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  • Local: $ 10.1k / Year
  • Foreign: $ 13.5k / Year
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 30 November 2016
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  • 1638pts.
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  • 1 year

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    The famous architect and designer Carlo Scarpa used to suggest to his students to look for solutions to their design problems, by observing a flower, or a plant. But what if, instead of just observing a single plant, we investigated an entire forest?

    A forest may be seen as a large complex organism, comprised of many different elements peacefully coexisting and sustaining one another.

    In a forest, nothing is never thrown away. Even in death, organisms are recycled and turned into new life.

    A forest renews and modifies itself over time and in response to environmental stimuli: this is what we call evolution.

    In a forest you have the sensation of something alive observing you.
    In a forest you have the chance to watch and investigate everything.
    In a forest you may experience primitive feelings that have been there since the beginning of the world.

    In a forest you have the chance of watching and investigating everything, of letting yourself being driven by a fluxus of millenary stimuli.

    The key lays in continuous changes of perspective; the choice of permanent mutability and dynamism as necessary attitude to open your mind to always new opportunities.

    This is the philosophy laying behind this MA Degree. Our new design atelier is a forest.

    Career Opportunities

    During the program, participants develop project skills that may be applied in the various fields of contemporary design, from industrial production of domestic and professional devices, to customized and even co-designed artifacts. Thanks to the continuous interaction with lecturers and professionals, students become highly skilled designers, able to handle the development of a product, from the initial idea until the real production, passing through the design strategy development and the materials research steps. All while developing technical and operational skills, participants develop a wider vision of the designers role in the contemporary creative and production systems, as well as an awareness of the challenges that designers have to handle nowadays.

    The mix of practical competences and theoretical vision allows graduates to successfully insert themselves in design companies of different styles and sizes, from transnational design companies to professional studios and self-production laboratories.

    After a Bachelors Degree in Design, the new designer needs to specialize, to attain the special, elevated status that comes from achieving a Masters Degree. In Italian, the Master is the Maestro. Someone who is able to draw inspiration from the past and from tradition, who builds on them to change the future. And when you complete NABA Design Masters Degree, you are not a student anymore, you become a design maestro.

    To evolve from a designer to a maestro, to grow and overreach his own maestro, a student needs a special location: an atelier. The place where he can learn, create, generate resources, find inspiration, and grow.

    The NABA design atelier is sustainable. Like the forest, is made of different organisms students and maestri. They sustain one another as trees do in a forest, or screws in a stool.

    Together, they draw inspiration from the environments and the traditions that are all around. They observe, investigate, challenge, and advance. In our atelier, we explore the fundamental nature and new meanings of consumption. It is ever-changing, and thus, the work of the designer must also always be evolving. To meet the opportunities of the future, we may indeed be inspired to design not only new objects, but whole new ways to consume. When you join our atelier, when you participate in our dynamic, organic process of discovery, you will grow in many ways. You will deepen. You will learn new ways to see, to understand, to admire, and to challenge.

    You will find new direction from old paradigms. You will destroy to invent.
    In NABA new design atelier, you will earn a Masters Degree. You will become a maestro.

    University requirements

    Admission Requirements

    NABA is a private legally recognised Academy of Fine Arts, regulated by the Higher Education in Art and Music (AFAM) system, a section of the Italian university system governed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). Under this accreditation, NABA upholds rigorous admissions standards, and our degree programs have a restricted number of available places.

    For both European and non-European students, admission depends on fulfilling minimum educational and language requirements, and passing an admissions test. Documents for admission requirements : 

    • Secondary/high school diploma
      In order to enroll in a Bachelor of Arts program, you must either have an Italian secondary school diploma (maturità) or an equivalent secondary/high school diploma that is legalized by the Italian embassy located in the country whose educational system the title belongs to. This diploma must be translated and notarized  by the Italian embassy or consulate in the country where the diploma was issued, regardless of the school’s actual location. For example, if you studied on the French campus of a German school and received a diploma issued by the German Ministry of Education, that diploma must be validated by the Italian consulate in Germany. The embassy or consulate will provide a “Declaration of Value” (Dichiarazione di valore in loco) for the diploma.
    • 12 years of school
      You must have attended school for at least 12 years before earning your secondary school diploma. For more information, see the FAQ section below.

    Language Requirements

    International students must have reached or surpassed the complete B1 (intermediate) level of Italian language knowledge, as established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). In order to prove the required Italian language knowledge level, you must submit the Italian language certificate, issued by an authorized institution. The language certificate shall be submitted within one month before the beginning of the program and should not be older than 2 years.

    Language Requirements for english programmes 
    Students are required to submit evidence of the knowledge of the English language. The language certificate shall be submitted within one month before the beginning of the program and should not be older than 2 years.

    To complete the pre-enrolment procedure with NABA, admitted students are requested to return the matriculation form and pay the pre-enrolment fee. Only then you will receive an official enrolment certificate including information on the status of your admission to submit to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your home Country in order to apply for your study visa.

    The pre-enrollment will give you the possibility to study at NABA and allow you to obtain the study VISA from the Italian authorities. Students are asked to fill in a form called A-Bis (available at the Italian Embassy/Consulate or in their website) within a specific deadline, which varies according to the yearly guidelines provided by the Italian Ministry of Education. Pre-enrolment sessions are usually scheduled between May and June of each year.

    Necessary for all students who have gained a high school diploma different from the Italian one called Maturità, and which consists in:

    1. Diploma traslated into italian or substitute certificate) legalized by the competent authorities in the country where the diploma was issued.

    2. Declaration of value of Second School diploma (Dichiarazione di valore in loco).The “Dichiarazione di valore in loco” is the document attesting that the study qualification you obtained is valid to study at Italian Universities/Academies as long as it proves:

    • to be a final official title of the higher Secondary School of the foreign education system
    • the study title allows to enter a graduate program which is comparable to the Italian BA Degree
    • the study title is obtained at the end of a period of study lasting at least 12 years
    • In case a national test or final exam is necessary to enter a higher education institution in the student’s country of origin, such test/exam is also mandatory for entering Italian BA programs and should be reported in the DOV (Gao Kao and Yi Kao in China, YGS in Turkey, …).

    Program requirements

    The program is addressed to graduates with a design or architecture background. Admission of students with different degree or diploma may be taken into consideration if the applicant is motivated by a significant interest towards the programs topics.In order to ensure appropriate faculty/students ratio, all NABA postgraduate programs foresee a maximum of 25 enrolled students per class.

    Together with its partner institutions and companies, NABA offers a program of scholarships for talented students requiring financial support, based on the evaluation feedback provided by the course Director.

    The number and amount of such scholarships can vary from one year to another, therefore we warmly recommend interested students to send an email to in order to be inserted in the related mailing last and to receive updated information.

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