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61 place StudyQA ranking:1190 Duration:5 years

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The graduate program in Chemistry offers exciting opportunities to pursue cutting-edge scientific research in physical, inorganic, organic, biological, and nano chemistry. The department hosts numerous well-funded research projects that form the basis of graduate student dissertations.

During the first semester, students enroll in three courses and choose a research advisor among the faculty in the department. In addition, students normally perform the duties of a teaching assistant, although several fellowships are available that do not require teaching.

A significant feature of Brown's doctoral program in chemistry is that almost all students start their research during the second semester of the first year. During later semesters, the research project becomes the student's primary responsibility, and leads to a Ph.D. dissertation usually within four or five years.

Completion of five lecture-based courses, written cumulative examinations, oral defense of a research project proposal, oral defense of an independent research proposal, dissertation research and thesis defense. Teaching experience is considered a valuable part of the program, and each student is normally expected to be a teaching assistant for one year during his or her graduate career.


  • Personal Statement
  • Transcripts 
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation 
  • GRE 
  • A non-refundable fee of $75 is charged for processing each application received by the Graduate School. This fee must be paid when the application is submitted.
  • Graduates of non-U.S. colleges and universities who have completed the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree may apply for admission to the Brown University Graduate School. Along with the application, international applicants must provide the Graduate School with original documents or official certified copies indicating the nature and scope of their educational program. 


Almost all graduate students in Brown’s Department of Chemistry receive full financial support, which includes a generous stipend, full tuition coverage, and University-paid health insurance. Chemistry graduate students enjoy two layers of assurance. First, the Department of Chemistry is committed to support all graduate students who make good progress toward their Ph.D. Secondly, Brown University’s Graduate School guarantees support for all of Brown’s graduate students throughout their fifth year. With this double commitment of support, our graduate students are able to fully focus on their studies without having to worry about their financial wellbeing.

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