Business Studies

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Study a Master's in Business Studies in the Netherlands


Are you a future Interdisciplinary Business Professional?

  • Do you wish to work in interdisciplinary teams with people from different backgrounds and contribute your expertise and creativity to achieve a common goal?

  • Are you able to think out of the box, accept new, exciting challenges and study problems from all possible angles?

  • Are you prepared to study hard and work even harder, by putting your practical, hands-on daring attitude to good use?

Then the English-taught Master of Science in Business Studies from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, is the right programme for you!

The Master of Science in Business Studies is an intensive, ground-breaking one-year international Master programme in the domain of business studies, designed for ambitious students who are eager to make a difference. You will contribute to solutions and innovations for wicked problems that organisations are facing. Wicked problems are complex interdisciplinary issues that require innovative and diverse answers for organisations that add value to both people and our planet.

The Master of Science in Business Studies

The Master of Science in Business Studies aims to educate ambitious, agile and innovative Business Professionals who are shaping their own entrepreneurship as so-called intrapreneurs. These Business Professionals accept challenges and are able to effect innovations in interdisciplinary forms of cooperation that will contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Dealing with wicked problems

Companies and organisations are facing a world in transition. They must cope with the effects of economic developments and societal changes such as globalisation,
digitalisation, internationalisation and sustainability. They must deal with complex issues, that are hard to define, difficult to predict and have several causes. For instance:

  • How can they guarantee that their colourful t-shirts and dresses are not sown by six-year olds?
  • What can organisations do to prevent cyberattacks on their computer systems without compromising the privacy of their clients and workforce?
  • How can they counter claims that they are responsible for the “plastic soup” in our oceans, killing off precious coral banks and sea life alike?

Survive, thrive and innovate

To survive and thrive, companies and organisations must innovate. They must look to the future. To remain relevant, they need to adapt and change. They must grab wicked problems by the tail and transform threats into opportunities and find the right answers to dilemmas. They need professionals with an open mind, who are equipped and prepared to team up with co-workers of other disciplines within and outside the organisation. To become Interdisciplinary Business Professionals who have what it takes to do what needs to be done. This is the first Master programme offered by a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands to meet this need.

Becoming leaders as well team players

As a future Interdisciplinary Business Professional, you will be a leader as well as a team player. You will be expected to take the lead in innovations and groundbreaking projects, while cooperating with team members with an entirely different background and point of view. During this Master programme, you will carry out individual and collective assignments, working independently and with a team of fellow-students, lecturer-researchers, professors and the professional field. This is how you will develop your personal and professional skills to become the creative intrapreneur organisations and companies need and demand.

Community of Learners

From day one you will work in an interdisciplinary, international setting. We offer you an ambitious and safe environment to cultivate your individual talents as well as your ability to work with others in co-creation. You will be part of an active and stimulating Community of Learners, consisting of your fellow-students as well as committed professors, lecturer-researchers and the professional practice. Within the Community you cooperate and learn from each other with the aim to create new knowledge for complex issues leading to sustainable solutions and innovations. You will learn to master the knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, the new roles you will need in your future job and you will be coached in your leadership skills.

Applied Research, Interdisciplinary Assignments, Professional Skills Development & Ethics

The Master programme consists of three pillars: Applied research, Interdisciplinary Assignments and Professional Skills Development & Ethics. These three pillars are based on the view that the future Business Professional needs to be equipped with critical thinking skills along with analytical skills to be able to handle complex issues. The interdisciplinary assignments enhance cooperation and communication skills with professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds. The Professional Skills Development & Ethics focuses on the ability to reflect on one’s own behaviour and development and to adapt accordingly. The Master programme kicks off with an intensive week where you will meet fellow students and experience the four core disciplines of the programme, while acquiring intensive training on your research skills. During the following weeks you will work in interdisciplinary teams on an assignment centered around the theme Sustainability.

Within the Interdisciplinary Innovation Assignments you will work on real-life complex issues from the professional field. It includes a dynamic combination of co-creation with fellow-students and the professional field, academic depth provided by (guest) lectures and professorships, and an evidence-based approach with insights from different disciplinary perspectives. Both (guest) lectures from experts in the field and the Community of Learners will support you throughout the Master programme. Your knowledge development is enhanced by the six ample themes and accompanying topics, that encompass the core disciplines of the Master programme: Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Business & IT:

  • Sustainability: e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility, Cooperatives & Democracy
  • Technology Driven Society: e.g. Dynamic Capability, Compliance Management
  • Liquid Society: e.g. Behavioural Economics, Complexity and Transition Management
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship: e.g. Circular Economy, Effectuation Theory
  • Professional Skills Development & Ethics: e.g. Systems Thinking, In the Board Room
  • Applied Research: e.g. Research Philosophy, Empirical Cycle, Academic Writing

Your Master thesis is the centrepiece of the programme: you will demonstrate that you can execute an applied research project independently in an interdisciplinary professional context. You will complete the full research cycle and prove that you can conceive and apply innovative and relevant solutions. You might choose your own topic relevant to and from the professional practice. Perhaps you might choose a topic from an organization or business committed to this Master programme or from the extensive network of the schools involved in the programme. You might even choose to contribute to a large research project from one of the four professorships involved in the Master programme: Marketing & Market-Focused Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Financial Management, Human Capital or New Business & ICT.

International classroom

In a globalised society where international trade and cooperation between companies, public organisations, and universities is increasing, the international orientation of this Master programme is vital. In the international classroom, you will know what it is like to work in an international context. You will study with a mixed group of students, consisting of Dutch as well as international students, sharing your specific points of view and learning from their perspective. You will broaden your horizon and expand your international contacts. You will make friends for life from all over the world.

You can apply for this master's programme with a bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree from abroad within the domain business studies and related fields. The admission procedure consists of: 

  1. A proof of sufficient English proficiency, IELTS 6.5 or equivalent
  2. A motivation letter
  3. An interview

Tuition Fees 2018-2019

  • EU/EEA students: € 2,060 
  • Non-EU/EEA students: € 7,700
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