Architecture and Urban Design

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 3.81 k / Year(s)  
1001+ place StudyQA ranking:7460 Duration:4 years


The Architecture and Urban Design study programme is primarily aimed at preparing the graduate for the same engineering study programme (MSc degree study) or for related study programmes within the field. The graduates, under the supervision of an authorised architect or other competent person, can work on architectural or urban design proposals or projects. They are able to prepare and evaluate the initial resources and documents required for the architectural and urban design projects. They have basic knowledge in the history of architecture, urban design and arts, in structural engineering, and in social science and humanities related to architecture and urban planning and design. They are trained in computer-aided design and they are familiar with the basic legislation relating to architectural and urban planning design and practice.

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* The scholarships shown on this page are suggestions first and foremost. They could be offered by other organisations than Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava.




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