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Geneva Business School provides Swiss-quality business education in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid. We offer bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and diverse continued education options that are 100% in English, and we are committed to using innovative learning methods and new technologies. 

Students enjoy personalized mentoring, unique networking events, and support and guidance for internships and business ventures. A practical education in the classroom, combined with exposure to the real world of business means Geneva Business School students graduate job-ready.

Our faculty members all work actively in their sectors and offer their insights into current business trends as well as access to their own global networks. They organize business challenges, from creating companies and writing business plans to market research and much more.

This commitment to quality teaching and our interactive campuses provide a 360º learning experience to fully prepare students for the modern workplace.


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In 1995, the Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoine (IFGP) was founded in Geneva to provide instructions to local Swiss private bankers. As demands for global banking and finance outpaced local demands, the University of Finance was created in 2001 to provide education in international banking and finance to bankers and students. 

As our strategic positioning shifted, the name was changed in 2009 to Geneva Business School to align with our true mission and values to provide an education that supports a modern business environment. 

A focus on quality quickly led to a number of international accreditations to offer recognized degrees to its students. In 2012, Geneva Business School opened a campus in Barcelona, Spain, and in 2018, a second Spanish campus opened in Madrid. In 2020, Geneva Business School will continue to expand its campus network in Europe.


As a leading private institution in Switzerland, we strive to ensure that Geneva Business School maintains its superior quality of education through our accreditations with some of the world’s most respected organizations.

We are proud to announce that we are professionally accredited by four main accrediting bodies (IACBE, AASBI, EDUQUA, and CHEA).

Successful accreditation is a result of our commitment to provide high-quality education and promote the best opportunities for our students. 

The rich variety of international accreditations allows our students to receive a high standard of learning experiences with a balanced blend of theory and practice.

We have also formed strong ties with partner universities who meet the same standards of quality education we expect of ourselves.

Our network has consistently grown over the years, ever expanding towards new horizons.

These organizations enable us to work on exchange programs and dual degrees with universities and business schools that share our passion for quality education and our vision for helping our students get ready to lead.

Life as an international student 

There are over 60 nationalities represented at Geneva Business School. We know moving to a new country can be tough, which is why each campus has a dedicated support team for its students. We guide you on your journey from your application to your graduation, and even as you become one of our Geneva Business School Alumni.


With help from the Student Council, the school organizes extracurricular sports, cultural, and social activities. As part of your course, you’ll also attend local, regional, national, and international  industry events – unique opportunities to network and widen your social circle.

Geneva Business School prides itself on its network of successful alumni, meaning students can benefit from real world business contacts.


Geneva Business School is proud to offer Career Workshop Services.

At a glance, we provide opportunities for:


Guaranteed Internships

Professional Mentoring

Be it an BIM, MIM,  MBA OR DBA, your education is the first step towards a rewarding career in business and finance.

While we are proud to offer our students the best academic tools to succeed, everyone still needs to put them into practice.

That is why the Geneva Business School has created the Career Center Mentoring Program.

As you prepare for an internship or your first job, the Career Center Mentors will assist you in creating your CV, writing a compelling motivation letter and preparing for interviews.

With our Mentoring Conferences, presented by some of Geneva’s finest professionals you will be given the opportunity to get invaluable insight into your future career and how to get there!


Geneva Business School is a global leader in Swiss quality education, dedicated to preparing world-changing leaders, ready for the fourth industrial revolution.

Above all, Geneva Business School encourages its students to reach their full potential and pursue excellence at all levels.

Why choose this university?

1. Swiss Quality Education : Geneva Business School provides the best of Swiss quality private education

2. Global Campus Network: Exciting transfer opportunities between our Geneva Business School campuses worldwide.

3. Guaranteed Internship Opportunities: Geneva Business School students are able to take advantage of our excellent internship placement services.

4. Cutting Edge Programs: Geneva Business School is committed to the use of new and innovative learning methodologies.

5. Digital Education: Geneva Business School promotes digital learning and new technologies inside and outside the classroom.

6. Tailored Programs: Geneva Business School students benefit from made-to-measure programs and flexible schedules.

7. Personalized Coaching: Geneva Business School offers students personalized mentoring and support from start to finish.

8. Individual Attention: With smaller class sizes Geneva Business School ensures no student is left unattended.

9. Successful International Network: Geneva Business School is proud of its successful global alumni network with Geneva Business School alumni currently working in some of the world's top corporations and organizations.

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