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Chemical Engineering

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English Chinese
Local:$ 3.55 k / Year(s) Foreign:$ 3.55 k / Year(s) Deadline: Mar 15, 2023
StudyQA ranking:1721 Duration:4 years

The Department enrolls 55 students each year, with a student/faculty ratio of approximately 9:1. The emphasis of training is on “quality”. Each student receives guidance in choosing a training program from his/her faculty advisor and senior students.  In addition to regular training courses, the students, through students associations, are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as field trips, Chemical Engineering Week, Summer Camp for future chemical engineers (high school students), etc.

   Chemical engineering training programs in recent years have been undergoing critical review and changes all over the world. The Department has made adjustments in training program to provide students with the flexibility in selecting their own fields of interest but retain the unique ability of chemical engineers to analyze and integrate processes. A total of 128 credits is required for graduation.

The courses offered to undergraduate are divided into A and B. Group A includes 30 credits of general require courses for all students, 31 credits of required courses for engineering students, and 58  credits of chemical engineering basic courses such as fundamental chemistry, material and energy balance, transport phenomena and unit operation, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, process control and process design.  Courses in Group B are chemical engineering selectives.  The Department has designed several course packages that contain a series of courses in a specific area.  The purpose is to help students to develop their own professional interest systematically.  The current packages include: (a)Polymer Science & Engineering,(b)Advanced Materials, (c)Advanced Process Technology, (d)Energy & Environmental Tech., (e)Biotechnology.

  • General Chemistry I, II
  • Computer Systems & Applications I
  • General Physics I, II
  • Calculus I, II
  • General Physics Laboratory I, II
  • Introduction to Engineering   2
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • General Chemistry Laboratory I, II
  • Material and Energy Balance
  • Physical Chemistry I, II
  • Engineering Mathematics I, II
  • Organic Chemistry I,II
  • Organic Chemistry Laboratory I, II
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
  • Computer Systems & Applications II, III
  • Transport Phenomena and Unit Operations  I, II
  • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Instrumental Analysis and Laboratory I
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
  • Chemical Engineering Unit Operations
  • Chemical Reaction Engineering  
  • Process Control
  • Introduction to Life Science
  • Process Design
  • Unit Operation Laboratory
  • An application form online application
  • A photocopy of diploma in English and Chinese
  • Applicants for bachelor degree programs must provide a photocopy of their high school diploma.
    Applicants for master degree programs must provide a photocopy of their bachelor degree diploma.
    Applicants for doctoral degree programs must provide a photocopy of their master degree diploma.
  • Official transcripts in English or Chinese
  • Proof of English and Chinese proficiency
  • Autobiography in English
  • A study plan 
    Please provide a concise study plan with a maximum of three pages. In the study plan, applicants are encouraged to describe their motivation for choosing NTHU, and for choosing the specific department or program that they are applying. For graduate students, potential contribution to the department and research interests may also be included.
  • Two recommendation letters 
    Letters of recommendation are preferably from faculty members capable of evaluating the applicant’s academic qualifications and research potential.
  • Financial certificate
    All applicants are required to provide a financial statement issued by a financial institution showing their financial sustainability (minimum US$ 4,000) for study in Taiwan, or a certificate of scholarship. If the submitted financial statement is not under the name of the applicant, then the applicant’s sponsor(s) must provide an affidavit indicating their relationship to the applicant and their intent to provide financial support throughout his/her period of study.
  • Declaration form
    Print out the declaration form and sign at the bottom after reading it thoroughly. If applicable, we may ask the applicant to submit a copy of statement of travel record, or their Forfeited Nationality Permit Certificate issued by Ministry of the Interior and Non-Household Registration Declaration.
  • Verification of nationality
    Applicants must provide a copy of their passport or some other acceptable verification of their nationality.

NTHU International Student Scholarship

● Doctoral. students: NT$ 10,000  per month
● Master Students: NT$ 5,000 per month
● Bachelor students: NT$ 5,000 per month
● tuition waived

Taiwan Scholarship

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
●  NT$ 30,000 per month (no tuition waiver)
Ministry of Science and Technology
●  NT$ 30,000 per month (no tuition waiver)
Ministry of Education
● Doctoral students: NT$ 20,000 per month 
● Master's students: NT$ 20,000 per month  
● Bachelor students: NT$ 15,000 per month
(tuition waived)

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