Global Science Course

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 3.59 k / Year(s) Deadline: Apr 7, 2024
36 place StudyQA ranking:2006 Duration:2 years

GSC Undergraduate Transfer Program

Students from abroad selected for GSC are accepted into the third year of undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Science.

Lectures in GSC are delivered by world-leading professors in the School of Science. In addition, renowned professors are invited from abroad to deliver special lectures and seminar talks.

The GSC curriculum covers a broad range of subjects. Traditional core areas of science are integrated with advanced concepts, which allows students to build a solid foundation of knowledge while giving them the opportunity to embrace new challenging areas at the same time. All courses are delivered in English to eliminate language barriers in acquiring knowledge and skills as well as engaging in active discussions.

During their two years with us, students are exposed to various fields of science to further expand and broaden their knowledge. Upon fulfilling all graduation requirements at the end of the program, students are awarded with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tokyo.

Course Requirements (Department of Chemistry)

  • Compulsory subjects (37.5 credits)
  • Elective subjects (37 credits)
  • Transfer subjects (6 credits)
  • GSC Seminar (no credit)

Compulsory Subjects

Course Title Credits
Chemical Thermodynamics I (GSC) 2
Quantum Chemistry I (GSC) 2
Inorganic Chemistry I (GSC) 2
Analytical Chemistry I (GSC) 2
Organic Chemistry I (GSC) 4
Laboratory Work in Chemistry I (GSC) 7.5
Laboratory Work in Chemistry II (GSC) 7.5
Laboratory Work in Analytical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry 4
Laboratory Work in Organic Chemistry 3
Laboratory Work in Physical Chemistry 3
Research Ethics 0.5
Total Credits 37.5

Elective Subjects

Course Title Credits
Structural Chemistry 2
Chemical Reactions 4
Quantum Chemistry II 3
Chemical Thermodynamics II 2
Quantum Chemistry III 2
Inorganic Chemistry II (Metallic and Nonmetallic Compounds) 2
Solid State Chemistry 2
Radiochemistry 1
Geochemistry 2
Analytical Chemistry II 2
Inorganic Chemistry III (Transition Metal Compounds and Solution Chemistry) 2
Organic Chemistry II (Structure) 4
Organic Chemistry III (Reaction) 3
Organic Chemistry IV 2
Organic Chemistry of Natural Products 2
Special Topics in Physical Chemistry I 2
Special Topics in Physical Chemistry II 2
Practice in Physical Chemistry 1
Special Topics in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 2
Practice in Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 1
Special Topics in Organic Chemistry I 2
Special Topics in Organic Chemistry II 2
Practice in Organic Chemistry 1
Biomolecular Chemistry 2
Basic Academic English in Chemistry I 2
Basic Academic English in Chemistry II 2
Special Lecture in Chemistry I-IX 1
  • Prospective students must have successfully completed or will be completing their first two years of studies in a comparable undergraduate program at an accredited higher educational institution before enrolling into GSC. It is also necessary for prospective students to have received secondary and post-secondary education outside of Japan.
  • Prospective students must have completed basic Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, and Physics related subjects in their first and second year of undergraduate studies at their university before applying to GSC at the School of Science, The University of Tokyo, as a third year transfer student.
  • Prospective students must have a good command of the English language as all lectures are delivered in English. Applicants who meet either of the following criteria are not required to submit any English language proficiency test scores:
  1. Native speakers of the English language
  2. Received formal education in English continuously for the last 8 years

Applicants who do not meet either criteria are required to submit one of the following test results:

English Proficiency Test Minimum Score
IELTS Academic 6.5
Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) Grade C
  • Prospective students must have gained a minimum of 62 credits corresponding to the UTokyo credit system.
  • Personal Information
  • Educational Background
  • English Language Qualifications
  • Personal Statement
  • Additional Information. You are encouraged to list any significant academic achievements or awards/honors you have received, as well as any extracurricular activities (volunteer/employment) in which you have participated.
  • Evaluation
  • Application Fee. You are required to click the “Pay Application Fee” button to pay a non-refundable ‘Application Fee: 10,000 Japanese Yen (+432 Japanese Yen processing fee).’

Required Documents

  • You are required to prepare and to submit all required documents by uploading them.


  • All documents must be submitted in English (along with the unaltered, original documents).
  • If the documents are not in English, they must be translated and certified by the school official or official institutions.
  • Once admitted, original documents (not scanned copies) must be submitted via postal mail for enrollment purposes.
  • All application documents submitted will not be returned under any circumstances.

a. Official Middle School/Junior High School Transcript(s)

b. Official High School/Senior High School Transcript(s)

c. Official University/College Transcript(s)

  • The scanned copies of all transcripts (for a, b, and c) must include:
    1. Name of institution
    2. Year of admission
    3. Year of graduation
    4. List of courses completed and currently in progress
      Course titles, grades and credits (for university transcripts) must be included.

d. Enrollment Verification Certificate (Certificate of Enrollment)

  • Enrollment Verification Certificate is required to verify your student status at your current institution.
  • The scanned copy of the certificate must include:
    1. Name of institution
    2. Year of admission
    3. Expected graduation date
    4. School/Department

e. Course Syllabus

  • The syllabus for all courses you have taken that were offered by the School of Science (or any other science related schools) at your current institution are required.
  • The scanned copies of course syllabus must include:
    1. Course title
    2. Course description
    3. Class hours
    4. Textbook information (author, title and ISBN)
    5. Credit accreditation method
  • The above information must be clearly indicated by highlighting it on each syllabus.
  • If your syllabus does not include all information listed above, extra information with a confirmation signature from your school/department must be provided.

f. Copy(ies) of Passport(s)

  • The scanned copy of your passport photo ID page is required.
  • If you have multiple citizenships, copies of all your passports must be submitted.

g. Application Fee Payment Receipt

  • The receipt for the application fee payment you made at ‘7. Application Fee’ section is required.

Admission Fee (one time only) 282,000 Japanese Yen


Each student of the GSC Undergraduate Transfer Program will be automatically offered the "School of Science Scholarship for Transfer Students". Under this scholarship, the School of Science will provide 150,000 Japanese Yen every month for up to two consecutive years. This scholarship aims to help students pay for their annual tuition fees and support their living expenses.

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