Hospital Administration

Study mode:Part-time Languages: English Duration:12 months
Local:$ 19.5k / 1 Academic year(s) Foreign:$ 19.5k / 1 Academic year(s) Deadline: Jan 15, 2022
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This course is designed to respond to and support the continuing development of health sector managers and leaders. The growing demand for ever improving economies of scale with expectations for new and innovative service delivery methods are now seen as essential disciplines for today and tomorrow's public sector leaders and managers.
This course is based on the philosophy that management education should provide you with a thorough grounding in the disciplines related to the functional aspects of management. This includes the examination of management decision-making at strategic and operational level whilst stressing the integrative nature of the various health delivery factors which come into play. The world of health care is both complex and dynamic. The constant transformational nature of health and social policy places emphasis on the need for adaptation in organisational design, knowledge and skills in strategic business planning with greater awareness of service recipient's interest and strategic influence.
Theis course recognises the need for a flexible series of exit points which supports the personal and professional requirements of both the health sector organisation and the course participant. You may wish to exit the course with the full Masters award or, depending on personal and professional interests, exit with a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma. You will be offered the opportunity to complete the course through a part-time or full-time route. You can normally complete this course within two years part-time or one year full-time. It is made up of a series of compulsory modules, optional modules are not be available to ensure that the integrity of the MBA core aims is retained.
This is a dynamic and industry relevant curriculum which helps to develop the skills and knowledge required for today's practitioners responding to tomorrow's hospital and health related institutions. It is supported by the internationally renowned Lord Ashcroft International Business School and is a joint development between the business school and the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education. The course is geared to provide support to the diverse needs of international students using a range of teaching and learning resources, supported by leading and experienced academic practitioners from the field of health management. It is designed to facilitate the development of applied management concepts to hospital management challenges and makes use of local managers and leaders from a range of public and private health institutions, promoting the benefits of learning from experience and contemporary practice.

Module guide
Core modules

* Advancing Professional Decision Making (30 credits)
* Enabling Leadership in Health and Social Care (30 credits)
* Finance, Accounting and Marketing Health (30 credits)
* Strategy Management in Health and Social Care (30 credits)
* Research Studies (30 credits)
* Major project (30 credits)

This course draws from a wide variety of teaching and learning strategies to accommodate the advanced level of learning. This will include facilitation of action learning sets with seminar group and individual presentations; virtual learning discussion board with assessed components; mixed methods such as case review presentations with written commentary and a final research application activity to conclude the course.

First degree from a UK University at a minimum of 2:2 OR an academic or professional qualification which is equivalent in depth & breadth to a UK Honours degree. This may include a degree from a non-UK University. ALSO, a minimum of 2 years relevant post graduation or post qualifying work experience English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 CAE score: (read more) Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) is part of the Cambridge English suite and is targeted at a high level (IETLS 6.5-8.0). It is an international English language exam set at the right level for academic and professional success. Developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment - part of the University of Cambridge - it helps you stand out from the crowd as a high achiever. 60 (Grade C) TOEFL paper-based test score : 600 TOEFL iBT® test: 100 IMPORTANT NOTE: Since April 2014 the ETS tests (including TOEFL and TOEIC) are no longer accepted for Tier 4 visa applications to the United Kingdom. The university might still accept these tests to admit you to the university, but if you require a Tier 4 visa to enter the UK and begin your degree programme, these tests will not be sufficient to obtain your Visa. The IELTS test is most widely accepted by universities and is also accepted for Tier 4 visas to the UK- learn more.
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