Chemical Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy

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Chemical Engineers discover the ideal sequence of physiological, biological and chemical processing steps, and also the perfect operating states, to convert raw materials into higher value services and products safely, effectively and on a huge scale. In the Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering), students examine the development, design, assessment and management of processes to the creation of a broad assortment of substances. It covers the theory and applications of thermodynamics, fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transport and reaction engineering. Building on this foundation, students go on to research process control, design and synthesis, process economics, risk management and safety, and clinical tests for overall compound methods. Extractive metallurgy is an expert field that handles the extraction of compounds and mineral services and products from their ores. Extractive metallurgists play a key part within the mining industry. In the Bachelor of Science (Extractive Metallurgy) students find out about the growth of this very ideal process to take care of a particular ore and the efficient functioning of the plant to convert the ore into metal as well as other services and products, in addition to the fundamentals of resource geology, mining technologies and the socio-environmental facets of exploration. The blend of both degree programs provides graduates with improved skills to work on the interface between both areas from the development and research of new processes and the improvement of existing industrial operations from the minerals processing and metals sector. Students doing this dual degree spend their next year in Kalgoorlie campus.

The Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering has full recognition by Engineers Australia and the Institution of Chemical Engineers. To qualify for the grade of Corporate Member, graduates must complete a minimum of 4 years approved experience following the Bachelor of Engineering award. The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy recognises the mathematics course for admission to membership.

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