Child Psychology

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The PhD in child psychology focuses primarily on training for research in normal human development, and most students take positions in academic or research settings. The goal of the program is to train all students for careers in research and college teaching in child psychology, and to prepare students in the collaborative program options for careers in applied areas of child psychology, as well. General program students may choose to specialize in an area such as cognitive neuroscience, language, learning, personality, memory, perception, psychobiology, or social development. Students interested in clinical research may specialize in developmental psychopathology and clinical science through participation in the developmental psychopathology and clinical science (DPCS) training program. DPCS training is a cooperative effort between the Institute of Child Development and the Department of Psychology to instruct leaders in research and teaching. DPCS training draws on the unique strengths of each program.

  • 44 credits are required in the major.
  • 0 credits are required outside the major.
  • 24 thesis credits are required. 

This program may be completed with a minor.

Use of 4xxx courses toward program requirements is permitted under certain conditions with adviser approval.

A minimum GPA of 3,00 is required for students to remain in good standing.

The PhD degree usually requires five years of graduate work. Major program components include coursework, research activities, and teaching experience. Coursework requirements are specialization specific, but all students are required to take 44 credits in the major and 24 thesis credits. Each student specializes in an area such as social and personality development, learning, cognitive development, cognitive neuroscience, language development, psychobiology, or perceptual development.

Major Program Coursework

  • CPSY 8301 - Developmental Psychology: Cognitive Processes (4.0 cr)
  • CPSY 8302 - Developmental Psychology: Social and Emotional Processes (4.0 cr)
  • CPSY 8304 - Developmental Research Methods (3.0 cr)
  • CPSY 8307 - Prelim Seminar (1.0 cr)
  • CPSY 8321 - Seminar in Teaching Developmental Psychology (1.0 cr)
  • CPSY 8322 - Apprenticeship in Teaching Developmental Psychology (1.0-3.0 cr)
  • Special Topics and Advanced Seminars (5 credits minimum)

Take 5 or more credit(s) from the following:

  • · CPSY 8360 - Special Topics in Developmental Psychology (1.0-3.0 cr)
  • · CPSY 8606 - Advanced Developmental Psychopathology (3.0 cr)
  • · CPSY 8660 - Advanced Developmental Psychology (1.0-4.0 cr)

Statistical Analysis

  • EPSY 8251 - Statistical Methods in Education I (3.0 cr)
  • EPSY 8252 - Statistical Methods in Education II (3.0 cr)

Research Credits (14 credits minimum)

Take 14 or more credit(s) from the following:

  • · CPSY 8994 - Research Problems in Child Psychology (1.0-6.0 cr)

Additional Credits as Needed, Selected with Adviser

Thesis Credits

Take exactly 24 credit(s) from the following:

  • · CPSY 8888 - Thesis Credit: Doctoral (1.0-24.0 cr)


The equivalent of three semester (or four quarter) courses in psychology and one course in statistics are required. New students are normally admitted in fall semester. Application deadline is December 1st of the preceding year. Applicants must submit, via the online application system, a departmental application for graduate work, scores from the General Test of the GRE that are less than five years old, three letters of recommendation from persons familiar with their scholarship and research potential, a complete set of unofficial transcripts, and a clearly written statement of career interests, goals, and objectives. The three letters of recommendation also must be received by the deadline. The TOEFL should be submitted when applicable. Official transcripts are only required if an offer of admission is made. For full application instructions see:

International applicants must submit score(s) from one of the following tests:

    • Internet Based - Total Score: 79
    • Internet Based - Writing Score: 21
    • Internet Based - Reading Score: 19
    • Paper Based - Total Score: 550
    • Total Score: 6.5
    • Final score: 80


  • Fellowships & Grants
  • Research & Teaching Assistantships
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