International Business

Study mode:On campus Study type:Full-time Languages: English
Foreign:$ 3.84 k / Year(s) Deadline: Oct 1, 2023
401–500 place StudyQA ranking:885 Duration:2 years You need IELTS certificate

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The University of Tsukuba has been offering a Master of Business Administration on its Tokyo campus for 30 years; a popular, academically rigorous program that involves the completion of a research thesis.Pure academic rigor, however, is not necessarily what every professional wants from an MBA program.Inspired by the success of the executive MBA model ? extensive work experience, fast-paced programs and a real-world focus ? the University of Tsukuba took the opportunity to develop a genuinely global MBA experience 

The central location of the University of Tsukuba’s business school is a major attraction. So too is the fact that the course can be taken via evening and weekend classes, which enables students to continue working fulltime.Indeed, students on the course are mostly in the thick of their working lives 

“The class is almost all working professionals, and therefore it allows me to study in an environment geared 
During the two-year program, students undertake core units from the traditional business discipline areas of Business Strategy and Organizational Management as well as the more international and technology-focused areas of Applied Information and International Adaptability. With half the faculty made up of foreign lecturers and business leaders, these courses provide students with a solid international grounding to 
A distinctive feature of the MBA-IB is the Tsukuba Short-term Study Program (TSSP), during which students can undertake short exchanges with one of 11 partner universities in Australia, China, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the United States. “For most full-time workers, it is hard to experience an overseas university as an exchange student,” explains Nagai. These short-term visits of approximately one week allow busy professionals the chance to experience the business culture of other countries and enrich their global outlook. 
The academic rigor and thorough practical grounding combined with an innovative global outlook make Tsukuba’s MBA-IB program a demanding, yet rewarding course that will produce thought leaders ideally suited for today’s global business landscape.

Courses at the MBA-IB program are offered in the following four areas of study:

  1. Applied Information
  2. International Adaptability
  3. Business Strategy
  4. Organizational Management

Applied Information Area

  • Business Mathematics (Basic),
  • Business Simulation,
  • Introductory Data Analysis: Invitation to Quantitative Analysis,
  • Data Analysis 1: Introduction to Data Analysis,
  • Data Analysis 2: Principle of Quantitative Research,
  • Data Analysis 3: Data Mining,
  • Operations Management 1: Operations Management (Core),
  • Operations Management 2: Decision Analysis,
  • Operations Management 3: Risk Analysis,
  • Operations Management 4: Project Management,
  • Operations Management 6: Systems Design Theory,
  • Business Statistics,
  • PPDAC based Research Design

International Adaptability Area

  • Global Knowledge 1: Practical Aspects of Business Law 1,
  • Global Management 1: International Relations and Economics (Core) ,
  • Global Management 2: Transcultural Management,
  • Global Management 4: ODA Project Management,
  • Global Skills 1: Coaching to Grow People,
  • Cross Cultural Management 1: Managing Across Boarders,
  • Cross Cultural Management 2: The Challenge of Globalization,
  • Overseas Study Seminar 1-4,
  • Case Study Seminar 1,
  • Business Project Writing,
  • Business in Emerging Countries,
  • Business Negotiation,
  • ODA Seminar 1,
  • Management Communication,
  • Business Studies 2 (Seminar),
  • Business Studies 3 (Field Work),
  • Applied International Political Economy,
  • Business Communication Skills 2,
  • Overseas Conference Seminar 2

Business Strategy Area

  • Introduction to Economics 1 (Basic),
  • Introduction to Economics 2, 
  • Accounting 1: Basic Accounting Theory (Core),
  • Accounting 2: Financial Analysis, 
  • Business Strategy 1: Business Strategy (Core) ,
  • Finance 1: Corporate Finance (Core) ,
  • Finance 2: Valuation,
  • Finance 3: Derivatives,
  • Finance 4: Project Finance, 
  • Marketing 1: Marketing Management (Core) ,
  • Marketing 2: Global Marketing,
  • Marketing 3: Branding,
  • Marketing 4: Pricing,
  • Entrepreneurship 1: Entrepreneurship,
  • Finance Seminar 1,
  • Finance Seminar 2,
  • Finance Seminar 3,
  • Managing Consulting Practice

Organizational Management Area

  • Business Ethics,
  • Cross-cultural Management and Virtual Teams 1,
  • Cross-cultural Management and Virtual Teams 2,
  • Human Resource Management 1: Human Resource Management (Core) ,
  • Human Resource Management 2: Stress Management, 
  • Organizational Management 1: Organizational Behavior (Core) ,
  • Organizational Management 2: Professional Manager,
  • Leadership 1: Global Leadership,
  • Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Applicants who have graduated from university (4-year system) or who will graduate by March 2017
  • Certificate of Graduation (Expected) & Transcript (English or Japanese)
  • Documentary evidence of a change of name (Abstruct of your family register)
  • Certificate of Residence (or Certificate of Entry in the Residence Card)
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