Civil Engineering

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The Master programme in Civil Engineering emphasizes on fundamental principles that prepare young engineers concerned with the challenges of meeting society´s needs in a rapidly changing environment. CEE students undertake investigation, research, planning and design in an academic environment that is based on cooperation between faculty, students, industry, research and professional organisations. The students study in a dynamic environment and have the opportunity to work with and learn from research teams at the forefront of knowledge.

Graduate students at the Master level have the option to choose between two tracks of studies, leading to either a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) or to a Master of Engineering degree (M.Eng.). A transfer between the two academic tracks is allowed only after an application by the student and approval by the Departmental Board. The Department also reserves the right to mandate a student transfer between the two academic tracks (fromM.Sc. to M.Eng.) if the student´s academic performance during the required M.Sc. research/thesis is unsatisfactory, and his/her advisor recommends it.

Duration: The minimum period of study for full-time students is three (3) academic semesters and the maximum period of study is eight (8) academic semesters.

The postgraduate programmes of each department are supervised by a three-member Postgraduate Programmes Committee, chaired by a Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Coordinator may be the chairperson of the department or a member of the academic staff appointed by the chairperson. The other members of the committee are appointed by the Departmental Board. The Committee is appointed for a two-year term.

For every student in the Postgraduate Programme, the department appoints an Academic Supervisor, whereas at the research stage of the Ph.D. a Research Supervisor is appointed. Candidate students select a member of the academic staff to act as their Research Supervisor. The student´s choice must be approved by the Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator. The Research Supervisor guides the students in their research and provides the necessary help and advice.


Programme of Studies:

1st semester

3 graduate courses (3x8)

CEE 680 M.Sc. Research

2nd semester

2 graduate courses (2x8)

CEE 680 M.Sc. Research


CEE 680 M.Sc. Research

3rd semester

2 graduate courses (2x8)

CEE 610 Graduate Seminar

CEE 680 M.Sc. Research

Master of Science (M.Sc.) Thesis

The M.Sc. degree requires the successful completion of an original research study and associated thesis. Students select a research topic in consultation with their advisor. Students must submit a thesis proposal to the academic advisor at least 2 semesters before the intended date of thesis defence. Students must submit their thesis to the Defense Committee appointed at least two weeks prior to the intended date of graduation. The intellectualmerit of the thesis must be based on research findings by the M.Sc. candidate, distinguished clearly fromthe work of others, testifying to the candidate´s personal contribution, and acknowledging support by others in or outside the University.


1st semester

4 graduate courses (4x8)

2nd semester

3 graduate courses (3x8)

CEE 689 Research Project

3rd semester

3 graduate courses (3x8)

CEE 689 Research Project

Civil Engineering - Graduate Courses

CEE 500 Engineering Applications with Software Development

CEE 501 Computer-Aided Civil Engineering

CEE 510 Advanced Building Technology

CEE 511 Construction Management and Engineering

CEE 512 Risk Analysis in Civil and Environmental Engineering

CEE 513 Specifications and Conditions of Construction Contracts

CEE 515 Advanced Topics in Construction Management

CEE 520 Advanced Structural Analysis

CEE 521 Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

CEE 526 Finite Element Analysis

CEE 530 Advanced Topics in Structural Engineering

CEE 531 Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Structures

CEE 532 Advanced Technology of Materials

CEE 533 Local and Traditional Building Materials

CEE 534 Liquid Transport Phenomena in Porous Media

CEE 535 Theory of Plasticity

CEE 540 Behavior and Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

CEE 541 Reinforced Masonry Design

CEE 542 Timber Design

CEE 544 Prestressed Concrete Structures

CEE 545 Design of Steel Structures

CEE 550 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering

CEE 553 Engineering Geology and Rock Mechanics

CEE 555 Soil Dynamics and Technical Seismology

CEE 560 Advanced Transportation Engineering

CEE 575 Energy Efficiency of Buildings

CEE 579 Coastal and Maritime Engineering

Applicants to the M.Sc. programme must possess the equivalent of a B.Sc. degree in Civil and/or Environmental Engineering, or in a related field of science or engineering, from the University of Cyprus or other accredited institution or programme.Candidates must submit an application to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering within the announced time limits. In addition to the general admission requirements, the Department requests a statement of purpose detailing the applicant´s motivation, goals and objectives, an intended focus area and expectations fromthe graduate studies, other supportive documentation as evidence of the applicant´s qualifications. Applications are evaluated by the Graduate Committee of the CEE Department whichmakes suggestions to the Departmental Board for final approval of the selected candidates.Applicants to the Master programme are selected according to the following criteria, while the CEE Department reserves its right to fill only as many announced graduate student positions as the Department considers appropriate: * Quality of the applicant´s background in breadth and depth, and past performance in undergraduate or graduate studies; * Evidence of ability for original and innovative research in theproposed area of study; * Relevance of the proposed field of research to the interests of the Department, the University and the society; * Availability of graduate positions in the programme and the necessary infrastructure and resources to support the proposed M.Sc. research work. * Good knowledge of the English language.
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