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The doctor of public health in the field of global health (Dr.PH.) degree program is the terminal degree in the professional discipline of public health. Consistent with this advanced professional orientation, the Dr.PH. program prepares future public health leaders to apply critical thinking skills and rigorous research methods to the complex practical problems facing practitioners and policy-makers in public health practice. The  program is designed to both follow and promote the principles of academic public health practice. As noted in a recent ASPH publication, public health practice is the strategic, organized, and interdisciplinary application of knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to perform essential public health services and other activities to improve the populations’ health. Academic public health practice is the applied, interdisciplinary pursuit of scholarship in the field of public health. Recent events sharply illustrate the need for public health professionals who can provide the leadership to expand and strengthen the US and global public health systems. The Dr.P.H program is designed to prepare professionals with skills to provide this leadership.

From the combination of course work and the implementation of the knowledge in the context of a thesis project in outstanding international placements, the Dr.P.H. degree  program in Global Health will enable professionals to develop innovative approaches and ability to negotiate the complex interrelationship between health and political, economic, and human development. 


The Dr.P.H. graduate will be prepared to assume an advanced level of leadership in global health, in the context of health research as well as implementation programs in an international setting.

20 credits of required foundational courses and research methods  
PUBH 8401 Foundations in Public Health Leadership & Practice  
PUBH 8402 Leadership in Public Health Practice & Policy  
PUBH 8416 Study Design & Evaluation Methods  
PUBH 8418 Applied Statistical Analysis  
PUBH 8417 Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis  
PUBH 8419 Measurement in Public Health & Health Services  
PUBH 8420 Advanced Analysis & Dissemination  
6 credits required global health specialty field courses  
PUBH 8406 Advanced Topics: Health Research in the Global Arena  
PUBH 8407 Advanced Topics: Health Leadership in International Settings  
Elective specialty field courses (sample list)  
7-10 credits from the following:  
PUBH 6123 Toxicology: Applications for Public Health Policy  
PUBH 6128 Global Environmental and Occupational Health  
PUBH 6242 ClinicalEpid&Decision Analysis  
PUBH 6244 Cancer Epidemiology  
PUBH 6245 InfectiousDisease Epidemiology  
PUBH 6250 Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS  
PUBH 6259 Epid Surveillance/PublicHealth  
PUBH 6262 Intro-Geog Information Systems  
PUBH 6263 Advanced GIS  
PUBH 6270 HIV/AIDS Surveillance  
PUBH 6430 Theories for Global Health Communication Interventions  
PUBH 6431 Global Health Communication Strategies and Skills  
PUBH 6435 Global Health Program Development and Implementation  
PUBH 6440 Global Health Economics and Finance  
PUBH 6441 Global Health Organizations and Regulations  
PUBH 6442 Comparative Global Health Systems  
PUBH 6443 Global Health Agreements and Conventions  
PUBH 6481 Global Mental Health  
PUBH 6482 International Food and Nutrition Policy  
4 credits of professional leadership courses  
PUBH 8413 Research Leadership  
PUBH 8415 Instructional Leadership  
8-11 credits of dissertation preparation and dissertation  
PUBH 8422 Advanced Health Care and Public Health Research Design  
Before enrolling in PUBH 8422, students must have completed the comprehensive examination successfully, obtained the approval of the Program Director, and presented a one-page abstract  
PUBH 8423 Dissertation Research  

Graduation Requirements

  1. Graduate credit requirement: 48 graduate credits are required.
  2. Course requirements: successful completion of the foundational and research methods courses. The program-specific specialty field courses and the professional leadership credits are required.
  3. Comprehensive exam: Once the course of study is completed, students are required to pass the comprehensive exam to be officially admitted to the candidacy phase.
  4. Dissertation: PUBH 8422 Advanced Health Care and Public Health Research Design plus 6-9 dissertation research credits are required. Once the proposal has been successfully defended and dissertation research credits have been met, the oral defense may be scheduled.
  5. Grade point requirement: A 3.0 (B average) overall grade-point average is required.
  6. Time limit requirement: The degree must be completed within seven (7) years.
  7. No transfer credits are accepted.
  • The SOPHAS online application form
  • Official transcripts from all academic institutions from which you earned credit
  • Official and current GRE test scores (GW Institution Code: 5268)
  • Two letters of recommendation (Note: A third letter is required of doctoral applicants)
  • Applicants who hold a master’s degree are exempt from the GRE requirement (faculty have the option of requesting a GRE). However, international applicants are not eligible for this waiver. International applicants should review the Milken Institute School of Public Health Language Proficiency and International Testing Requirement.
  • Applicants to graduate certificate programs with at least four years of relevant work experience may be eligible for a waiver of the standardized exam requirement.
  • Statement of purpose
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS score


  • Assistantships
  • Merit scholarships
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