fit best with your personal profile.


The course is divided into three sections, the first one dealing with the analysis of the firm in the market environment, the second with the macroeconomic environment and the third with the international environment. Through their involvement in the school, the course teachers have developed their teaching material in the light of Polish experience.


Often referred to as "the language of business", accounting is a registration, measurement and communication discipline. The course concentrates on two areas of accounting: financial accounting and managerial (cost) accounting.


The course is designed to give an introduction to strategic marketing covering the identification and definition of the market space in which competition takes place, selection and change of competitive actions over time, and adjustment of competitive action from segment to segment. Weight will be given to the evaluation and design of managerial processes in marketing concerned with diagnosing, planning and implementing change ahead of competition, as well as methods for forecasting patterns of reaction of the market-place and within the marketing organization.

Operations Management

The objectives of this course are to enable the student to understand how operations management contbutes to the way a firm competes in the market place and achieves commercial results. Business operations are understood as the levels of activity connecting daily operations to business investments. Topics treated in the course are: production and project management, logistics, quality assurance and the economics of variety.

Finance and Legal Aspects of Business Activity

The course is an introduction to financial decision-making. The first part of the course is concerned mainly with making decisions on what assets to buy, and the second part is concerned with the ways to pay for the assets. Other subjects include equity portfolio management, mergers and acquisitions, international financial management, and financial institutions.
Legal Aspects of Business Activity

The subject encompasses the most important, from the point of view of the functionig of a market company basic legal aspects. Special attention is placed on issues connected with contracts and company law. The specific features of Polish law and of the law of the European Union are considered as well.


Examining strategies through environment and industry analyses, the course builds on the concepts of value chains and business systems and explores potential generic strategies such as cost leadership and differentiation. At the corporate level the problems under review are: Does a company have to concentrate on one industry or manage a portfolio of diverse businesses? Should it operate regionally, nationally or internationally? Does it have to develop its activities alone or enter a strategic alliance? The element of the Strategy block is Innovative Business Models module presenting innovative perspectives for business development.

Management Control and Information Systems

The topics covered in this course are: cybernetic view of control systems, management control (from the functional and the value chain perspective), improvement of management control through information systems examining corporate and divisional reporting systems, changes in planning and forecasting systems, and the ability to perform ad hock analysis, as well as the significance of managerial behaviour in the design of management control systems.

Human Resources Management

In the course are presented and discussed models that help in designing formal structures and relevant management systems as well as help in choosing the appropate basis and degree of differentiation and the appropate mechanism of integration within the corporate culture. Issues such as human motivation, individual and group behaviour and negotiation will also be covered. Personal Development Programme. The element of the HRM block is Leadership module presenting the elements of leadership psychology.

Final Project

Final projects function as an expertise solving a manager's problem in a chosen company. They are conducted in groups of a few people. The choice of the subject and the company belong to the students. Upon some consultations with the project mentor, professor Alastair Nicholson and the drawing-up of the project, it is officially defended, which forms an opportunity to present a method of solving the problem and to discuss that with council members.

Consolidation Days (Learning by Action)

They are series of workshops where students get the opportunity to practice playing the following roles: project manager, business function manager, board member, CEO, agent of change, investor, and consultant.
The spirit of these sessions is based on the following characteristics:

Working under time pressure with limited information to get competitive result,
Integrative development of interpersonal skills,
Practical application of knowledge in a series of actions requiring quick managerial decisions.

Each session has both academic and practical relevance.
The results of exercises produced by participants are instantly evaluated by means of keypad rating system it increases an element of challenge during the sessions.
These workshops are a unique initiative - no other business school offers this kind of events.

Program requirements

Application Form Caring for your convenience, we have introduced a possibility to apply to the MBA course on-line. After filling in the form via the On-line recruitment module, please visit the School in order to:-provide a full set of necessary documents (listed below),-set the date of a qualifying interview,-sign the application.OTHER DOCUMENTS REQUIRED:2. Covering Letterexplaining why you would like to study at our School (it should not exceed one typewritten page), one version in English and one version Polish (foreigners are requested to hand in only the English version). The recruiting committee will read this letter very carefully.3. An Authenticated Copy Of Your M.A. Diploma or B.A. Diploma(original)or a letter from your M.A. or M.Sc. supervisor specifying the expected time of your M.A. or M.Sc. examination. If your M.A. or M.Sc. exam cannot take place prior to 30 September, you can apply for a status of a freelancer.4. An Authenticated Copy Of Your Gradesover the last two years of your studies. This should be issued by your Dean's office or registry. It can be an authenticated computer printout.5. A document confirming your work experience:5.1 Applicants graduating from master-degree studies must demonstrateat least 2 years of work experience prior to the start of the programme. Candidates with managerial experience are prefered. In case of the candidates exceptional managerial experience, the examination board may consider shortening the required period of professional experience.5.2 Applicants graduating from bachelor or engineer studies are eligible if:a/ The candidate can demonstrate at least 5 years of professional experience, he has worked at least two years outside of Poland within the period specified above and can demonstrate that fact. Candidates with managerial experience are prefered.b/ In case of the candidates exceptional managerial experience, the examination board may consider shortening the required period of professional experience; however it may not be shorter than 3 years.6. Two passport photographs - (please, write your name on the back of your photos in pencil).7. If possible, additional documents (originals): certificates proving completion of courses, letters of recommendation, diplomas, etc.8. Proof of Payment Work Experience At least 2 year(s) of work experience is required. At least 2 years of work experience prior to the start of the programme. Candidates with managerial experience are prefered. In case of the candidates exceptional managerial experience, the examination board may consider shortening the required period of professional experience.


We are delighted to announce that WUT Business School successfully concluded the reaccreditation process. The prestigious European Foundation for Management Development,which groups leading business schools across the world,awarded EPAS accreditation for next 3 years to both MBA programmes at WUT Business School: International MBA and Executive MBA.

The accreditation EPAS was awarded by EFMD in 2006. Re-acreditation in 2011 is a proof of the top and international quality of MBA programmes at WUT Business School. For our potential students and for employers this accreditation serves as a confirmation that our educational offer fulfils the standards of the global management educational market.

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