Health Science

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English German
Deadline: May 15, 2025
41 place StudyQA ranking:11226 Duration:6 semestrs

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The course of studies offered is directed toward new students who want to qualify themselves for the health sector and for its particular interdisciplinary sections. Scholastic performances in mathematics, the natural and social sciences are highly relevant here. Good English proficiency is to be expected since the course of studies is offered in a bilingual fashion with the goal of promoting internationalism (transnational capabilities for contact and student mobility). A commitment which has already taken place in the local community provides a good basis in order to identify interests of the future students for possible fields of action in the different sectors of the health science.

In order to understand the health of human beings in a resource-oriented manner, while taking into consideration the interacting contextual factors, the Bachelor course of studies in the health science takes into consideration the structural bio-(medical)-psycho-social aspects of the health science (according to the ICF), questions involving epidemiology and the structures of the health system. Hereby it is comprised of a large repertoire of research methods for scientific activities. This is also portrayed in the column structure, which - related to the individual semester of studies - provides a matrix: the first three columns represent the bio-psycho-social perspectives according to the ICF and are supplemented through fields of knowledge in medicine that also mediate the viewpoint of the ICD in the bio-(medical)-column in order to ensure the integrability to medically related discourses. In the social column, a focus is primarily made on aspects of social inter-relationships (situation-based), and the psychological column takes into account the aspects of both classifications and, above all, also the capabilities for psychic control. 

  •  Composition and Function of the Human Body I
  •  Fundamental Competences in Psychology and Pedagogy
  • Society and Communication
  • Dimensions of Health
  • Basic Skills of Science 
  •  Composition and Function of the Human Body II 
  • Learning and Behavior 
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Health Care Systems
  • Research Methodologies I 
  • Health Risks and Common Diseases 
  •  Health Behavior and Prevention
  • Structural Prevention and Protective Factors 
  •  Management in Health Care
  • Research Methodologies II 
  • Health Counseling 
  • Settings, Environmental Fit and Participation 
  • Principles of Nutrition
  • Medical Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Motor Neurorehabilitation 
  •  Health Consumer Behavior
  • Online application
  • Higher education entrance qualification (certified copy),
  • Preliminary inspection documentation uni-assist,
  • identification card (copy),
  • curriculum vitae (CV) in tabular form,
  • passport size photo,
  • proof of German language proficiency (certified copy)
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