Industrial Engineering

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Deadline: May 2, 2025
501–600 place StudyQA ranking:6051 Duration:12 months

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The program focuses on production and service systems, integrated manufacturing supply chain management, product development process, modeling and analysis of manufacturing processes and equipment, biomanufacturing, additive manufacturing (3D printing), modeling and analysis of manufacturing processes and equipment, operations research approaches to telecommunication and energy systems

Industrial Engineering is a diverse discipline concerned with the planning, design, implementation, improvement, and management of complex production systems of people, materials, and equipment for all kinds of manufacturing and service operations as well as the integration of computers, information, and technology to operate and control these complex systems. The graduate curriculum in Industrial Engineering is designed to provide the students with computing, quantitative, analytical and applications skills and to prepare them as entrepreneurs, problem solvers, effective decision-makers, and change agents in a competitive business environment or as prospective scientists in the academics. The program focuses on production and service systems, integrated manufacturing, supply chain management, product development process, modeling and analysis of manufacturing processes and equipment, operations research approaches to telecommunication and energy systems. Students are encouraged to interact with other disciplines to improve their communication skills and to be able to function in complex scientific and technical environments throughout their careers. Emphasis is given to close collaboration with the industry. Prospective students are expected to have a solid foundation in mathematics, and natural and engineering sciences. Students who do not have sufficient background in the core areas are required to take courses at the undergraduate level.


* Master Thesis Min. Courses 1
* Required Courses Min. Credits 6; Min. Courses 3
* Core Electives Min. Credits 6; Min. Courses 2
* Area Electives Min. Credits 9; Min. Courses 3

Total 21

Master Thesis

Required Courses

6 credits and only one non-credit seminar course. 3 out of this 6 credits should be one of the IE 501 or ENS 511 courses. The remaining 3 credits should be IE 503 course. ENS 511 can be taken by advisor's approval, it can not be given to students registered in graduate program with Industrial Engineering or similar undergraduate degree.

* Engineering Optimization 3
* Linear Programming and Extensions 3
* Stochastic Processes 3
* Graduate Seminar I 0
* Graduate Seminar II 0

Core Electives

Minimum 6 credits

Area Electives

Minimum 9 credits from FENS, FASS and FMAN graduate courses (max. 2 courses from FASS and FMAN).

For Applications to Graduate Programs (Except Information Technology Graduate Program ) * LES / ALES : Numerical : LES min. score 45; ALES min. score 55 GRE : Quantitative: min. score 610English Proficiency Exam Result: Any of the following science test results baring the min. scores and which are within the validity period as indicated below. Photocopies are acceptable for application, but original copies should be submitted during admission. * TOEFL :Min. score 75 in Internet-based test, Min. score 185 in Computer-based test, Min. score 490 in Paper-based test IELTS : Min. score 6,5KPDS : Min. score 80 * ÜDS :Min. score 80* International PhD applicants, in addition to the requirement above, must submit a proficiency exam result, accepted by the Council of Higher Education in Turkey (YÖK) from a language other than their native ones, be it English, German or French .The validity period for these scores are as follows: TOEFL and IELTS 2 years, KPDS and UDS 3 years.Applicants who could not submit a valid English Proficiency Exam Result may be admitted the program on the condition to get a satisfactory grade from the Sabanci University English Language Exam Assessment (ELAE). Those candidates who fail to attend or get a satisfactory score in the exam are obliged to attend and successfully complete a full course of English Language Preparation in order to continue with graduate courses. Failure to complete this course successfully will result in termination of enrollment at Sabanci University.Graduates of Sabanci University are exempt from submitting an English Proficiency Exam score provided that they apply within two years following their graduation.Other Requirements: * An applicant should have an undergraduate or graduate diploma in order to be admitted to a graduate program and a graduate diploma for a doctorate program. * Applicants must complete their previous degree programs by the admission period at the latest. * Enrolling more than one graduate program at the same time is not possible. * A min. gradautaion GPA of 2.70/4.00 or 70/100 is required for applications to Leaders for Industry Gradaute Programs. * Graduates of any engineering or basic sciences English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 490 TOEFL iBT® test: 75

For graduate scholarships, your academic background is evaluated in accordance with the required criteria during the admittance and if you are considered to be eligible , various types of scholarships are granted with the decision of Sabanci University Scholarship Committee.

Although the scholarships go on being granted unless you fail to meet the determined criteria, at the end of each academic year the Scholarship Committee offers various types of scholarships to the honored merit degree students with respect to GPA. Each scholarship offered during education period is evaluated with respect to the scholarship's scope and the scholarship provided at the first entrance to the university may be cancelled in case of getting a higher scholarships.

For graduate scholarships, there are several opportunities for foreign students. Each year, many students are having different type of scholarships.

Engineering & Natural Sciences Graduate Programs

Students are informed regarding the scope of Graduate Educational Scholarship provided prior to their enrollment during the admission process. Graduate scholarship recipients are proposed by the Admission Jury based on students' academic history, then evaluated by the related Graduate School Administrative Board, and finally confirmed by the President of the University. Continuation of the scholarship depends on the decision of Faculty according to GPA.

2010-2011 Academic Year Graduate Scholarships

Students accepted to SU master or doctorate programs are offered one of the scholarships below. (IT, EMBA are non-scholarship programs)

It covers full tuition fee exemption, monthly stipend payment between September-June and dormitory/transportation support for ten months.

Monthly stipend payment and dormitory/transportation support:
Master: Housing (room for double)(**) + 950 TL/ month;

Housing Compensation: 1450 TL/month

PhD with BA/BS degree (*): Housing (room for double)(**) + 1000 TL/ month

Housing Compensation: 1500 TL/month

PhD with MA/MS degree (*): Housing room for double)(**) + 1200 TL/ month

Housing Compensation: 1700 TL/month

(*) The monthly stipend might increase to 1,400 TL after passing the Doctoral Qualifying Exam with housing and increases to 1,900 TL with transportation support.

(**) Housing support covers staying rooms for double. (If students want to stay in single rooms, they should pay the difference at the beginning of the semester.)


One of the scholarships below could be offered :

Full tuition fee exemption
2/3 tuition fee exemption
1/2 tuition fee exemption
1/4 tuition fee exemption


Students working within the context of research projects are provided monthly stipend.


Master or doctorate students who have full scholarships in domestic are provided "full tuition fee exemption" and "housing(**) / housing compensation between September-June for 10 months


Master or doctorate students are provided "full tuition fee exemption" and "housing(**) /housing compensation between September-June for 10 months


Aysegul Arsoy who has a great contribution at the stage of the foundation and envisagement of the university- Scholarship is granted by faculty for one of the MBA students each year. This scholarship includes tuition fee exemption, monthly 800 TL stipend payment between September-June, housing(room for double)(**) or 490 TL transportation support for ten months and book support up to 200$ annually.

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