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Africana Studies examines the cultural, political, social and historical experiences of peoples of the African diaspora. The program offers an integrated understanding and appreciation for the African, African-American, Caribbean and other African diaspora experiences. The Program is part of the Center for Africana Studies and places primary emphasis on the ways that African diaspora experiences and traditions have functioned on a global scale and resonated within the spaces of a variety of national projects.

1 Introductory course
AFRC 001--Introduction to Africana Studies

3 History courses
AFRC 075--Africa Before 1800
AFRC 176--Afro-American History, 1550-1876 
AFRC 177--Afro-American History, 1876-Present

1 Literature course
AFRC 081--African American Literature or similar

1 Sociology course
AFRC 006—Race and Ethnic Relations or similar

1 Methodology course
AFRC 120/SOCI 120--Social Statistics 
AFRC 530/HIST 530--20th Century Afro-American Historiography 
AFRC 204/ANTH 303--Methods of Urban Ethnography 
ANTH 318--Evaluation of Community Service Progress 
ENGL 100--Introduction to Literary Study 
MUSC 070--Theory or Musicianship I 
SOCI 100--Introduction to Sociological Research Methods

1 Research course
Independent Study OR Service Learning Course OR Internship

1 Advanced Seminar in Africana Studies
AFRC 400--Seminar in Africana OR another Africana Studies Seminar

3 Concentrated courses by Geographic Region OR by Academic Discipline (one course must be an upper level seminar.)

Regions of Concentration Include: Africa, the Caribbean, or Latin America. (Note: Regional Concentrations require foreign language proficiency. For example, a student concentrating on the Caribbean must demonstrate proficiency in Spanish or French, a student of Latin America in Spanish or Portuguese, and a student of Africa should master an African language.)

Disciplines for Concentration Include: Anthropology, Art, Economics, English, Film Studies, Folklore, History, Linguistics, Music, Political Science, Religious Studies, Romance Languages, Sociology, Urban Studies, and Women’s Studies.

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Study mode:On campus Languages: English
Local:$ 47.7 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 47.7 k / Year(s)
13 place StudyQA ranking: 3361 You need IELTS certificate